Pharos Mobile Printing – Instructions And FAQ’s

Due to the difficulty in maintaining appropriate social distancing at the Mobile Print Station, mobile printing is not available in the Lied Library for Fall 2020 semester.

Mobile printing is available for those with a valid ace account and rebel cash. This service is not available for people with guest printing cards at this time.

Here is the process for submitting and releasing a print job to Pharos Mobile Print:

  1. Send Document to Print – Open your UNLV student email account. Send or forward the document(s) to be printed (as attachments) to the email address
    Only the attachments in the emails can be configured to print. The email itself will not print. 
  2. Receive reply email from MobilePrint – After the email is submitted, you will receive a return email showing a list of submitted documents from Pharos Mobile Printing. It also contains brief instructions on how to print the document(s).
    **If you are using a non UNLV email account, you will receive an email asking you to register your email address and you will need your ACE account to log in.
  3. Release the Documents – Proceed to any designated mobile Pharos Printer. Scan your student ID in the card reader: 
  • Identify your print job by your ACE account
  • Press the [Print Release] icon on the printer station screen for each document you want to print.

These File Types Can Be Printed:

Microsoft® Word.doc, .docx, .dot
Microsoft® Excel.xls, .xlt,.xlsx, .xltx, .xltm, .xlsm
Microsoft® PowerPoint.ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .pot, .pps, .potx, .ppsx
Microsoft® Visio.vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, .vtx, .vdw
Microsoft® Outlook.msg, .eml
OpenDocument.odt, .ods, .ott, .odp
Comma Separated Values.csv
Adobe Portable Document Format.pdf
Rich Text Format.rtf
Text files.txt
Image formats.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp

FAQ’s :

Question 1:

Q: Can I print the body of the email I submit?

A: Mobile Printing is configured to only print the attachments and not the body of the email.

Question 2:

Q: How many attachments can I submit for printing?

A: There is a limit of 10 attachments per email accepted and 100 emails per day for each user.

Question 3:

Q: Which printers are available for mobile printing?

A: There are designated mobile printing areas at all libraries (Lied, Architecture, Music, TDRL and Law Computer Lab).

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