About the Architecture Studies Library

Our purpose

The library provides access to resources and information about the professional fields of architecture, building and construction, urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design in support of the academic needs of the School of Architecture (SoA).

Materials and collections

Architectural tools

To further support SoA students, the library offers various architectural tools like lightboards, cutting mats, drawing stencils, compasses, rulers, and paper trimmers.

Special collections

ASL also boasts of a Special Collections area dedicated to displaying out-of-print and valuable books on the subjects of Art, Architecture, and Design.

Access to community members

While the library’s primary goal is to support the curriculum of the School of Architecture and the teaching and research needs of faculty and students, all students and community members are welcome into the Architecture Studies Library.


The Architecture Studies Library (ASL) is located in the Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building (ARC) near the corner of Brussels and Tropicana.


  • Faculty and staff parking is located in Lot Z.
  • Student parking is located in Lot F and Lot H.
  • Metered parking is located in Lot Z.
  • Handicap parking is located in Lot F, Lot H, and Lot Z.

Library Hours

Employment at the library

Student employment