Early Readers

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Early Readers

Early Readers are also known as beginning readers, easy readers, transitional books or independent readers. Early Readers are for children who are beginning to read on their own or who’s reading skills are not advance enough for juvenile fiction titles. These items differ from picture books or juvenile fiction based on the following:

  • Pictures on each page or every other page which visually show what’s happening in the text in order to help with text interpretation.
  • Limited vocabulary and sentence structure appropriate to ready level.
  • Text is in traditional block format.
  • Large fonts.
  • A few sentences on each page based on reading level.
  • Often includes multiple chapters

Early Readers are included in the TDRL collection for educational reasons, and titles range across all available reading levels of early readers (not just the youngest readers). A wide variety of topics and genres are collected in order to have titles that appeal to all young readers. Any titles published in the early reader format, regardless of fiction or non-fiction, are included in the Early Readers collection.

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