Borrowing Guidelines

It is your responsibility to read and comply with these guidelines. Registration for library privileges indicates your agreement for compliance.

Although loan periods vary, all patrons, including faculty, are only guaranteed a loan period of two weeks. Materials are subject to recall if they are needed by another university-affiliated patron, which will generate a new, two-week due date. Books that are needed for Reserve are subject to immediate recall. You will be notified if the due date of an item has changed.

You are responsible for all library materials checked out on your card until they are returned to the library and cleared from your account.

An official UNLV ID card is required for all UNLV students, faculty, and staff. Those users not possessing an official UNLV ID card, regardless of affiliation, must show government-issued photo identification when registering for access or checking items out. There is no exception to this policy.

Additionally, registration of your RebelCard or library barcode requires compliance with the University Libraries Expectations for User and Visitor Conduct and the University Libraries Computer Use Policy.

Holds and Recalls

If an item is checked out and you would like to reserve it, you may place a hold on it online through the university catalog. Holds may also be placed at the Circulation Desk in Lied Library or at any branch library service desk. UNLV-affiliated patrons may place a recall on a book, which will generate a due date of two weeks for the item that is checked out.


All books borrowed from the School of Medicine Library MUST be returned to the same location (625 Shadow Lane #304 Las Vegas, NV 89106).


Items may be renewed as many times as allowed by your affiliation with the university. If your card is in good standing, you may renew books online by logging into the catalog and going to your account. Books may also be renewed in person at one of the Shadow Lane Campus library locations, at the Lied Library Circulation Desk, or any other branch library service desk. They may also be renewed over the phone by calling the Lied Library Circulation Desk at 702-895-2111. Items that have holds, have been recalled, or have been billed are not eligible for renewal. An item that has reached its maximum number of renewals must be returned to the library so it can be cleared from your account. If the item doesn't have holds on it, you may check it back out.

Due Dates

KNOWING THE DUE DATE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Due dates will either be stamped inside the item or printed on a receipt. A new due date will be given for recalled books. If you are unsure when an item is due, you may view your record online or call University Libraries Circulation Desk at 702-895-2111.


Notices are emailed out only as a courtesy. UNLV students, faculty, and staff must use their official email address (Rebelmail). If you do not receive notices you are still responsible for returning overdue library books and/or payment of any fines or fees incurred. It is your responsibility to notify the library of any address changes, so that you may receive notification of overdue materials or fines owed.

Fees And Lost Items

More information about fees and lost items

Recovery Of Materials

Patrons failing to respond to a final demand for payment of library materials will be sent to our collection agency. Collection agency fees are assessed at 50% of the amount owed to the library, in addition to the amount owed. Once your account has been sent to the collection agency, the library is no longer able to negotiate charges.

If you have questions, please contact the Lied Library Circulation Desk at 702-895-2111 or

Fees & Lost Items Guidelines

The system will charge overdue fees beginning the first day the item is overdue -- there is NO grace period.

Overdue fees continue to accrue on holidays and other days when the library is closed. Items that are returned to a book drop when the library is closed will be checked in and backdated to the last day when the library was open. Items are never due on a day that the library is closed.

All patrons who fail to respond to a recall notice, including faculty, must pay recall fees. Library privileges will be suspended until the recalled item is returned and the fee is paid.

Library privileges will be suspended or revoked if users exceed certain thresholds set by the library. Students owing money to the library will be placed on registrar hold, which prevents registration and course changes. Additionally, diplomas and transcripts will be held until the charges have been completely cleared at the library.

Reserves Extended Use Fees

Type of ReserveAmount per itemApplies to
Books$1.00/hourAll Users
Electronic Accessories$1.00/hourAll Users
Technology$10/hourAll Users

*Please note: There is no grace period and no maximum fee for overdue Reserve items.

Lost Items

If a lost item is returned before it is paid for, the bill is canceled, and extended use fees are applied.

If a lost book is paid for and is then found, refunds are given only under limited circumstances. A refund must be requested within six months of when the item is paid for, and the original receipt must be presented. If the item has been reordered by the library, no refund will be given. The $35.00 processing fee is non-refundable. Items that are paid for and returned after six months are considered gifts to the library. Refunds are not given for Link+, Interlibrary Loan, or Lied Leisure Reading items.

Payment Of Charges

Charges for fees and lost books may be in person at the Lied Library Circulation Desk or the Teacher Development & Resources Library.


Notices are emailed out only as a courtesy. UNLV students, faculty, and staff must use their official email address (Rebelmail or UNLVmail). If you do not receive notices you are still responsible for returning overdue library books and/or payment of any fines or fees incurred. It is your responsibility to notify the library of any address changes, so that you may receive notification of overdue materials or fines owed.

If your card is lost or stolen, immediately notify the UNLV Library Circulation Desk at 702-895-2111.


Fees may be appealed under certain circumstances. More information can be found on the Fee Appeal Form.

Guidelines for Placing Items on Reserve
  • The School of Medicine Library does not provide electronic reserves.
  • In order to determine if the item you wish to place on reserve violates Copyright or Fair Use, please review this decision guide.
  • If you wish to place items on reserve at one of the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine locations, please complete the course reserves request form.
Guidelines For Acceptance Of Gift Materials For University Libraries
  • The University Libraries welcomes donations of books and information in other formats that enhance the Libraries ability to support the teaching and research missions of the University.
  • Gifts are accepted with the understanding and agreement that the Libraries makes all necessary decisions as to retention, use, and discard.
    A list that includes title, author and date of publication must be prepared by the donor for the Libraries to check for duplicates already in the collection before any items can be accepted. The only exception is if the donations are already housed in a faculty office or elsewhere on the UNLV campus where a library liaison can physically examine them prior to possible transfer to the Libraries.
  • For the main Lied collection, there is interest in new, high quality, scholarly books and items in other formats. Other collections (see below) have more specific interests.
  • Items generally not needed include magazines and journals, newspapers, or anything in poor physical condition.
  • Materials dropped off at the Libraries without previous communication with Collection Management will not be added to the collections.


Please contact Aidy Weeks at 702-895-0607 if you are thinking about donating items for the School of Medicine Library collections. 

Other UNLV Collections

Please note that Special Collections (located in Lied Library) has a separate gift policy and procedures. If donors have gifts that would possibly strengthen the materials in Special Collections, they should contact them directly at 702-895-2234.

Appraisal and Acknowledgement

Staff of the University Libraries cannot provide appraisal of value for books or other materials. Written acknowledgement will be provided on request.

Delivery and Pickup

Delivery and pickup must be discussed with the Head of Collection Management, 702-895-2133, or his designate. Pickup is not offered beyond the UNLV campus. Campus pickup may be available but must be negotiated.

Monetary Gifts

The University Libraries gratefully accepts monetary gifts for use in building the collections or other purposes. Please contact Libraries Development at 702-895-2286.