Juvenile/Young Adult Nonfiction

Collection Size: 4,800+ Volumes

The TDRL non-fiction collection includes works of nonfiction written for a children or young adult audience (preschool to 12th grade). An item is considered a work of non-fiction if the author’s intent is to portray real or factual information, although author biases may still exist. Notes and resources are strong indicators that an item is non-fiction in nature. Books containing collections of poems (including rhymes and rhyming games) or folklore are also considered non-fiction.

Children and young adult nonfiction titles are included in the TDRL collection for educational purposes including curriculum application, reader identity development, bibliotherapeutic uses, and to promote the love of reading. 

The TDRL strives to create inclusive collections which reflect a wide range of stories, settings, and topics relevant to the diverse identities and needs of the P-12 students in our communities.