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First Floor

S. Agriculture
S Agriculture (general)
SB 403-450 Flower Culture
SB 421-439 Classes of Plants
SB 450-467 Gardens and Gardening
SB 469-479 Landscape Gardening & Landscape Architecture
SB 481-486 Parks and Public Reservations
SD Forestry
T. Technology
TA Engineering (general)
TC Environmental Technology
TE Highway Engineering
TG Bridge Engineering
TH Building Construction


Second Floor

N. Fine & Applied Arts,
including Architecture & Interior Design
N Visual Arts (general)
NA Architecture
NA 1-60 General
NA 31 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Glossaries
NA 100-130 Architecture and the State
NA 123 Examination and Licensing of Architects
NA 200-1613 History
NA 510 Renaissance
NA 590 Baroque/Rococo
NA 680 20th Century
NA 737 Individual Architects
NA 750-1611 Architecture of Special Countries
NA 1995-1997 Architecture as a Profession
NA 2000-2320 Study and Teaching
NA 2300 Schools
NA 2335-2360 Competitions
NA 2400-2460 Museums, Exhibitions
NA 2500-2599 Theory, Aesthetics
NA 2541 Climate and Architecture
NA 2545 Architecture and Disabilities
NA 2695-2794 Architectural Design and Drawing
NA 2760-2775 Composition, Proportions, Plans, Elevations
NA 2780 Rendering in Color, Pen & Ink
NA 2790 Models and Modeling
NA 2810-4050 Architectural Details, Motives, Decoration
NA 2890-2960 Domes, Roofs, Ceilings, Gables, Towers
NA 4100-8480 Special Classes of Buildings
NA4100-4145 Classed by Material
NA 4160 Classed by Form, e.g. tensile architecture
NA 4170-8480 Classes by Use
NA 4170-7010 Public Buildings
NA 4590-6199 Religious Architecture
NA 6210 Commercial Buildings
NA 6218 Shopping Centers
NA 6225 Storefronts
NA 6230 Office Buildings
NA 6300-6307 Airports
NA 6700 Museums, Exhibition Buildings
NA 7100-7880 Domestic Architecture
NA 7195 Housing for Seniors, Youth, Disabled
NA 7800 Hotel & Restaurant Architecture
NA 8200-8260 Farm Architecture
NA 8300-8480 Minor Buildings
NA 9000-9428 Aesthetics of a City, City Planning
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing, Design, Illustration
ND Painting
NE Print Media
NK Decorative and Applied Arts
NK 1700-3505 Interior Design & Decoration
NX Arts in general