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Allison (Karen) Collection on Contract Bridge
Coll #: MS-00899
Date: 1937-1997
Extent: 1 box and 1 oversized box (0.65 cubic feet, 1.67 linear feet)
The Karen Allison Collection on Contract Bridge (1937-1997) contains instructional guides, pamphlets, and booklets explaining the rules and strategies for contract bridge, a card game. Included are correspondence and meeting minutes with contract bridge organizations with which Allison was associated. Also included are lists of players who participated in the Monte Carlo 5th World Bridge Olympiad in Monte Carlo, Monaco in 1976.
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Archer, John
Coll #: MS-00111
Date: 1973
Extent: 0.01 Linear Feet (1 folder)
The collection consists solely of one spiral bound copy of galley notes for his book, "The Archer Method of Winning at Blackjack" published in 1973.
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Arnie and Sheila Wexler Professional Papers
Coll #: MS-00579
Date: 1976-2006
Extent: 5 Linear Feet (5 boxes)
The Arnie and Sheila Wexler Professional Papers consist of the professional materials dating from 1976 to 2006 of Arnie and Sheila Wexler, compulsive gambling counselors from New Jersey. The papers include documents, articles, videotapes, and audiocassettes on various aspects of problem, compulsive, and pathological gambling.
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Becker, Patricia Scrapbooks
Coll #: MS-00645
Date: 1976-2013
Extent: 4 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
The Patricia Becker Scrapbooks reflect the professional activities of "Patty" Becker from 1976 to 2013. Materials include photographs, awards, correspondence, and newspaper articles documenting Patricia Becker's career. Included are articles related to her appointment as the Executive Director of the UNLV International Gaming Institute in 2005 as well as a Harrah's Senior Executive Organization Chart from 1984 to 1993.
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Binion's Horseshoe
Coll #: MS-00325
Date: 1920s-2002 (inclusive), 1970-1989 (bulk)
Extent: 10 boxes (9 Linear Feet)
The Binion's Horseshoe Casino Records on Poker (1960-2002) contain event proceedings, press releases, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, event schedules and programs, audio cassette tapes, videotapes, and promotional pamphlets. Also included are newsletters in the form of trade magazines, awards, advertising budgets, a few pieces of business correspondence and invoices, drawings, published writings, a movie script, business proposals, and two posters.
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Boardwalk Hotel and Casino Records
Coll #: MS-00093
Date: 1995-2005
Extent: 5 cubic feet (10 boxes)
The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino records, dating from 1995 to 2003, contain two security and exchange documents, promotional and entertainment materials, player's club information, and photographs of the interior and exterior of the hotel. Also included are plans for an operational tracking system of players, audiovisual materials, and ephemera from the MGM.
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Boyd Gaming Corporation Records
Coll #: MS-00513
Date: 1994-2006
Extent: 5 boxes (2.27 cubic feet, 2.81 linear feet)
The Boyd Gaming Corporation Records (1994-2006) contain brochures, magazines, reports, and video tapes of the Boyd Gaming Corporation, a Las Vegas, Nevada business specializing in gaming and hotel development.
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Central Credit Collection
Coll #: MS-00542
Date: 1956-1987
Extent: 3.82 cubic feet (10 boxes)
The Central Credit, Inc. Records (1956-1987) contain meeting minutes, employee records, business ledgers, newspaper clippings, membership applications, photographs, and reports. Also included are incorporation papers, a Code of Ethics, Credit Law, Tod Early's personal calendars/diaries, and audiovisual materials. Central Credit, Inc. had branches in Reno, Las Vegas, and Tahoe, Nevada, and also in London.
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Charter Hospital of Las Vegas, Nevada Records on Problem Gambling
Coll #: MS-00320
Date: 1968 - 1987
Extent: 0.4 Linear Feet (1 Box)
The Charter Hospital of Las Vegas, Nevada Records on Problem Gambling are comprised of various professional papers, reports, articles, and documents related to compulsive gambling and pathological gambling dating from 1968 to 1987. The focus of the records are on compulsive gambling, therapy and treatments, and Gambler's Anonymous. Many of the papers included are copies of articles and conference papers about problem gaming.
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Chip Chat Newsletters and Catalogues
Coll #: MS-00774
Date: 1994-2011
Extent: 0.58 linear feet (1 box)
The Chip Chat Newsletters and Catalogues date from 1994 to 2011 and contain Chip Chat issues 1, 2, and 4 through 49. Chip Chat was a newsletter produced by Douglas Saito and circulated throughout the gambling chip collectors' community. The newsletters were self-published by Saito. Generally three copies were produced a year, in some years there was more content, in others less. The newsletters focused on selling chips between collectors, tips for becoming a sucessful collector, the history of chips, and the state of the hobby.
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Clark (Thomas) papers
Coll #: MS-00307
Date: 1950-1998
Extent: 43 boxes (28.53 cubic feet, 24.59 linear feet)
The Thomas Clark Papers (1950-1998) contain material from his tenure as a Professor of English at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), which is divided into two series. The gaming research series includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, brochures, bulletins and articles. Also included are book chapters, a glossary of terms used in the casino industry, and gambling guides. In the linguistics and teaching series there are research files, articles, speeches, correspondence, interviews, multimedia, workshops, and conference materials. Also included are files on graffiti, symbolism, ethnic and regional speech differences, language usage, and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) material.
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Coates Playing Cards Collection
Coll #: MS-00765
Date: 1920s-1960s
Extent: 3 boxes (0.71 cubic feet, 1.69 linear feet)
The Coates Playing Cards Collection (1920s-1960s) consists of sixty-six decks of playing cards collected by Mrs. Phillip A. Coates. The collection includes promotional decks from various businesses, including the Southern Pacific Lines railroad and the Grace Line steamship company. The majority of the decks are of a narrower design to be used in playing canasta or bridge, with many being multi-deck sets.
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Collins (Peter) Papers on International Gaming
Coll #: MS-00785
Date: 1974-2010 (bulk 1990-2010)
Extent: 23 boxes (14.9 cubic feet, 12.46 linear feet)
Related Materials:
The Peter Collins Papers on International Gaming (1974-2010) consist of materials collected or written by Professor Peter Collins on legalized gambling. The collection includes research papers, industry and government reports, and media reports on the development, legality, economics, and ethics of legalized gambling. Most of the materials focus on gambling in the United Kingdom; the balance of the material covers South Africa, Canada, the United States, the European Union, Australia, some Asian-Pacific nations, and materials not specific to location.
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Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada Records
Coll #: MS-00689
Date: 2010
Extent: 1 box (0.23 Cubic Feet, 0.21 Linear Feet)
The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada Records provide materials relating to the hotel's grand opening on December 15, 2010. Included are newspaper clippings, a poster pamphlet, gaming and rewards program information, and photographs of the hotel rooms. Also included is information about the art program, the shops, bars, nightclubs, and convention facilities.
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Dombrink, John
Coll #: MS-00329
Date: 1977
Extent: 11 linear feet (9 record storage boxes)
Collection contains an oral history by Mary Glass, and newspaper articles about gambling: effects gambling has on a community, gambling and crime, who should control gaming and the limits of the Nevada Board of Gaming, and a history of gambling in Nevada. Also included in this collection are issues of the Las Vegas Valley Almanac, Nevada Employment Salary Statistics and casino hotel guides.

Eadington, William R. professional papers
Coll #: MS-00646
Date: 1949-2009
Extent: 7.8 linear feet (8 boxes)
The William R. Eadington Professional Papers (1949-2009) contain personal and published writings, notes from his University of Nevada, Reno classes on gaming and economics, awards and certificates, and Executive Development Program Conference articles. Also included is European, Asian, and American gaming information and London, England's Churches' Council on Gambling reports, financial statements, correspondence, and meeting minutes. There is also audiovisual material that contains personal and commercial recordings.
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Eugene Martin Christiansen Papers
Coll #: MS-00561
Date: 1948-2017
Extent: 254 boxes and 1 oversized box; 139.6 linear feet, 166.5 cubic feet
The Eugene Martin Christiansen Papers (dating from 1948 to 2017, with the bulk of the materials dating from 1975 to 2005) contain research files, reports, and presentations about gambling written and collected by gaming consultant Eugene Martin Christiansen. Most of the collection is comprised of research files and reports about legalized gambling, casinos, hotels, racetracks, and entertainment venues, including the economic impacts of legalized gaming, feasibility studies for opening new casinos and racetracks, popularity of off-track betting, horse and dog racing, table games, gambling addiction, gaming regulation, taxes, lotteries, and Native American gaming. The collection also includes research files covering state and municipal regulation of gaming, significant individuals in the gaming industry, prominent hotels and casinos, gaming research conferences, financial reports, and international regulation of gaming. The collection also contains a small amount of business records from Christiansen’s entertainment company Feature Film Finance & Production. Collection is stored in the Lied Automated Storage and Retrieval Unit (LASR). Advanced notice may be required to access these materials.
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Friedman (Bill) professional papers
Coll #: MS-00175
Date: 1974 - 1982
Extent: 2 boxes (2.3 cubic feet, 2.08 linear feet)
The Bill Friedman Professional Papers (1974-1982) contain the corrected manuscripts with publisher’s annotations of the first and second editions of Bill Friedman's book Casino Management. The second edition contains an updated chapter on the casino industry in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There are also photocopies of drafts of both editions. Bill Friedman taught a casino management course at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
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Gamlin (Arthur) & Co. Records
Coll #: MS-00162
Date: 1949 - 1950
Extent: 1 box (0.29 cubic feet, 0.46 linear feet)
The Arthur Gamlin & Co. Records (1949-1950) consists of a sales price guide of Arthur Gamlin & Co., a gaming table manufacturer, which was located in Kansas City, Missouri. The price guide is dated 1949 and contains detailed price lists based on cloth costs, sizes and colors for table games such as blackjack, chemin de fer, craps, and faro. Also included are odds calculator sheets, photographs, and negatives of the various gaming table layouts available.
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Gibbs, Richard Papers
Coll #: MS-00652
Date: 1975-1982
Extent: 0.6 Linear Feet (1 box)
The Richard Gibbs Papers (1975-1982) contain a slide show and audio recordings of "Silver Turns to Gold," article from Time Magazine, three papers, an FBI lecture re: cheating in gambling, a video recording. How They Cheat, How They Make Dice, and Cards 1 with Alan Ackerman are also video recordings.
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Goldriver Limited Partnership and Goldriver Finance Corporation
Coll #: MS-00681
Date: 1989-1990
Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (1 box)
The Goldriver Limited Partnership and Goldriver Finance Corporation Records contain financial records and an informational packet for prospective investors in Goldriver Limited Partnership and its subsidiary the Goldriver Finance Corporation from 1989 to 1990. Goldriver Limited Partnership owned and operated Sam’s Town Gold River Hotel and Gambling Hall in Laughlin, Nevada.
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Gomes (Dennis) professional papers
Coll #: MS-00593
Date: 1973-1977
Extent: 1 box (.42 linear feet, .46 cubic feet)
The collection is comprised of photocopies of materials documenting investigations undertaken from 1973 to 1977 by Dennis Gomes, in his role as Nevada Gaming Control Board Division Chief and Law Enforcement Officer. The collection includes investigative material on organized crime skimming at the Stardust, the Tropicana, and other Nevada casino-hotels. Collection is closed in accordance with Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 463.120
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Grogan (Stephen P.) Papers
Coll #: MS-00867
Date: 1970s-2017
Extent: 32 boxes, 2 oversize folders, 1 slot machine (35.6 cubic feet, 24.5 linear feat); 37 digital files (0.512 GB)
The collection is comprised of Stephen P. Grogan's personal papers (from approximately the early 1970s to 2017) that primarily document his career working in the gaming industry in Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. The collection documents Grogan's involvement with Vegas Pacific business partnership, Skilleo Games, Action Gaming, and EWM Investments. The collection also includes papers documenting Grogan's business ventures in Colorado as well as his writing career. Included in this collection are drafts of Grogan's novels and plays.
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Hamilton, John Collection on Keno Pay Charts
Coll #: MS-00340
Date: 1958-1991
Extent: 1.3 linear feet (3 boxes)
The John Hamilton Collection on Keno Pay Charts (1958-1991) contains keno slips, pay out charts, and odds calculation sheets from 168 casinos in Nevada. There is also a small amount of other material in a few of the collection such as napkins and placemats.
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Harrah’s Entertainment Corporate Archives
Coll #: MS-00460
Date: 1811-2004
Extent: 72.7 cubic feet (103 boxes, 16 oversize boxes, 10 flat files, and 5 items)
The Harrah’s Entertainment Corporate Archives (dating from 1811 to 2004 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1940 to 2000) contain the promotional and corporate files of Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. and its predecessors, as well as Bill Harrah’s personal papers and card game collection. The materials were compiled and developed as a corporate archive by Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.’s Corporate Communications Department. The collection is primarily comprised of casino and employee periodicals, reports, manuals, promotional files, ephemera, and newspaper articles that document Bill Harrah’s casinos in Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe as well as Harrah’s Inc., Holiday Inns, Inc., Holiday Corporation, the Promus Companies, and Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. Also included are photographs that document the construction of Harrah’s properties, business operations, the people who worked and performed at Harrah’s properties, and Bill Harrah’s automobile collection. The collection also contains Bill Harrah’s collection of playing cards and card games. Also included are photographs of the Harrah family.
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Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino Collection
Coll #: MS-00475
Date: 1830-1995 (bulk 1950-1995)
Extent: 33 boxes and 4 oversized boxes (26.11 cubic feet, 26.67 linear feet)
Collection is comprised of materials, dating roughly 1830-1995, from Harvey's Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino Resort and the associated Harvey J. Fuller notes on casinos in Nevada. The bulk of the collection consists of paper inventories, Fuller's original notes, casino marketing materials, and casino and gambling merchandise. Also included are a number of artifacts and nineteenth and early twentieth century gambling machines.
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Hirsch (Charles J.) Papers
Coll #: MS-00291
Date: 1952 - 1987
Extent: 6 boxes (2.53 cubic feet, 2.29 linear feet)
The Charles J. Hirsch Papers (1952-1987) contain gaming reports and net-recovery percentages from the Golden Nugget Casino from 1952 to 1967, the Sands Hotel and Casino in 1965 and 1975, the Landmark Hotel and Casino in 1975 to 1976, and the New Frontier Hotel and Casino in 1973 to 1975. Also included are American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) conference materials, speeches given by Hirsch, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and surveys.
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Horse Racing Collection
Coll #: MS-00830
Date: 1922-1979
Extent: 1 box (0.19 Cubic Feet, 0.21 Linear Feet)
The Horse Racing Collection (1927-1979) contains brochures, handicapping information, programs, and articles written by Harry McCalla related to horse racing. There are also advertisements and clippings from racing forms. This material covers various venues in the United States.
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Horse Racing Commemorative Postage Stamp
Coll #: MS-00115
Date: 1974
Extent: 0.01 linear feet (1 folder)
Collection consists of commemorative stamp saluting horse racing, first day of issue fact sheet, and a copy of Stamp News (3/18/74) featuring a story on the horse racing stamp.
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International Association of Gaming Attorneys
Coll #: MS-00250
Date: 1977-1986
Extent: 2.2 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
The International Association of Gaming Attorneys (IAGA) collection is comprised of materials collected from various corporations and casinos in Nevada and New Jersey, ranging from 1977 to 1986. There are a wide array of documents including: gaming license applications from corporations in Nevada and New Jersey, copies of casino control acts from New Jersey, gaming publications, gaming conference proceedings, gaming commission reports, newsletters and correspondence of the National Association of Gaming Attorneys (NAGA).
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Jeju Hyatt Regency Casino Records
Coll #: MS-00692
Date: 1985
Extent: 1 box (0.4 linear feet)
The Jeju Hyatt Regency Casino Records date to 1985 and contain information about the Korean casino and its operation guidelines for various games, the conduct of their employees, and business reports for the casino. This information is provided in both English and Korean.
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Julian Taber and Lori Rugle Collection on Gambling Addiction
Coll #: MS-00578
Date: 1977-1988
Extent: 3 boxes (1.51 cubic feet, 1.48 linear feet)
The Julian Taber Collection on Gambling Addiction (1977-1988) includes papers, proposals, internal reports, memoranda, and newspaper articles chronicling the work of Julian Taber, an early specialist in the field of gambling addiction. The majority of the collection relates to Taber’s work and pilot programs at the Brecksville Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in Brecksville, Ohio, with select materials pertaining to an alcohol dependency treatment program he coordinated at the VA hospital in Reno, Nevada.
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Katherine A. Spilde Papers on Native American Gaming
Coll #: MS-00092
Date: 1789, 1793, 1823-1832, 1851, 1859, 1883, 1886, 1903, 1908-1909, 1970-2015, (bulk 1990-2015)
Extent: 59.64 cubic feet (77 boxes, 8 oversize boxes, 3 flat files, 1 item)
The Katherine A. Spilde Papers on Native American Gaming include materials collected by anthropologist Katherine Spilde about Native American gaming and the greater gaming industry. The materials date from 1789 to 2015, with the bulk of materials dating from 1995 to 2010. Materials dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are reproductions of key court opinions and treaties concerning Native American rights and sovereignty. The majority of the materials document Native American gaming following the passage of the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). The papers detail Native American gaming enterprises both on and off reservations, the socioeconomic impact of gaming, and the legislative history of Native American gaming in the United States. The papers include research and subject files created by Dr. Spilde during her employment with the National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC), the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), and the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development (HPAIED). The collection includes socioeconomic reports; testimonies; correspondence; memos; press releases; photographs; audiovisual materials; promotional materials from casinos and tourist attractions; brochures; fact sheets; summaries; booklets; pamphlets; advertisements; tourism materials; journal articles; legal briefs; legislative documents; court opinions; Dr. Spilde’s notes; presentations; packets, agenda, schedules, and itineraries from conferences; magazines; Native American and community newspapers; and newspaper articles. The collection includes materials about over one hundred federally recognized Native American nations. Also included are materials that document the socioeconomic impact of gaming, the international gaming industry, criminal activities related to gaming, advertising about gaming and casinos, lotteries, internet gaming, compulsive gaming, and bankruptcy as a result of gaming.
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Kunkel, Victor
Coll #: MS-00294
Date: 1964-1971
Extent: 1.7 linear feet (1 box)
Victor Kunkel Collection of Artifacts (1964-1971) consists of the following items: dice sets from Las Vegas hotels; Clark County deputy badges; and a coin and currency collection from all over the world.
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Las Vegas City Commission Records
Coll #: MS-00237
Date: 1911-1960
Extent: 18 Oversize Volumes, 1 box (14.61 cubic feet, 2.11 linear feet)
The Las Vegas City Commission Records (1911-1960) is comprised of bound and unbound materials from the original Las Vegas City Commission. Twelve of the bound volumes are minutes that served as the official record of the proceedings of all Las Vegas City Commission meetings from 1911-1960. There are also three volumes of City of Las Vegas ordinances dating from 1911 to 1958, one volume of legal documents from 1944-1945 and two large volumes containing an alphabetical subject index to the topics covered in the minutes. Unbound materials cover the period 1921 to 1946 and include minutes, resolutions, ordinances, correspondence, financial records, proclamations and other documents related to city business. They provide a valuable historical record of a wide variety of business and community activities in Las Vegas in the first fifty years of its incorporation.
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Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Records
Coll #: MS-00687
Date: 1993-1999
Extent: 1 box (0.19 Cubic Feet, 0.21 Linear Feet)
The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority Records (1993-1999) contain memorandums written by Rossi Rallenkotter, the Vice President of the Authority's marketing division to Las Vegas hotel sales and travel directors. The memorandums provide monthly visitor statistics. The collection also includes information on riverboat gambling legislation and the capacities of function/ meeting rooms in various Las Vegas hotels.
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Las Vegas Hilton Hotel Race and Sportsbook Records
Coll #: MS-00764
Date: 2005-2006
Extent: 1 box (0.19 cubic feet, 0.21 linear feet)
The Las Vegas Hilton Race and Sportsbook Records consist of a packet and other training materials given to new employees (2005-2006).
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Las Vegas Professional Sports Teams Collection
Coll #: MS-00595
Date: 1988-2008
Extent: 0.4 Linear Feet (1 box)
The Las Vegas Professional Sports Teams Collection (1988-2008) consists of brochures, ephemera, and programs from various Las Vegas, Nevada sports teams. Teams include the Coyotes, Dustdevils, Flash, Thunder, Silver Streaks, and Wranglers. The sports include basketball, ice hockey, inline hockey and indoor soccer.
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Las Vegas Thoroughbred Racing Association Stock Certificates
Coll #: MS-00043
Date: 1951
Extent: 0.01 Linear Feet (1 file)
ct: The Las Vegas Thoroughbred Racing Association Stock Certificates (1951) consist of two stock certificates, No. 9049 and 9986, of the Las Vegas Thoroughbred Racing Association (LVTRA), a letter from Miguel G. Jimenez in Los Angeles, California to Chalres [Charles] R. Horden in Las Vegas, Nevada authorizing purchase of stock of LVTRA, and a receipt for payment of 5 units of stock in LVTRA, dated 31 August 1951.
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Lottery Enterprises Incorporated Records
Coll #: MS-00685
Date: 1993
Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (1 box)
The collection contains press releases and press kits from Lottery Enterprises Incorporated, a San Diego, California company that produces vending machines for lottery instant tickets. The records date from 1993.
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Luckman (John Lester) Gambler's Book Club Collection
Coll #: MS-00150
Date: 1977 - 1978
Extent: 0.49 Cubic Feet, 0.42 Linear Feet (1 box)
John Lester Luckman (1924-1987) was the founder of Gambler’s Book Club, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based publishing house for books about gambling. The collection contains photocopied manuscripts for three books published by the Gambler’s Book Club, written and edited by Ken Uston and Roger Rapoport, John Montgomery, and John K. Hutchens. Copies of all three books are available in UNLV Special Collections stacks.
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Malcolm, David G. Papers
Coll #: MS-00252
Date: 1942-1971
Extent: 2 boxes (1.11 cubic feet, 0.96 linear feet)
The David G. Malcolm Papers (1942-1971) contains information on Basic Magnesium, Incorporated (BMI), Nevada Gaming laws and regulations, and a motor home organization titled Vegas Vagabonds. Included are correspondence, original papers for the purchase of land for BMI, newspaper clippings, BMI newsletters, statistical data from the Chamber of Commerce, and miscellaneous gaming information.
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Mancuso (Maggie) collection of film locations
Coll #: MS-00504
Date: 1994-2001
Extent: 17 boxes (7.82 cubic feet, 7.08 linear feet)
The Maggie Mancuso Collection of Film Locations dates from 1994 to 2001 and consists primarily of color photographs of locations throughout Las Vegas, Nevada for the film Casino (1995) as well as other productions. Several photographs were taped together to form a panoramic image. The collection also includes some production materials from the filming of Casino, as well as other films and projects.
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Meiklejohn (Patrick) Collection of Nevada Hotel and Casino Ephemera
Coll #: MS-00343
Date: 1970s-1994
Extent: 3 boxes (1.94 cubic feet, 1.63 linear feet)
The Patrick Meiklejohn Collection of Nevada Hotel and Casino Ephemera (1970s-1994) consists of 117 decks of casino and airline playing cards and casino marketing material and ephemera, including hats, keychains, bags, pens, napkins, and hotel room courtesy items.
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MGM Mirage Corporation Records
Coll #: MS-00096
Date: 1970-2009 (bulk 1989-2003)
Extent: 38 boxes and 1 oversize box (23.28 cubic feet, 21.56 linear feet)
The MGM Mirage Corporation Records date from 1970 to 2009 and consist of the records of the Las Vegas, Nevada based global entertainment company. The collection contains organizational records, employee newsletters, files about the MGM Mirage diversity and inclusion initiative, correspondence, reports on gambling addiction, gambling statistics, press clippings, and audiovisual materials. There are also photographs, photographic slides, and photographic negatives of performers, corporate executives, and MGM Mirage properties.
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MGM Mirage Records on Mandalay Resort Group
Coll #: MS-00511
Date: 1968-2005 (bulk 1995-2005)
Extent: 73 boxes, 1 object (85.49 cubic feet, 66.10 linear feet)
The MGM Mirage Records on Mandalay Resort Group consists of materials from Mandalay Resort Group’s office of public relations and community affairs records, which was closed after Mandalay’s corporate merger with MGM Mirage in 2005. The files, dating from 1968 to 2005, provide documentation of Mandalay Resort Group’s external affairs and internal operations. They contain subject files, photographs, negatives, slides, correspondence, VHS tapes, corporate publications, press releases, press kits, wholesale room agreements, hotel ephemera, employee newsletters, and press clippings. Of particular interest are files and photographs documenting the planning, development, construction, and opening of the Mandalay Resort Group properties.
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Moore, James
Coll #: MS-00083
Extent: 1 folder
Collection consists of three photocopied typescripts: The Dice Killer, Casino Dealer's Best Friend, and Expert at the Blackjack Tables.

Nevada Council on Compulsive Gambling Records
Coll #: MS-00494
Date: 1978-1995
Extent: 1 box (0.46 Cubic Feet, 0.42 Linear Feet)
The Nevada Council on Compulsive Gambling Records (1978-1995) contains organizational records, correspondence, programs, services, and outreach publications.
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Nevada Resort Association
Coll #: MS-00815
Date: 1990s-2000s
Extent: 13 boxes (14.1 cubic feet, 13.5 linear feet), 4 digital files
The records are comprised of subject files and reports from approximately the 1990s to the 2000s related to data gathering and lobbying activities of the Nevada Resort Association. Materials include drafts of legislation related to gaming, tax reports, health and safety regulations, labor and employment matters, and zoning issues.
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Ponticello, John
Coll #: MS-00273
Date: 1956-1971
Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (1 box)
The John Ponticello Papers are comprised of materials related to Ponticello's experiences in Las Vegas, Nevada between 1956 and 1971 with an emphasis on his Research Gambling Game Project, which he conducted and published between 1968 and 1971. The collection includes materials regarding gaming licenses and applications, research agreements, descriptions of the project, and publications about the research project. Also included are materials from Ponticello's experiences in Las Vegas such as business cards, county work cards, and souvenir photographs.
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