Music Library Highlighted Venues: Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a venue for performing arts that sits on the Sydney Harbor in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Its conception started in the late 1940s when Eugene Goossens, the director of NSW State Conservatorium of Music, called for a proper venue for theoretical productions. In 1955, NSW Premier Joseph Cahill launched an international design competition to find an architect to design a venue. The winner was Jorn Utzon, a dutch architect.

Jorn Utzon originally designed the structure, but he was later replaced by architect Peter Hall who finished the construction. The project started in March 1959 and took 14 years and 102 million dollars to complete. The final product consists of multiple stages and facilities including a Concert Hall, Proscenium Theatre, Drama Theatre, Recording Studio, and Outdoor Forecourt. Check out a virtual tour below!

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Sydney Opera House has had to cancel a number of events. They have created a series on YouTube titled the 'Digital Season' that includes a variety of performances that can be viewed from home. Watch some performances here.

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