Guidelines For Use Of UNLV Libraries Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards at Lied Library are intended for posting items of interest to the UNLV community.

  • Bring one copy of of your item to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of Lied Library.
  • If deemed appropriate, the item will be date stamped and posted by library personnel.
  • All posted material will be removed the day after the advertised event or after two weeks.
  • Only one copy of each item is permitted.

Acceptable Items

Fliers, brochures, small posters, or similar material for:

  • UNLV sponsored programs, events, club meetings, classes, etc.
  • Opportunities for graduate work and internships.
  • Educationally related services such as tutoring, typing/word processing, or editing.
  • Student roommates.

Unacceptable Items

Fliers, brochures, posters, giveaways, or similar material for:

  • Items larger than 11" x 17"
  • Commercial, personal, or non-academic services.
  • Job ads
  • Items for sale.
  • Any commercial materials.

Unauthorized postings will be removed without notice.

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