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Affiliate Faculty of the Oral History Research Center

UNLV faculty may affiliate with the Oral History Research Center on one or more of its strategic collecting initiatives. Affiliated faculty conduct oral interviews on mutual topics of interest, contribute interviews for long-term public access, and find collaborative opportunities with other faculty. Current initiatives focus on collecting oral interviews from the Southern Nevada Latinx community, the Southern Nevada African American community, the region’s earliest citizens, and about the region’s built environment.

OHRC Affiliate Faculty 2019

  • Erika Abad, Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Interdisciplinary Degree Programs
  • Constancio Arnaldo, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Asian American Studies
  • Raquel Casas, Director, Latina/o Studies; Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Fawn Canady, Visiting Lecturer, Teaching and Learning Department
  • Norma Flores, Part Time Instructor, Department of History
  • Magdalena Martinez, Assistant Professor & Director of Education Programs, Lincy Institute 
  • Vincent Perez, Alliance of Latino Faculty, Department of English
  • Anita Revilla, Associate Professor and Director of Gender & Ethnic Studies

How do I affiliate with OHRC?

UNLV faculty may contact the Director of the Oral History Research Center, Claytee White ( to express their interest in affiliating with the OHRC.


  • Affiliate faculty conduct oral history interviews that complement OHRC’s current collecting priorities in order to enhance the breadth and depth of documentation the UNLV Libraries may preserve.
    • Affiliate faculty may tailor their questions or target populations according to their individual research topics.
    • Affiliate faculty seek IRB approval to cover their research questions. Collaborations with other affiliate faculty are encouraged.
    • Affiliate faculty consult with OHRC staff in the development of questions, interview methodologies, and identifying potential interviewees.
    • Affiliate faculty follow best practices in their discipline for interviewing human subjects and publishing these interviews. Adherence to Principles for Oral History and Best Practices for Oral History of the Oral History Association is strongly encouraged.
    • Affiliate faculty complement and enhance, not compete with, OHRC’s collecting efforts.
  • Affiliate faculty contribute oral interviews for publication in the University Libraries Digital Collections.
    • Affiliate faculty donate transcribed oral histories, audio files, and signed releases to the UNLV Libraries to preserve and to facilitate access and reuse.
    • Funds for transcription and/or translation of oral histories are not usually available, but OHRC welcomes opportunities to collaborate on proposals for grants or external funding to assist with these costs.
  • Affiliate faculty may renew their affiliation annually for the duration of a collaborative oral history project.
  • Affiliate faculty are encouraged to present or publish yearly in their discipline using the oral history interviews that are/will be hosted by the UNLV Libraries.
  • Affiliate faculty meet once a semester with OHRC staff and other affiliated faculty to discuss their research and future directions.


  • Affiliation with a UNLV research center and listing on the OHRC website
  • Online publication of contributed oral history interviews with full attribution and a permanent URL
  • Preservation of contributed audio files according to archival best practices
  • Help with release forms to ensure interviews can be accessed and reused by others
  • Semesterly meetings with researchers focusing on the same collecting initiative
  • Opportunities to collaborate with others on IRB requests, grant funding, and other activities