Finding Articles Video Transcript

This video tutorial shows how to use Quick Search to find specific types of articles, find recently published peer-reviewed journal articles, find article details, preview an abstract, and access the full text of an article.


So, your professor has asked you to find recently published, peer-reviewed journal articles for an assignment.

The UNLV libraries’ website is a fast and friendly way to find articles of all kinds, especially articles from peer-reviewed journals.

The quickest way to find articles is to use Quick Search. It’s located right here on the Library’s main page.

We’re going to use ‘drones and privacy’ as our sample topic.

Again, we need recently published, peer reviewed journal articles.

Lucky for us, our options on the left allow us to narrow our results to peer reviewed information.

We need a journal article, so I will check that too.

We can also establish a time frame for the results we want. Our article needs to be recent, so let’s limit to articles from the last 5 years. I’m going to enter 2010 as our starting year and leave the second box blank, which makes the end date present day.

Hover over the title of each result and you can see more detail about the article. Reading the abstract is a great way to see if this article is right for you. If it looks like a good fit, click on the title and we arrive at a copy of the article.

Since articles in Quick Search come from a lot of different databases, you might be presented with several options for reading the actual article. Look for links that say ‘full text’ or ‘PDF’ to access the complete article.

Sometimes you’ll find an article listed in the results, but we don’t have the full text. Never fear, you’re librarian is here for you. We can get you the article! Click on the UNLV Find Text to see how.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call, email us or drop by the research and information desk on the library’s first floor. You can also check out our other tutorials for more quick and easy help.

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