In this post, we spotlight world-renowned performer, composer, and educator, Keiko Abe. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Abe was first introduced to the marimba in the early 1950’s and instantly fell in love. In her younger years, she recorded, performed, and even had her own T.V. show teaching marimba to children. Keiko Abe is an absolute legend amongst the percussion community. Her work with the Yamaha Corporation led to the development of the 5-octave marimba in the 1980’s, which is now the standard size for the concert marimba. Her compositions make up a significant amount of the standard marimba repertoire for both solo and ensembles works and, in 1993 she became the first woman to be inducted into the Percussive Arts Society’s Hall of Fame. 

Interested in checking out some of  Keiko Abe’s composition’s or recording’s? You can find some of her music here at the Music Library! Request them on the Library website for pickup/loan or come in to check them out.

Link to recordings in the Music Library

Link to compositions in the Music Library

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