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Due to the rare and valuable nature of many of the materials held in UNLV Special Collections and Archives, researchers must agree to follow the rules listed below when registering at the Special Collections reference desk.

Rules for Use of Special Collections and Archives Materials

  • All researchers must fill out and sign an application form on their initial visit to Special Collections and Archives. Thereafter, they are only required to sign the daily register.
  • Researchers must request materials by filling out call slips, and all materials must be used in the Special Collections and Archives reference area or reading room.
  • No food, beverages, gum, or tobacco products are allowed in the department (please store these in the lockers if you have brought something in with you).
  • Personal belongings such as briefcases, backpacks, laptop sleeves, and coats must be stored in the lockers provided before researchers are allowed access to Special Collections and Archives materials.
  • Talking on cellular phones is not allowed in Special Collections and Archives. Please leave the department if you are making a phone call or if you receive an incoming call so that you will not disturb other researchers.
  • To protect materials from potential damage, only PENCIL is allowed for note taking. The use of ink pens is NOT allowed.
  • All items must be handled with care. Researchers must not trace, write on, or fold Special Collections and Archives materials. Please handle all materials flat on the table.  
  • Original photographs must remain in their protective sleeves. Cotton gloves will be provided for handling other photographic material such as negatives and slides if they are not sleeved.
  • Researchers are permitted to self-serve scan most book or periodical material in Special Collections and Archives according to posted copyright regulations under the supervision of Special Collections staff. Note: Please consult staff if you wish to scan material from a manuscript collection or from old or fragile materials. We reserve the right to prevent duplication of materials if it will damage materials or violate copyright.
  • The department reserves the right to refuse or limit the use of materials. Only three boxes of manuscript or university archives materials may be pulled at one time. Please use only one folder at a time, and use the out cards provided to mark the place in the box. Failure to observe departmental regulations may be cause for denial of access.
  • Laptops and scanners are subject to inspection by staff.  Reproduction via self –scanning or taking images by tablet & phone cameras is allowed. There is no charge for use of cameras or scanners. However, Special Collections and Archives staff may forbid the use of cameras or scanners if you mishandle material, or if your equipment poses any risk to our materials or causes disruption in our reading room. NO FEEDER SCANNERS ARE ALLOWED.