Faculty Institutes

Faculty at UNLV and around the country are exploring options beyond the traditional research paper. At UNLV Libraries, we have created annual Faculty Institutes to provide a space for faculty to explore creative alternatives to traditional research assignments that challenge students’ critical thinking skills and support them as they create new knowledge.

Through collaboration with campus partners, faculty explore how learning outcomes can be achieved through the use of various types of assignments such as websites, infographics, poster sessions, podcasts, and videos to enable students to increase knowledge and develop skills. We also explore possibilities for student learning outcomes assessment in order to evaluate assignments and plan improvements.

Learning Outcomes

The institutes enable attendees to:

  • Articulate developmentally appropriate learning outcomes for research assignments that address critical thinking and inquiry skills.
  • Construct creative assignment prompts using alternative methods for presenting the process and product of student research.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in order to engage in cross-disciplinary discussions about course design

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