UNLV Libraries Lunchtime Civic Engagement Series Oct 13-16

In preparation for the 2020 general election, the University Libraries will be hosting a virtual Lunchtime Civic Engagement Series daily at 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from Oct 13-16. The series will offer students the opportunity to learn how to research and critically evaluate information about candidates and issues on the ballot.

Event Schedule

Evaluating Political Information: Thinking like a Fact-Checker and a Connoisseur

Date: October 13

How do you decide what information is worth your time, especially when it comes to political questions?  We will share strategies for fact-checking political information on the Internet.  We will also discuss an idea from the ethics of journalism: the best journalism helps you learn more about an issue without telling you what to think or how to feel.

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There’s more?! How to Research Local Las Vegas Ballot Issues Before the General Election

Date: October 14

During a general election cycle, we tend to be more focused on the presidential election and can sometimes forget that there are also local issues on the ballot. It can be overwhelming to sift through the mass amounts of information surrounding these ballot issues and what they are trying to accomplish.

Join us to discuss some of the ballot issues that will be on the Las Vegas ballot in November, identify trustworthy sources to find more information about them, and practice critically evaluating that information.

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Register, Research, React: A Step-By-Step Guide to Voting

Date: October 15

Voting is one of the most straightforward ways to use your voice but can be an intimidating process. This workshop will walk you through how to register to vote, research issues & candidates, and react by developing your voting plan. Get ready for early voting next week by coming to our comprehensive step-by-step guide to voting!

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Information in the Indignation Age: Why does political media make us so angry and what should we do about it?

Date: October 16

Much of the political information we see shares a common characteristic: It is designed to make you angry. In this workshop, we will consider the positive and negative consequences of media-driven political anger, both for individuals and for society as a whole. 

We will not be discussing anyone's particular political positions; instead, we will be reflecting on how anger influences the way we use information to learn about politics.

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