Printing and Scanning


Always use "print preview"

You may need to adjust the Page Setup to get a good print. Printing from WebCampus is particularly tricky.

Printing costs

Black and white

UNLV/NSHE Affiliates, Wireless, Guest:3 cents/page


UNLV/NSHE Affiliates, Guest:40 cents/page
11x17:40 cents/page

All prints must be paid with a RebelCard.

Three ways to add funds to your RebelCard

  1. Online with a credit card: RebelCard online store (minimum $1.00 deposit is required).
  2. In person with a credit or debit card: RebelCard office in the Student Union to make deposits (minimum deposit of $10 is required).
  3. Using cash: RebelCash Deposit Machine at the Student Union.

Help with printing

For additional help with printing please ask a staff member at the Circulation Desk. 

Laptop and mobile device printing instructions

Large format printing


Scanning equipment is available for various types of materials; the largest dimension for scanning is 11x17. Scanners are located on the first floor of the Architecture Studies Library. 

  • 1 BookEye4
  • 3 scanning stations with a PC computer and an EPSON GT-20000 scanner. 

All scanners are self-service. Scanners are available on a first come, first served basis.