Lost and Found Policy

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas University Libraries (including Lied Library, School of Medicine Library (SOML), Architecture Studies Library, Music Library, Teacher Development & Resources Library (TDRL), and Special Collections and Archives) are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Personal belongings are neither to be left unattended for any duration of time nor used for reserving space.

  • The University Libraries is not responsible for unattended items that are mistaken as lost items. When in one of the libraries, it is the responsibility of the owner to stay in sight of and keep track of all personal belongings at all times.

Repeated occurrences of items left unattended will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.

  • University Libraries will neither hold any personal property for any reason nor will staff take the contact information of anyone who is looking for a lost item. If a person is looking for a lost item then they should contact:
    • School of Medicine Library: Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine, Student Affairs
    • Teacher Development and Resource Library: College of Education’s Dean’s Office
    • Main campus: UNLV Police Department

Hazardous items left in library spaces will be disposed of immediately.

Perishable items will be disposed of at the end of day.

What happens to found items


  • Lied Library
    • RebelCards go in the RebelCard box at Lied Library in the atrium area of the east entrance.
  • School of Medicine Library
    • Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine, Student Affairs
  • Other main campus libraries
    • Route to Lied Library through branch run pick up.

Valuable items

  • Valuable items will be turned into Student Affairs by SOML staff
  • College of Education’s Dean’s Office by TDRL staff
  • UNLV Police by main campus staff on a weekly basis (each Friday afternoon by 5:00 pm).

Nonvaluable items

  • Attempts will be made to contact patrons if possible.
  • Item held for 1 week before disposal.

Custodial staff who

  • Find items during open library hours will bring the items to the Circulation Desk.
  • Find items after hours in any of the libraries will take the items to the University Police.

Retrieving items

When retrieving items, patrons need to clearly describe the item, University Libraries employees do not volunteer descriptive information.

  • Some kind of ID check is needed for a patron to retrieve their lost item
  • ID can be RebelCard or Government-issued ID
  • Phones must be able to be unlocked or they will be handed over to the University Police.


  • RebelCard office empties the RebelCard drop box once per week.
  • They contact the owners at least once per month and keep their cards at the RebelCard Office.
  • Sometimes, they mail the cards to the owners if they have not been picked up.

Valuable items once handed over to the University Police Department

As communicated by the University Police: Valuable items include wallet, credit cards, phone, driver’s license, keys, other tech items, etc.

Unattended means items left alone in a space and noticed over multiple safety rounds or at closing.

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