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Computer Classroom
Recently remodeled, the TDRL Computer Classroom functions as both an open computer lab and a classroom for library instruction sessions. With 30 computer workstations, the classroom can accommodate most COE class sizes. COE faculty members interested in using the classroom for course specific research workshops or other events should contact Amanda Melilli (702-895-1963).


Group Study Room
The TDRL group study room is equipped with a computer station and a wall mounted SmartBoard monitor display. Reservations are recommended, and priority of use is given to groups of three or more patrons. It is available to UNLV students, faculty, and staff for academic use only. Use of the room for commercial or non-academic use is prohibited. See the TDRL service desk for reservations.


Reservation Policies:

  • Priority of use is given to groups of three or more with a reservation
  • Reservation options begin on the quarter hour (:00, :15, :30, :45) for periods ranging from 1 to 2 hours
  • Room can be reserved up to two weeks in advance
  • Students may have only one active reservation at a time
  • There is a 15 minute grace period for group arrival. After that time, if a group of three or more has not arrived, the space becomes available for other library users.
Quiet Study Room
The TDRL quiet study room is designed for individuals looking for a quiet place to study. Please review the following guidelines when using this space:


  • brief, quiet conversation only
  • No group work or on-going discussion
  • Phones must be switched to silent at all times
  • Food and drink are allowed with consideration for others in the room
  • Use electronics with consideration (headphones are required and sound must be inaudible to others)

COE faculty members interested in using the quiet study room for course specific research workshops or other events should contact Amanda Melilli (702-895-1963).

TDRL Lounge
With comfortable seating, the TDRL lounge is a perfect place to collaborate or curl up with a good book. Located at the front of the TDRL, the lounge is in the heart of the TDRL and provides an informal place to explore the collection or converse with friends and colleagues. It is also conveniently located close to the service desk and helpful staff. Keep an eye out for seasonal de-stress activities as well.



Computer and Wireless Access
Computer access at the TDRL is limited to UNLV students, faculty and staff with an active ACE Account. K12 educators or Public Borrows have access to computers restricted to the library catalog and library website (no access to productivity software).

Personal devices such as tablets and laptops can access electronic resources by connecting to either the UNLV Secure or Guest wireless (occasional exceptions for P12 Educators and Public Borrowers based on product licenses).

Computer Workstations
Computer workstations are located throughout the TDRL and include the Computer Classroom and the Teacher Preparation Lab. The majority of the computer workstations are PCs, but there are a few iMacs available on a first come, first serve basis. TDRL PC computers have the same productivity software as Lied Library. For additional information on hardware and software, please visit the main University Libraries' Computer Workstation webpage.

Scanners are available at select computer workstations and are on a first come, first serve basis.

How to Print at the TDRL
To print from any computer station in the TDRL, please complete the following steps:


  • Use Print Preview to review your document. This can help you avoid paying for a print job you do not want.
  • When a document is printed, you will be asked to name your print job as well as which printer to send it to.
  • Go to any print station in the TDRL and swipe your RebelCard or RebelCash Guest Card.
  • Click on your print job from the list to release it to the approprite printer.
  • The amount for the print job will be deducted from your card.
Printing & Copying Information
Printing Costs
Copying Costs
Printing from your personal laptop
Adding funds to your RebelCard ID or RebelCash GuestCard
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