April is Mathematics Awareness Month

Why do plants hate math? Because it gives them square roots!

In celebration of Mathematics Awareness Month, the University Libraries invite you to learn more about the research and practice of UNLV faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students.  

Digital Scholarship@UNLV has a wide variety of articles, posters, theses and dissertations on topics related to or involving math. To learn more about how math apps might help you or others learn math concepts more easily, visit the repository. If you are fascinated by how the gambling world uses math, take a chance and check out this search. For those of you who are serious about math, check out this UNLV faculty publication just published this year. 

Math is interwoven throughout Gambling & Technology, Teaching & Learning, balancing a checkbook, climate change, baking, and more. Digital Scholarship@UNLV holds many freely accessible works as well as a bibliography of recent faculty research* So take a minute to add a browse though the UNLV institutional repository, Digital Scholarship@UNLV, to your day.

*To obtain works that are not freely available in Digital Scholarship@UNLV, UNLV affiliates should check our subscribed collections.

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