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The University Archives seeks publications and archival records from major administrative units and centers on the UNLV campus as well as from UNLV student organizations. Record creators on the UNLV campus must follow the NSHE Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (PDF).

UNLV’s Division of Finance and Business also maintains a Records Management Manual (doc) that describes responsibilities for records maintenance, recommends retention periods for records, and identifies records with enduring historical or administrative value that should be transferred to the University Archives after they become inactive.  Please email for assistance in identifying significant archival materials for transfer and to obtain the necessary paperwork prior to transfer.

Examples of Archival Records (What to transfer)

  • Constitutions and by-laws, minutes and proceedings, and reports of departments, committees, or task forces
  • Publications, including websites, newsletters, handbooks, annual reports, program announcements, directories, catalogs, brochures, posters, and press releases
  • Policy and procedure documents, or those records that document decision-making processes
  • Correspondence, e-mail, and subject files of academic department heads, program heads, and senior administrators
  • Self-studies, histories, and accreditation reports
  • Photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, maps, and architectural drawings
  • Records documenting the development of programs, curricula, student organizations, or special projects
  • Records documenting relationships with the community, government, other institutions, or the business community

Examples of Non-Archival Records (What not to transfer)

  • Exact duplicate copies of anything
  • Routine correspondence, e.g., requests and acknowledgments
  • Records of routine matters, e.g., requests for leave, purchase orders, receipts
  • Reference files or research material, including news clippings, publications, and form letters of departments or organizations other than your own
  • Rough drafts of publications, articles or reports (in most cases)
  • Blank forms, letterhead, or other stationery

The University Archives does not accept student records, personnel records, or medical records.