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Bill Willard Photograph Collection

Extent: 0.6 Linear Feet (6 hanging files and 1 shared box of negatives)

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Bill Willard Collection, 1887-1999. MS-00435. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Willard, Bill. Interview, July 18, 1997. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
The Bill Willard Photograph Collection depicts Las Vegas, Nevada, hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Valley, and Laughlin, Nevada from 1905 to 1919 and from 1940 to 1999. The photographs primarily depict hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, including the Sahara Hotel, Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Caesars Palace, Flamingo Hotel, and the Aladdin Hotel. The photographs also depict students at Nevada Southern University (predecessor of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas), the city of Las Vegas, industrial plants in Henderson and Apex, Nevada, and events in Laughlin, Nevada.

Las Vegas-Miscellaneous

0001    Frazier Hall, University of Nevada, Southern Branch. Students entering. (c. early 1960s)

0002    Students entering a building of the Nevada Southern University campus, Las Vegas. (c. early 1960s)

0003    Billboard advertising the Sunset Sands Apartments-Las Vegas, Nev. (no date)

0004    Flooding at the Clark Avenue underpass in Las Vegas, Nevada. (It was built in 1924.)

0005    Flooding in Las Vegas-location not known. (c. 1950s?)

0006    Flood channel in Las Vegas, Nevada. (no date)

0007    Construction project at the Las Vegas Convention Center. (no date)

0008    Construction of a new tower at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas. (March 21, 1963)

0009    Construction of new tower-Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas. (March 21, 1963)

0010    View of construction of new tower at Sahara Hotel-1963, March.

0011    Spring of 1963-view of Sahara Hotel tower and new tower under construction.

0012    View of the Sahara Hotel-tower at left under construction. (c. 1963-March)

0013    Sahara Hotel from the back, showing the pool. Tower at left under construction. (c. March 1963)

0014    Overhead view of the Sahara Hotel and adjacent property. Huge tower in center not yet completed. (c. March 1963)

0015    Construction worker on Sahara Hotel new tower project. (c. March 1963)

0016    Construction workers on new Sahara Hotel tower project. (March 1963)

0017    Aerial view of greater Las Vegas-1963.

0018    Aerial view of greater Las Vegas-1963.

0019    APEX-Las Vegas, Nev. (1963) Shows six kilos and a kiln.

0020    View of U.S. Lime Products Corp., APEX, Nevada. (1963) Taken from the northeast side.

0021    Air view of APEX-near Las Vegas, Nevada. (1963) Taken from the east side.

0022    Gravel hopper-probably at APEX-near Las Vegas, Nevada. (1963)

0023    Gravel pile and three gravel conveyors. Las Vegas. (1963)

0024    Charleston Plaza Shopping Center-Las Vegas. (1963)

0025    Cul de sac at Fleur de Lis Apartments. (1963)

0026    Air view, Fleur de Lis and other building projects, Las Vegas. (1963)

0027    Interior of a factory in Las Vegas, Nevada. (1963)

0028    Air view of McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nev. (1963)

0029    New building at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1963)

0030    Another view of the new building at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1963.

0031    Landmark Hotel-Las Vegas, Nevada. (1963) Shows strip mall at base of hotel.

0032    Pre-fab market construction-Las Vegas. (1963)

0033    Men pouring roof on new airport building-McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1963)

0034    McCarran Airport-Las Vegas-1963-air view.

0035    New airport building under construction-McCarran Airport, Las Vegas. (1963)

0036    Picture of new airport building under construction-two men working on roof. McCarran Airport. (1963)

0037    Air view-McCarran Airport-Las Vegas. (1963)

0038    West Heights-and Wonder World Shopping Center-Las Vegas. (1963) Air view.

0039    American Potash and Chemical Corporation, Henderson, Nevada. (1963)

0040    Air view of the plants in Henderson, Nevada. (1963) (Including American Potash)

0041    Air view of homes in North Las Vegas-25th street and Owens. (1963)

0042    Aerial photo of downtown Las Vegas-looking east from the Union Pacific Railroad Depot. (1963)

0043    Air view of downtown Las Vegas-looking northeast. (1963) Railroad depot and tracks in bottom left of photo.

0044    Construction work on the Stardust Hotel-Las Vegas. (1963)

Las Vegas Casinos/Hotels

0045    Two views of Circus Circus Hotel and Casino-Las Vegas. (Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau) Top photo shows the property when it first
opened in 1968. The bottom photo shows the expanded property as it looked in 1986.

0046    MGM Grand Hotel, Casino & Theme Park-Las Vegas, NV. (c. 1990s)

0047    MGM Grand Hotel-Las Vegas-and partial view of the Strip. (c. 1990s)

0048    The lion entrance to the MGM Grand Hotel-Las Vegas. (c. 1990s)

0049    MGM Grand Hotel, Casino and Theme Park. (c. 1990s?)

0050    Circus-Circus Hotel Casino sign. (no date)

0051    View of downtown buildings and hotels looking east. Mint Hotel at center left. (c. 1960s?)

0052    Bon Vivant, a restaurant on the mezzanine of the Circus Circus Hotel. (gourmet dining) (c. 1970s)

0053    Air view of the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino. (c. 1974) Las Vegas, Nevada.

0054    Caesars Palace-Las Vegas-partially constructed. (early 1960s) (Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau)

0055    Artist's rendering of the Desert Inn and Country Club facade after the completion of a 14-story high-rise tower. Slated to be
completed in 1978.

0056    Mamchen's Deli Tower in the Las Vegas Hilton, part of its expansion. It overlooks the main casino. (c. 1970s?) (Credit: LV News

0057    New Keno Lounge in the expanded Las Vegas Hilton. (c. 1970s) (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0058    Partial view of the Las Vegas Strip looking northeast. (c. 1966) Good view from the air of the Sahara and Riviera Hotels.
(Credit: LV News Bureau)

0059    Partial view of the Las Vegas Strip-c. 1963. Flamingo Hotel in foreground. (Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau)

0060    Air view of a portion of the Las Vegas Strip, looking northeast. Good view of the Desert Inn. Landmark Hotel in background. (c.
1964) (Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau)

0061    Las Vegas Hilton Hotel-c. 1975.    At that time it was the largest resort and convention complex in the world. (Credit: LV News

0062    Luxurious guest room in the Las Vegas Hilton. (c. 1974-75)

0063    Robata Yaki, one of five restaurants located in the Las Vegas Hilton's Benihana Village. (c. 1974-75)

0064    The newly-remodeled coffee shop-the Market Plaza-in the Las Vegas Hilton. (c. 1974-75)

0065    Vestal Virgin Room (cocktail lounge) in the Las Vegas Hilton. (c. 1974-75)

0066    Largest truss in the world being installed during the Aladdin Hotel's $10 million construction of the Theatre for the Performing
Arts. (2-28-76) (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0067    Gamblers playing in the swimming pool-Sands Hotel. (c. 1950s) (Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau)

0068    Sign at the Club Bingo-Las Vegas. (late 1940s) Night view.

0069    Huge statue of an apatosaurus (dinosaur) being lowered to its new home on the Tropicana Hotel's "Island of Las Vegas". It was later
moved to the Las Vegas Museum of Natural History. (1986) (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0070    Blinko, resident clown of Circus Circus Hotel/Casino, stands in front of hotel's sign. Letting passers-by know that it was National
Clown Week. (no date)

0071    Tropical lagoon pool at Landmark Hotel, Las Vegas. (c. 1969 or later)

0072    Landmark Hotel-Las Vegas, Nevada. This photo released after Howard Hughes' purchase of the hotel in 1969.

0073    Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas. (c. 1980s?) Taken after completion of the sixth tower.

0074    The original Flamingo Hotel after the opening in 1946. Bugsy Siegel was the owner of the resort on Highway 91 heading to Los

0075    Flamingo Hotel-Las Vegas. (c. 1960s)

0076    Flamingo Hotel and pool-c. 1940s. (Shown is the back of the property.)

0077    Color photo of Sam's Town Casino Hotel-Boulder Highway. Las Vegas, Nev. (no date)

0078    Nevada Biltmore-Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1940s)

0079    Artist's rendering of the Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Hotel/Casino/Movie Museum in Las Vegas, NV. Built in 1993.    
(Remodeled-formerly the Paddlewheel.)

0080    Bellagio Hotel-Las Vegas, NV. Opened in 1998. (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0081    Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1980s?)

0082    Fremont Street Experience-Hotel Fremont and 4 Queens Hotel. (no date) Night view. (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0083    New York New York Hotel Casino-Las Vegas, NV. Opened in 1997. (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0084    Aerial view of Flamingo Hotel and Strip-1947.

0085    Flamingo Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. (no date: 1980s or later) (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0086    Overhead view of Caesars Palace pool. (no date) (Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau)

Laughlin, Nevada

0087    Nevada Club marquee-at night-Laughlin, Nev. (no date)

0088    Regency Casino-Laughlin, Nev. (Licensed in 1979)

0089    Colorado Belle Casino sign-Laughlin, Nevada. (no date)

0090    Dusk-Riverside Casino-Laughlin, Nevada. (no date)

0091    Ferry boats on the Colorado River transporting people from Bullhead City, Arizona to Laughlin, Nevada. (no date)

0092    Laughlin Community Center with fire truck and rescue vehicle. (Laughlin, Nev.) (no date)

0093    Remodeling of Riverside Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. (no date)

0094    Edgewater Casino on the banks of the Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada. Girl pictured is Lee Lawson, cocktail waitress at the
Edgewater. (n.d.)

0095    Sign welcoming visitors to Laughlin, Nevada. Chris Burnett, a visitor from Phoenix, Arizona, at left. (no date)

0096    U.S. Post Office-Laughlin, Nevada. (interior) Note slot machines at left. (no date)

0097    Don Laughlin, owner of Riverside Resort, at controls of a helicopter. (no date)

0098    Don Laughlin, owner of the Riverside Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. (The town was named after him.) (no date)


0099    News boys' Christmas party at the El Rancho Hotel, Las Vegas. (1946)

0100    Group of people-El Cortez Hotel sign in background-Las Vegas. (1945) Man is center dressed like Charlie Chaplin. (Ullom Photo)

0101    Group of people across from the El Cortez Hotel in Las Vegas, 1945. Man with dog is dressed like Charlie Chaplin and entertaining
the crowd.

0102    Sophie Tucker at the El Rancho Hotel with Joe E. Lewis and her accompanist Ted Shapiro (at left). (c. 1950s) (Credit: LV News

0103    Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. (c. 1940s)

0104    L-R: Nate Jacobson, Jimmy Hoffa. (1966) (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0105    Jimmy Hoffa at left with his party at the opening of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. (1966)

0106    Aladdin Casino manager Nate Glassman and "Jeanie girl" Karen Cardinali at the "topping out" ceremony. The 20-story tower was capped
off (final bucket of cement poured). Dec. 3, 1975.

0107    "Jeanie" (Karen Cardinali) and Murray Hertz, local Las Vegas TV personality. Occasion was a champagne ceremony celebrating the
pouring of the last bucket of cement for the Aladdin Hotel's new tower, (Dec. 3, 1975)

0108    PR Director Lee Fisher and "Jeanie Girl" Karen Cardinali at the Aladdin's "Top Out"-December 3, 1975. (See photos #0106 and 0107)

0109    General "Zack" Taylor and Karen Cardinali-the Aladdin's "Top-Out"-December 3, 1975. (See photos #0106 and 01

0110    Percy Villa ("panorama Magazine") and "Jeanie" (Karen Cardinali) at the Aladdin Hotel's "Top-Out"-December 3, 1975. (See photos
#0106 and 0107)

0111    Dancer in Egyptian scene in "Casino de Paris" show-Dunes Hotel. (c. 1975?)

0112    Tallest showgirl in Las Vegas, Sonja Lubbers, 6'2.5" in the Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Resort and Casino. She is adjusting
the tie of the show's shortest boy dancer, Bo Ramos. (August 1986) (Credit: LV News Bureau)

0113    (COLOR TRANSPARENCY ONLY) Group of gamblers playing roulette. (c. 1940s-50s) (Credit: Desert Sea News Bureau)

0114    (COLOR TRANSPARENCY ONLY) Gamblers at roulette table. (Las Vegas) (c. 1940s-50s)

Additions to Collection (miscellaneous)

0115    June Taylor Dancers pose on the diving board Flamingo Hotel pool. (1949)

0116    June Taylor Dancers posed on the diving board at the Flaming Hotel pool. (1949)

0117    June Taylor Dancers pose on the diving board at the Flamingo Hotel pool. (1949)

0118    Lucy Lewin, one of the June Taylor Dancers. They performed at the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, c. 1949.

0119    Portrait of R.E. Griffith who built the Last Frontier Hotel. Woman not identified.

0120    Photo of area from Sahara Avenue south to McCarran Airport, and from Maryland Parkway west to the Strip. Hotels are labeled as are
various other locations such as the Las Vegas Convention Center.

0121    Richard Bryan (center); others not identified. (n.d.)

0122    L-R: Barry Ashton; Harvey (last name?), company manager.    This was a production of the Barry Ashton Dancers, possibly at the
Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas, late '60s, early '70s.

0123    Tanya the Elephant performing at Circus Circus Hotel, 1970s.

0124    Tanya the Elephant performing at Circus Circus Hotel. She was on loan from Spark's Nugget, late 1960s.

0125    Fremont Street, from Woodard's Garage, Las Vegas, c. 1905.

0126    "Block 16" Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1905)

0127    View of downtown Las Vegas looking southeast. (c. 1960s)

0128    The Forum shopping mall in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, n.d. (color)

0129    Shoppers strolling in the Forum Mall Caesars palace, Las Vegas n.d. (color)

0130    View of one of the statues in the Forum shopping mall-Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. (n.d.) Color photo.

0131    Statues in the Forum Shops (mall) Caesars palace, Las Vegas, n.d. (color photo)

0132    Close-up of one of the statues in the Forum at Caesars palace, Las Vegas, n.d. (color photo)

0133    Statues in Caesars Palace Forum Shops-Las Vegas. (n.d.) (color photo)

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