Strategic Plan

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Strategic Themes 2019-2021

Cultivate a welcoming, inclusive environment that values the diverse experiences and needs of our users.

  • Acquire and showcase inclusive collections that support and document our diverse community.
  • Incorporate more inclusive cataloging and metadata practices.
  • Foster the cultural awareness of library employees through ongoing professional development focused on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Offer safe and secure library spaces that are inviting, welcoming, and supportive of all users.

Partner in scholarly and creative inquiry to advance UNLV’s climate of innovation.

  • Develop services, roles, and collaborations to effectively support research and creative activities.
  • Invest in ongoing development and management of research collections and scholarly resources that support UNLV’s priorities.
  • Provide innovative technologies and tools to support disseminating, sharing, and measuring the impact of UNLV scholarship.
  • Champion and support the open sharing and reuse of research.

Foster collaboration and communication within the Libraries to create a culture of trust, inclusivity, and respect.

  • Foster two-way communication among staff and work groups, sharing information about our work so everyone understands our role.
  • Measure and monitor library culture regarding trust, inclusivity, and respect; follow up and provide support.
  • Collaborate across the Libraries to set expectations, create integrated workflows, articulate roles, and standardize policies.

Serve as a public good and as engaged partners in enriching the lives, health, knowledge, and work of our local and global communities.

  • Strengthen the role of the University Libraries as a cultural heritage organization dedicated to capturing and preserving the history of the university, the city, and our region.
  • Expand opportunities for broader community engagement by offering a wider variety of events, exhibits, and educational programming for both the campus community and the public at large.
  • Connect with health care providers and local organizations to supply high quality information for healthier communities.

Champion lifelong learning and holistic student success—academic, professional, and personal.

  • Equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly complex information environment.
  • Provide unique learning opportunities in the form of student employment, internships, and fellowships.
  • Provide a range of physical spaces that advance collaborative learning and offer innovative teaching environments and technologies.
  • Enhance faculty development offerings to UNLV instructors to support integrating information literacy and critical thinking skills into their curriculum.

Core Themes 2019-2021

Increase organizational efficiency and streamline processes.

  • Improve workflows in all operations to increase efficiency and enhance access.
  • Adopt evidence-based practices that lead to developing and updating policies and procedures.
  • Review and adapt the organizational capacity to manage collection analysis and related projects.

Contribute our knowledge and expertise to global conversations and initiatives in order to further librarianship, higher education, and the public good.

  • Participate in collaborative groups and endeavors to share UNLV library expertise and contribute to the development of professional initiatives.
  • Enrich our professional communities by contributing concrete outputs (i.e. open source code, metadata records).

Invest in our staff’s development to meet the evolving needs of our communities.

  • Develop a comprehensive core curriculum to guide professional development for library employees.
  • Invest in the development of library employees to enhance their cultural awareness.
  • Empower and support library employees to pursue training and professional development that results in better services for our users.

Invest in robust collections, infrastructure, spaces, and tools that support learning, research, creativity, innovation, and responsible stewardship.

  • Preserve, promote, and support the use of unique collections that tell the story of UNLV, Las Vegas, and Southern Nevada.
  • Invest in technological infrastructure to support UNLV’s emerging needs.
  • Develop new spaces and services, such as a Makerspace and Multimedia Studios, medical education, and a Patent and Trademark Resource Center.

Connect users to the resources they need by improving discovery and increasing global access to the Libraries’ unique collections.

  • Build on existing metadata practices, including increasing interoperability, to enhance resource discovery and access.
  • Continue to optimize the library services platform (Alma/Primo) to improve collection discovery and access.
  • Develop a next generation digital curation ecosystem (DAMS) to improve the discovery, preservation, and delivery of our unique, digital assets.

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