Research Services

As School of Medicine Library (SOML) faculty, we share the university’s and Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV’s goals and contribute to the fulfillment of their mission in the areas of instruction, research, and service. We undertake research and produce scholarship in our areas of expertise and are partners in the scholarly enterprise of the school of medicine. 

We define research as the creation of knowledge through curiosity, discovery, and synthesis to generate new concepts and methodologies that further our understanding of others and the world around us.

We encourage research that values reflection, critical inquiry, and the understanding that other ways of knowing and being are valid and important.

Research services

SOML faculty can assist and partner with members of the school of medicine in various research and scholarship endeavors. Accepting project partnerships  is up to the discretion of the library faculty member.

SOML faculty and staff do not create and conduct searches or retrieve and deliver articles on behalf of individuals or research groups. We are happy to trouble-shoot hard-to-find articles and educate on how to build and conduct searches using our resources.

Systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis projects

Systematic reviews are one of many types of reviews that are equally valid approaches to conducting research. If you are considering conducting an evidence synthesis project, refer to this resource to help decide which review is right for you.

Please note that the School of Medicine Library does not have a systematic review service. When it comes to systematic reviews or other evidence synthesis projects, librarians can provide guidance on best-practices and resources or tools to get you started.

Library consultations

Consultations are specialized meetings with library faculty with the goals of providing guidance and expertise to individuals or small groups within the school of medicine community. Consultations provide the opportunity to ask multiple questions and gain in-depth, advanced help. 

For all other inquiries, we provide general library assistance during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. We can be reached by:

Be sure to provide all requested information on the appointment request form, including detailed information about your topic or questions. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your appointment. 

Consultation policy

  • If your consultation includes 3 people or more, or is not focused on one specific project, please contact us by email to discuss requesting an instruction session. 
  • You are expected to come prepared for your consultation. We reserve the right to cancel if we feel you will not be properly prepared; or if you have not provided sufficient information for us to effectively help you.
  • You are expected to meet your appointment time, or contact us within a reasonable time period to cancel. Appointments will be canceled after 15 minutes if you do not appear.
  • Repeated cancellations and "no shows" may result in suspension of scheduling privileges.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or suspend consultations services if poor interprofessional conduct is exhibited towards library faculty. This may include but is not limited to repeated disregard of library faculty guidance, expertise, and requested preparation prior to the consultation.

Research guides

Research guides are created and managed by library employees to bring together related resources for a particular topic or group of people. They are created to help supplement curriculum content, gather tools for student learning and success, and highlight important topics of interest. Each guide is unique but all contain a mix of links to databases, books, websites, and other sources of information.