The Preservation Lab in the UNLV Libraries Special Collections works to protect and repair UNLV Libraries' materials. Established in October 1999, the program is a leader in preservation efforts in the state of Nevada.

The UNLV Libraries Preservation Lab is involved in both preservation and conservation of UNLV Libraries' materials. Preservation involves the maintenance or restoration of access to library and archival materials through the repair and prevention of decay and damage. Activities include environmental monitoring, ensuring proper storage and housing, reformatting, ensuring proper security measures, disaster planning and preparation, and education and outreach. Conservation involves a direct method of treatment in which an item is physically or chemically changed. Conservation treatments entail the least intrusive methods possible and include activities such as cleaning, deacidifying, book repair, and document repair.

The UNLV Libraries Preservation Lab offers a fully equipped teaching laboratory. Conservator Michael Frazier often offers workshops and other educational programs. The Preservation Laboratory also hires UNLV undergraduate students participating in the Federal Work-Study Program, where they are fully trained in conservation techniques. 

Looking for conservation advice or the services of a conservator? Consult the American Institute of Conservation for recommendations.

Conservator, Michael Frazier using small paint brush to repair book binding.
Conservator Michael Frazier repairs a binding

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