Creative Works Scoring Rubric

Reflective essay

Accomplished (7 to 9 points)Competent (4 to 6 points)Developing (1-3 points)
Search strategies:

Search strategies are described, addressing such aspects as:
  • Defines and articulates the information needed to create, develop and present the creative project.
  • Demonstrates persistence and initiative in gaining access to appropriate sources.
  • Specific investigative techniques unique to a discipline (e.g., musical or film analysis)
Search strategies described somewhat generally; examples follow:
  • Does not fully articulate or define the information or materials needed for the creative project.
  • Relevant sources not locally available are identified, but not acquired
  • Uses some specific discipline sources, but relies on more
Search strategies omitted or very general, for example:
  • Does not identify an information need related to the purpose or presentation of the creative project.
  • No discussion of seeking sources beyond locally, easily available materials
  • Uses only generic web sources


Distinguishes own new interpretation or original contribution from the creative works of others.

Identifies own ideas but does not distinguish from or relate to contributions of others.
Does not articulate or evaluate own ideas. No analysis of ideas encountered in the discipline.
Scholarly conversation:

Demonstrates an awareness and investigation of different approaches, techniques, or viewpoints, even if it challenges student’s understanding or training.
Discusses differing positions on an issue as presented in the discipline, but there is no effort to reconcile these.Utilizes only sources that are consistent with their understanding. No discussion of conflicting information.

Clearly explains how the research influenced the creative work

Identifies research that influenced the creative work, but does not demonstrate the relationship of scholarship to the project

Does not address how research was related to the project

Artist statement

Accomplished (7 to 9 points)Competent (4 to 6 points)Developing (1 to 3 points)

Clearly communicates the overall meaning of the work, including the themes present and the context of the piece within the creative framework
Although discusses themes and meanings of work, more detail is neededPoorly communicates the meaning and theme of creative work
Technique & medium:

Clearly explains the techniques and materials used and discusses reason for those choices

Explains techniques and materials used, but not why they were chosen
Does not explain techniques and materials used

Articulates how specific influences or inspirations shaped the project

Acknowledges influences or inspirations, but does not explain their effect on the project
Does not acknowledge any influences or inspirations


Accomplished (7 to 9 points)Competent (4 to 6 points)Developing (1 to 3 points)

Creative work is presented in a manner appropriate and thought-provoking for the intended audience

Creative work is presented in a manner appropriate for the intended audience
Creative work is poorly presented

Creative projects are imaginative, innovative, and creative.

Creative projects are competent, yet not especially ingenious or original.

Creative project is not original or innovative.

The project demonstrates a high level of technical refinement.

The project demonstrates a competent level of technical refinement.

The project has little technical refinement.


Accomplished (7 to 9 points)Competent (4 to 6 points)Developing (1 to 3 points)
Source selection:

Uses wide range of resource types appropriate to the discipline and information need (e.g., primary and secondary sources, scholarly & popular literature, data, books, articles, critical/performance editions, original compositions, arrangements, transcriptions, sound or video recordings, models, plans, computer models).
Cites different types of resources appropriate to the project, but does not show great depth or breadthScope of source types is limited to conventional formats. Uses basic general knowledge resources (e.g., websites, newspaper articles), rather than subject specific sources.

Consistently provides accurate, complete citations to sources in format/style appropriate to the discipline
Sources cited in standard format but contain errors or some missing elements
Sources not cited in standard and consistent way. Numerous errors and/or omissions of citation elements

Supporting letter

Accomplished (4 to 5 points)Competent (3 points)Developing (1 to 2 points)
Explains how the project addresses significant themes within the discipline and & clearly articulates the significance of the project.Indicates that the student’s work takes familiar path with some originality, or that the work is original, but significance is low.Points to little or no originality in student’s work or indicates that the work is not significant.

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