UNLV Libraries: Statement Of Operating Principles

The UNLV Libraries, as an integrated part of UNLV, has a primary responsibility to serve currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff. The Libraries' function is to provide services, products, collections, facilities and equipment that will support current students, faculty and staff in their research, scholarship, teaching, and service endeavors.

The Libraries' ability and capacity to serve the general public in addition to its current students, faculty, and staff is governed by the availability of resources required to accomplish that task. Access to resources and services by the general public may be restricted for reasons including, but not limited to, space and equipment availability, time and availability of library staff to provide assistance, and licenses and contracts that by their terms limit resource use or access to current students, faculty and staff.

Members of the general public are welcome to use the Libraries' collections, services, products and equipment when their use will not interfere with or impede use by current students, faculty and staff. There may be periods during each semester, e.g. mid-term and finals, when public access to computers in the libraries is unavailable to permit students to complete their academic work.

The Libraries reserve the right to institute fees or charges on members of the general public for the use of or access to collections, services, products, facilities or equipment when funding for that resource or service is provided in whole or in part by fees or other non-appropriated funds collected from currently enrolled students. Fees or charges may be instituted on all library patrons when a resource or service is provided on a cost recovery basis, such as photocopying or printing.

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