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North Las Vegas Library Photograph Collection on North Las Vegas, Nevada

Extent: 4.2 Linear Feet (45 hanging folders, 1 shared box of negatives, 1 flat folder)

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North Las Vegas Library District Collection on Nevada, 1947-2007. MS-00651. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
The North Las Vegas Library Photograph Collection on North Las Vegas, Nevada (approximately 1905-1989) depicts life in Southern Nevada. The collection consists of over one thousand images dated from 1905 to 1989. The images consist of activities at Nellis Air Force Base, Southern Nevada politicians, celebrities, schools, churches, and city development.

Table of Contents:

Nellis Air Force Base


    Thunderbird Precision Flying Team

    "War Games"


    Personnel & Activities

    Miscellaneous 1

North Las Vegas Library

North Las Vegas City Hall

NLV Fire Department

NLV Golf Course and Parks

Silver Nugget Casino

North Las Vegas Hospitals

North Las Vegas Post Office

Kiel Ranch



Snow Scenes

Baptist Church


EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier)

NLV Politics and Government

Police Department

Valley Times Newspaper

Rancho High School Sports



    Democratic Club

    Chamber of Commerce

    Rotary Club

    Boys' Club

    Lions Club

    Exchange Club

    4-H Club

    Little League Baseball

    Moose Lodge

    Friends of Southern Nevada Libraries

    Emblem Club


    American Business Women's Association

    Women's Club

    March of Dimes

    Optimist Club

    Disabled American Veterans

    American Legion

    International Footprinters Ass'n

    Junior Police

Prominent Citizens

Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project

Senior Citizens-Organizations & Activities

NLV Flood Channels and Flooding

Interstate Construction


NLV Streets & Roads


NLV Business Development

NLV Library Programs

Las Vegas and Boulder City (Misc.)

Miscellaneous 2

Las Vegas Personalities

Clark County Community College



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Nellis Air Force Base


0001    Aerial view of Nellis Air Force Base and Sunrise Mountain, looking
east. (June 5, 1973)

0002    USAF Medical Facility at Nellis Air Force Base, (c. 1970s)

0003    Tactical Fighter Weapons Center (the graduate school for tactical
fighter pilots throughout the world) at Nellis Air Force Base, c. 1970s.
(U.S. Air Force photo)

0004    Snack bar cafeteria (at Nellis Air Force Base) in final stages of
construction. (n.d.) (U.S. Air Force photo)

0005    Nellis Air Force Base construction project: 200 new base housing

0006    Nellis Air Force Base (background, right), Las Vegas Boulevard
looking north. (June 5, 1973)

0007    Las Vegas Boulevard, Nellis Boulevard, tank farm, and Nellis Air
Force Base (top, right). (June 5, 1973)

0008    Nellis Air Force Base trailer park near Nellis AFB. Gasoline tank farm
in rear. (June 5, 1973)

0009    Nellis Air Force Base-Manch Manor subdivision. (June 5, 1973)

0010    Wilshire Village, Nellis Air Force Base housing, looking towards Las
Vegas Blvd. North. (June 5, 1973)

0011    Nellis Air Force Base-gasoline tank farm in background.
(June 5, 1973)

0012 Nellis Air Force Base pre-fab dorms being assembled. (n.d.)
(emergency housing)

0013    Straight line drawing of First National Bank's branch at Nellis Air
Force Base.

0014    Nellis Air Force Base-concrete barracks. (Aerial view)


Thunderbird Precision Flying Team

0015    Thunderbirds (Air Force precision flying team)-planes lined up on
the ground at Nellis Air Force Base. (3-9-81)

0016    Thunderbirds arriving for Nellis Air Force Base open house, (10-7-79)

0017    Thunderbirds (Air Force precision flying team), based at Nellis Air
Force Base, Las Vegas, NV. (in flight formation)

0018    Aerial view taken from inside one of the Thunderbird planes.

0019    View of a Thunderbird plane as it flies through the air, taken from inside the plane.

0020    View of a Thunderbird pilot (as he is flying), taken from inside the plane.

0021    Two Thunderbirds in flight. (1980)

0022    Thunderbirds in flight. (1980)

0023    Thunderbird precision flying team (Air Force) performing aerial stunts. (1980)

0024    Two thunderbirds performing. (1980)

0025    Thunderbirds performing in 1980.

0026    Thunderbirds (Air Force precision flying team)-1980.

0027    Thunderbirds performing aerial stunts. (1980)

0028    Photos of various members of the Thunderbirds (Air Force precision flying team), c. 1970s-1980s, some identified. (Eleven photos)

0029    Photos taken after the Thunderbirds' crash at Indian Springs, Nevada, where several lives were lost. (Jan. 19-20, 1982) (Twelve photos)


"War Games"

0030    Airmen in "war games" at Nellis Air Force Base. (checking chemicals)

0031    This airman holds off enemy troops who swarmed the base camp in simulated battle during war games at Nellis Air Force Base; dubbed "Operation Red Horse". (1-15-80)

0032    Base camp for the war games at Nellis Air Force Base. (c. 1980)



0033    "Question Mark" endurance flight plane getting her first load of gas
shortly after taking off from Los Angeles, California. January 1, 1929. (Official U.S. Air Force photo)

0034    The swept-wing F-111 is flown by the 474th Tactical Fighter Wing. The 474th was the first operation unit in the Air Force to be equipped with the F-111.(Nellis Air Force Base)

0035    USAF F-111A-variable sweep-wing tactical fighter.

0036    British Jaguar aircraft at Nellis AFB to see how the new plane functions in the desert. (8-30-74)

0037    The original Thunderbird #6 departs Nellis AFB for its new home in the Air Force Museum near Dayton, Ohio. (7-20-77)

0038    Tail of a C-5 Galaxy cargo jet on display during the Nellis AFB open house. (10-14-79)

0039    F-16 Fighting Falcon at Nellis Air Force Base. (3-31-83)

0040    Front-line fighter: The F-5E is a fast, highly maneuverable fighter selected for aircraft replacement in allied nations. It is also used to simulate enemy aircraft during combat training exercises. (Nellis AFB-9/26/78)

0041    Miscellaneous aircraft employed at Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, NV. (c. 1970s-80s) (Six photos)

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Personnel & Activities

0042    Miscellaneous Air Force personnel and activities at Nellis Air Force Base, 1970s-80s. (28 photos)

0043    Officers at Nellis Air Force Base (c. 1970s) (18 portraits, id'd on back)

0044    Miscellaneous Air Force personnel and activities at Nellis AFB, 1970s- 1980s. (36 photos)

0045    Miscellaneous air force personnel at Nellis Air Force Base. (c. 1970s-80s) (35 photos)

0046    Bomber vets visit Nellis-on the occasion of the 6th annual reunion of the 385th Bombardier Group, May 5, 1977. Some of the vets are
shown inspecting aircraft.

0047    Airman Cyndi Wonyetye patrols the flight line at Nellis Air Force Base. (5-6-77)

0048    Capt. Frank Machovec of Nellis AFB checks two cars from his 180-piece electric train collection. His collection is valued at a conservative $10,000. (12-18-75)

0049    First Lieutenant Richard Takacs of the 430th Tactical Fighter Squadron is being fitted for a customized flight helmet. (10-3-78, Nellis AFB)

0050    Two of the Army's Golden Knights team performing at Nellis, (3-25-83)

0051    Golden Knights landing at Nellis AFB Open House, 11-26-74.

0052    Gunnery Sgt. Bill Brown accepts containers of toys for the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots drive as Airman 1st Class Gregory Murray and
Staff Sgt. Doug Persons begin sorting. (Nellis AFB, 12-25-77)

0053    Tiny patient at Nellis Air Force Base Hospital. (12-26-82)

0054    "Horsepower meets air power"-Nellis AFB, 11-26-82. (Airmen driving horse-drawn stage on landing field.)

0055    The percussion section of March Air Force Base's concert band performs at Nellis AFB open house. (11-26-74)

0056    American Red Cross volunteer Royella Shrewsbery at Nellis AFB, 7-15-77.

0057    Tech. Sgt. Richard Zimmerman kneels in front of a unique version of the famous painting "Spirit of 76" at Nellis AFB. The creation features Fleagle, a cartoon character well-known to members of the Tactical Air Command, and two wounded fledglings. Zimmerman and 32 other members of the 57th Avionics Maintenance Squadron created it. (Nellis AFB, 2-11-76)

0058    Nellis airman George Taylor and his track dog "Bergundy", (Nellis AFB, 2-12-78)

0059    Nellis AFB gym exercise class. (3-28-83)

0060    Nellis Air Force Base Child Care Center (11-11-82). Children playing.

0061    Maj. General Gordon Blood (left) admires medals that he presented to Capt. William Schwertfeger (right), a former POW in North Vietnam. (Nellis AFB, 12-11-74)

0062    Unfurling Nevada's bicentennial flag at Nellis Air Force Base.

0063    Nevada Governor Robert List visits Nellis Air Force Base. (c. 1970s)

0064    Col. George Antone, U.S. Army (Ret.), center right, receives award for outstanding reserve officer of the year from Mayor Bill
Briare, (center left). At far left is Lt. Col. Scott Griffith; at right is major Gen. Chas. Blanton. (Nellis Air Force Base, 10-5-76)

0065    Maj. Gen. James Knight, Jr. (left) and Nevada U.S. Senator Howard Cannon look over a scorecard during the Nellis Member-Guest Invitational Golf Tournament. (Nellis AFB, 5-31-76)

0066    Las Vegas Mayor Bill Briare (rt.) shakes hands with Nellis AFB officer. (3-27-83)

0067    Lt. Col. Donald Waltman receives a total of six awards from Lt. Gen. Charles Carson. He was honored for his courage and loyalty
while a prisoner in North Vietnam. (Nellis AFB, 1-16-75)

0068    Wayne Newton, famous Las Vegas entertainer, was honored for the benefit performance that he gave at the River Rats meeting, Convention Center, Las Vegas, fall of 1973. At right is Maj. Richard Skeels, Nellis AFB. The River Rats are airmen who have flown at least
one mission over the Hanoi-Haiphong Area during the Vietnam War. (Nellis AFB, 5-23-74)

0069    Thunderbird pilot-Nick Hauck, solo. (1-19-82?) Nellis AFB.

0070    Maj. Norman Lowry, Thunderbird leader, Nellis AFB. (5-19-82)

0071    Member of Thunderbird team, Nellis AFB, Jim Epting (executive). (1-19-82?)

0072    Capt. Mark Melancon, slot, Thunderbirds, Nellis AFB. (1-19-82?)

0073    Monty Montgomery, maintenance officer for Thunderbirds precision flying team, Nellis AFB. (1-19-82?)

0074    Sonny Childers, solo, Thunderbirds Team, Nellis AFB. (1-19-82?)

0075    Dale Cook, slot, Thunderbirds Team. Nellis AFB (1-19-82?)

0076    Jim Jiggents, left wing, Thunderbirds Team. Nellis AFB, (1-19-82?)

0077    Jim Janette, public affairs, Thunderbirds Team. Nellis AFB (1-19-82?)

0078    Bob Fleer, Logistics, Thunderbirds Team. Nellis AFB. (c. 1982)

0079    Capt. Willie Mays, left wing, Thunderbirds Team. Nellis AFB. (1-19-82)

0080    Capt. Joseph "Pete" Peterson, Right Wing, Nellis AFB. (1-19-82)

0081    D.L.Smith, leader, Thunderbirds Team. Nellis AFB. (9-9-81)


Miscellaneous 1

0082    Fire at Mount Charleston, Nevada. (6-26-81)

0083    Red Rock Canyon Recreation Area. (11-25-79)

0084    Rainbow Bridge. (6-22-76) (Lake Powell area.)


North Las Vegas Library

0085    Groundbreaking ceremony for North Las Vegas Library (10-28-65). L-R: J.T. Stanford, contractor Helgesons Proj. Supt.; Bill Gardner,
foreman For Fremont Construction; Mayor William L. Taylor; Councilman Jack R. Petitti; Bud Cleland; Councilman John T. Myers; NLV Bldg. Inspector Roland Tate; Carl Janish, State Librarian; City Manager Clay Lynch; NLV City Attorney Bill Barker.

0086    Groundbreaking ceremony for North Las Vegas Public Library (10-28-65) See photo #0085 for identification of persons pictured here.

0087    Groundbreaking, North Las Vegas Public Library, 10-28-65. L-R: Bud Cleland, Jack Petitti, Roland Tate, Mayor William L. Taylor, John
E. Myers, Bill Barker, Clay Lynch, Carl Janish, Boyd Bulloch (City Councilman).

0088    Posing near the North Las Vegas Library, under construction in 1966, are L-R: Mayor William Taylor, Councilman Bud Cleland, Councilman Jack Petitti, City Manager Clay Lynch, and NLV Bldg. Inspector Roland Tate.

0089    North Las Vegas Library construction, 1966. L-R: Mayor William Taylor, Councilmen Bud Cleland and Jack Petitti, City Manager Clay Lynch, and NLV Building Inspector Roland Tate.

0090    North Las Vegas Public Library (n.d.)

0091    North Las Vegas Public Library. (ca. late 1960s)

0092    Civic Center Drive looking north. (1-18-66)

0093    North Las Vegas Library under construction, 1965. Civic Center Drive. City Hall.

0094    Aerial view of library under construction, Civic Center Drive, City hall. (1965)

0095    Aerial view, Civic Center Drive, shows Silver Nugget, NLV Public Library, and surrounding area. (June 5, 1973)

0096    Shows books donated to North Las Vegas Public Library, (11-20-79). L-R: Lon Miller, Jean Ford, John Romero.

North Las Vegas City Hall

0097    Breaking ground for new North Las Vegas City Hall and Library,(10-28-65). L-R: Mayor William Taylor; Councilman Jack Petitti;
John E. Myers; Boyd Bulloch, councilman (behind, w/hat); Bill Barker; Carl Janish, representing Nevada State Library; Bud Cleland; Roland Tate, Director of Public Works, NLV; Clay Lynch.

0098    Ribbon cutting ceremony, North Las Vegas City Hall and buildings, ca. 1966. Mayor William Taylor (light jacket) and Councilman Jack Petitti (2nd from right).

0099    North Las Vegas City Hall dedication, Dec. 1966. Speaker is Senator Howard
Cannon (Nev.).

0100    Mayor William Taylor giving a speech at the dedication of the North Las Vega City Hall, Dec. 1866. As part of the ceremony, a time
capsule was buried.

0101    North Las Vegas City hall, (ca. late 1960s).

0102    Christmas decorations at North Las Vegas City Hall (12-20-61). The decorations were put up by NLV Fire Department.

0103    North Las Vegas City Hall and Police Station (1964). (New city hall building was built in 1965-66.)

0104    North Las Vegas City Hall. (no date; built in 1966)

0105    Aerial view of North Las Vegas City hall and Civic Center Drive. (1970)

0106    North Las Vegas City Hall-c. 1970. (Photo by James Martin)

0107    North Las Vegas Golf Course (1973). NLV Parks Department Building in center of photo.

0108    North Las Vegas City Hall (Dec. 1966)

0109    [Dedication] of North Las Vegas City Hall. (12-1-66)

0110    North Las Vegas Public Library. (1966 or later)

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NLV Fire Department

0111    Morris R. Weir Memorial Fire Station, North Las Vegas, Nevada. Several
of the firemen pose on a fire truck. (n.d.)

0112    Governor Grant Sawyer and Fire Chief George Rambo. (c. 1960s)

0113    North Las Vegas Fire Station #1 on East Lake Mead Blvd. (1966).
Shows four fire trucks and fire chief's car.

0114    Fire-fighting vehicles at North Las Vegas Fire Department. (1959)

0115    North Las Vegas fire truck in NLV Progress Days Parade. (1958)

0116    Fireman fighting fire in North Las Vegas. (3-13-80)


NLV Golf Course and Parks

0117    North Las Vegas Golf Course (par 3) with Cheyenne Avenue on right. (n.d.)

0118    North Las Vegas Golf Course with water tanks and central garage. (n.d.)

0119    North Las Vegas Golf Course showing Parks & Recreation Building and golf course clubhouse. (n.d.)

0120    Dedication of Tom Williams Park in North Las Vegas, Nevada, April 1967. L-R: Rev. Aubrey Walley, Methodist Church; Hal Fincher, NLV Parks & Recreation Board; Dorothy Booth; Councilman Jack Petitti; Theron Goynes, NLV Parks & Recreation Board; Father James Sheehy, Catholic
priest who Gave dedication prayer.

0121    Cutting the ribbon to open the College Park Playground, North Las Vegas, Nevada, 1-14-63. L-R: Hal Nelson, Recreation Director; John
Myers, City Councilman; Mrs. Ferrel Paul; Mayor William Taylor; Bob Forson, Director Of parks and Recreation and Libraries.

0122    Dedication of Highland park in North Las Vegas, Nevada. (10-5-67) L-R; Tom Sawyer, NLV Parks & Recreation Board; George Haley, First Western Savings president; Robert Forson, NLV Parks & Recreation and Libraries Superintendent; Rev. Aubrey Walley, pastor of First Methodist Church; Mayor William L. Taylor; Aileen O'Neill, NLV Parks & Recreation Board.

0123    North Las Vegas Golf Course (par 3) with Parks and Recreation Building and city water storage tanks. (n.d.)

0124    North Las Vegas Golf Course (par 3) with Parks and Recreation Building and city water storage tanks. (n.d.)

0125    Jack R. Petitti, North Las Vegas City Councilman (1-6-64). The NLV City Council renamed the Jim Bridger Park the Jack R. Petitti
Park Because of his continued devotion to NLV city recreation and parks.

0126    Groundbreaking for Prentiss Walker Pool, North Las Vegas, Nevada. (n.d.) L-R: Judge Ray Daines' Councilmen Brenda Price, Theron Goynes, Mary Kincaid; Mayor James Seastrand.

0127    Site of Valley View Park to be developed by the City of North Las Vegas. (8-16-65) L-R: Eloya McSwain, Sammye Blankes, Charlene McSwain, S/Sgt. Andrew McSwain, Raymond Blankes.

0128    North Las Vegas Women's' Club joins with city officials and NLV Parks and Recreation Board members in dedication ceremony, Tonopah Municipal Park.(7-22-65) L-R: Donna Waitman, Belle Sanchez, Beverly Forson, Alma Cleland, Ken Bowers, Aileen O'Neill, Bonnie Petitti, Marge Jones, John Paul. Bowers, O'Neill, and Paul were NLV Parks & Recreation Board members.

0129    Breaking ground for City of North Las Vegas Cheyenne Sports Complex (3-1-74) L-R: NLV Bldg. Inspector Roland Tate; NLV City Councilmen James Seastrand, Dan Mahoney, Wendell Waite and Dan Gray; NLV Mayor Bud Cleland.

0130    Robert O. Forson, North Las Vegas Building Superintendent, points out replica of Civil War field piece to Tonopah Park visitor Robert Kirk. (7-15-65) Tonopah Park is at West Tonopah and Yale Streets, North Las Vegas, Nevada.


Silver Nugget Casino

0131    Silver Nugget Casino and Las Vegas Boulevard North, taken after the
addition to the casino. (Aerial view) 6-5-73

0132    Silver Nugget Casino and Las Vegas Boulevard North, aerial view
(6-5-73). (See #0277 0131)

0133    View of Silver Nugget Casino, North Las Vegas, Nevada, during its expansion. (c. 1973)

0134    The NLV Chamber of Commerce honors Major Riddle, president and owner of the Silver Nugget Casino and his staff at its general membership meeting at the Elks Club, 11-5-64. L-R: Joe Gibney, publicity; Fredric Apcar, Dunes show Producer and Silver Nugget entertainment director; Mike Rovinsky, Silver Nugget Exec. VP and general manager; Major Riddle; Wes Chandler, Chamber of Commerce president; Percy Villa,    Las Vegas businessman and host for the luncheon.

0135    Obie Oberlander, general manager of the Silver Nugget Casino. (5-4-78)

0136    Obie Oberlander, General Manager of the Silver Nugget Casino, serves pancakes to Gov. Mike O'Callaghan in the Silver Nugget parking lot. (n.d.)

0137    L-R: Del Harrison, Major Riddle (owner of the Silver Nugget Casino), and Paul May. (n.d.)


North Las Vegas Hospitals

0138    Erecting the sign for North Las Vegas Hospital. (9-12-73)

0139    First hospital in North Las Vegas. This is the way it looked (1-6-60) as it prepares to open for the first time. (First construction
phase) It was called North Las Vegas Medical Center and was owned by Dr. Everett Freer.

0140    Original North Las Vegas Hospital-the North Las Vegas Medical Center. (c. 1960s)

0141    Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson (center) issues a proclamation commemorating National Hospital Week (May 11-17, 1975). At left is
Howard Hollingsworth; At right is Carolyn Sparks. (North Las Vegas Hospital)

0142    VIP tour of the new North Las Vegas Hospital (9-19-73). L-R: Thomas Cavalli, hospital administrator; Mayor Bud Cleland; Art Hutton; Councilman Wendell Waite; Joe Cunningham, NLV Chamber of Commerce president.

0143    Groundbreaking celebration held at the Dunes Hotel for the new North Las Vegas Hospital (9-2-80). L-R: Irv Alper, president of Huntington Health Services; William Bennett, North Las Vegas Hospital administrator; Tammy Landry, model; Lee Karns, president of Comprehensive Care Services.

0144    Staffers of the new Comprehensive Alcoholic Rehabilitation Environment Unit (Care Unit) at the North Las Vegas Hospital undergo a group therapy training session prior to the opening of the facility. The unit will be the first of its kind in the state of Nevada.

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North Las Vegas Post Office

0145    North Las Vegas Post Office. (March 1971)

0146    Completion of the new North Las Vegas Post Office nears. (ca. early 1971) L-R: Don Waitman and Ted Travers.

0147    North Las Vegas Post Office (12-12-75)

0148    First carrier to make mail delivery from the North Las Vegas Postal Christmas annex. (12-13-62) L-R: Councilmen John E. Myers, James B. Kelly, Jack R. Petitti; Postmaster George Maxwell; Postman Dick Miles.

0149    New "mailsters" (delivery vehicles) at North Las Vegas Post Office. (n.d.)

0150    Postal clerks sign labor agreement between post office department and postal clerks spelling out working conditions. (8-26-63) L-R: Dorothy McDougall, Don Waitman, George Maxwell (Postmaster), Ted Travers, Mae Leslie, Jerry Moll (standing at right).


Kiel Ranch

0151    Cowboy "Slim" Davison at the Kiel Ranch. Later to become Chief of Police in North Las Vegas. (n.d.)

0152    Kiel (Kyle) Ranch-This water storage reservoir held water from artesian wells for irrigation of orchard and fields. Frank Allen grew melons on this ranch in the late 1930s. The woman and child pictured are not identified. (n.d.)

0153    Kiel (Kyle) Ranch also known as the Boulderado Ranch, Frank Allen Ranch, and Losee Ranch. (c. late 1930s?) The woman and child pictured are not identified. (n.d.)

0154    Kiel Ranch, looking north from Carey Avenue, aerial view. (June 5, 1973)

0155    Aerial view of Kiel Ranch, also known as Boulderado Ranch and Losee Ranch. (c. early 1970s)

0156    Aerial view of Kiel Ranch (c. 1974).

0157    Aerial view of Kiel Ranch. (c. 1930s?)

0158    Adobe house at Kiel Ranch. This one-room adobe brick structure was probably used as a general store when the Kiels lived on the ranch. This is one of the oldest structures in southern Nevada, dating from somewhere between 1856 and the mid 1860s. (photo-ca. 1930s?)

0159    The Kiel Ranch's 1907 Park Mansion, also called the "White House". (n.d.)



0160    Faith Lutheran High School, North Las Vegas, Nevada. (Junior and senior high school) 9-20-82

0161    Las Vegas High School. (n.d.)

0162    Saint Christopher Catholic School, North Las Vegas, Nevada. (11-11-81) Students participate in flag ceremony.

0163    Area Technical Trade Center. (c. 1980s?)

0163a    Helen Marie Smith Elementary School. (10-1-80)

0164    First Baptist Christian School. (5-30-80)

0165    Sandy Valley Elementary School. (10-18-82) School dedication.

0166    Harmony Express (musical group), Bishop Gorman High School. (3-30-84)

0167    Gary Meyer, principal of Faith Lutheran High School in North Las Vegas, with Mary Kincaid, chairman of the school board. They are
"kicking off" ticket sales for a benefit performance for the school. (3-2-83) They are standing in front of the school.

0168    Artemus Ham Concert Hall, UNLV. (10-18-76)

0169    Jefferson Street School-North Las Vegas, NV. (6-13-65) Mrs. Garnett Prescott and her students wave good-bye as the school closes its
doors. It Will not re-open in the fall.

0170    Washington Elementary closing. (603065) Teacher is Mrs. Juanita Zak with her 1st grade class. Principal is Gordon Flack.

0171    Lois E. Craig Elementary School in background. Shows students leaving school to walk home.

0172    Mrs. Lois Craig, for whom the Lois Craig School was named, was the honored guest at the dedication ceremony, on Nov. 22, 1964. At
left is Shelby Ostensen of First National Bank of Nevada.

0173    John Cahlan (left) looks on as Marion Cahlan principal Robert Pearce hangs a painting of Mr. Cahlan's mother, Marion E. Cahlan, for
whom the school was named. The artist, Florence E. Conway, is second from left. (12-16-65)

0174    Rancho High School in North Las Vegas. (n.d.)

0175    J.D. Smith Junior High School, North Las Vegas, NV. (n.d.)

0176    Nellis Air Force Base Elementary School. (n.d.)

0177    Fay Herron Elementary School. (n.d.)

0178    Mountain View Elementary School. (n.d.)

0179    Jo Mackey Elementary School. (n.d.)

0180    Tom Williams Elementary School. (n.d.)

0181    Aerial view of Tom Williams Elementary School. (n.d.)

0182    Aerial view of Westside Elementary School. (n.d.)

0183    Aerial view of Von Tobel Junior High School. (n.d.)

0184    Aerial view of Jim Bridger Junior High School. (n.d.) (School at top)

0185    Aerial view of Washington Elementary School (first school in North Las Vegas), n.d.

0186    Aerial view of J.D. Smith Junior High School, North Las Vegas. (n.d.)

0187    Aerial view of Lois Craig Elementary School. (n.d.)

0188    Aerial view of Matt Kelly Elementary School. (n.d.)

0189    Lincoln Elementary School. (n.d.)

0190    Aerial view of Mountain View Elementary School. (n.d.)

0191    Aerial view of Rancho High School, North Las Vegas. (n.d.)

0192    Aerial view of Jo Mackey Elementary School.

0193    Aerial view of Quannah McCall Elementary School. (n.d.)

0194    Aerial view of C.P. Squires Elementary School. (n.d.)

0195    Aerial view of Carey Avenue running east with Von Tobel Junior High School in left center of picture. (6-5-73)

0196    Aerial view of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (Nov. 1967)



0197    A large cross decorates the inside of what was once a chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints (LDS-Mormon Church). LDS church members do not believe in decorating their buildings with the cross.

0198    Mormon (LDS) Church in North La Vegas. (n.d.)

0199    Mormons attending an LDS conference in the Las Vegas Convention Center. (8-31-73)

0200    Las Vegas Mormons gather. (2-19-73)

0201    St. Christopher's Catholic Church-the first Catholic church in southern Nevada. It was originally located on Las Vegas Blvd. North, but moved to 1800 Bruce Street in 1959. Parish dates back to 1909.

0202    [St. Christopher's Catholic Church], North Las Vegas, Nevada.

0203    Interior of [St. Christopher's?] Catholic Church, North Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Snow Scenes

0204    Aftermath of snowstorm in North Las Vegas, Nevada, January 1979.

0205    Nardone Family of North Las Vegas, Nevada, building a snowman together after snowstorm. (1979)

0206    Unusual snow scene in front of the Frontier Hotel. (1974)

0207    Woman in North Las Vegas cleaning snow off her car. (1974)

0208    Children playing in the snow in a playground in North Las Vegas, 1974.

0209    Snow scene in North Las Vegas, Nevada. (Jan. 1974)

0210    Family of "snowmen" stand on lawn at North Las Vegas fire station. (1/74)


Baptist Church

0211    Valley Baptist Church in North Las Vegas. (n.d.)

0212    Baptist Church in North Las Vegas. (n.d.) [First Baptist Church?]

0213    Congregation stands outside Baptist Church, North Las Vegas, Nev. (n.d.)



0214    North Las Vegas Air Terminal. (c. late 1960s) This view, through the main entrance, shows the large parking ramp in the background.

0215    North Las Vegas Air Terminal-housing. (c. late 1960s?)

0216    View of the control tower at the North Las Vegas Air Terminal.

0217    Public entrance of the Hughes Flight Training School is on the left. Door at
right leads into auxiliary hangar area. Tonopah Highway is in the foreground.

0218    Helicopter at North Las Vegas Airport. (9-27-74)

0219    North Las Vegas land gift (Engelstad)-12-27-74. L-R: Ralph Engelstad, developer; NLV Mayor Bud Cleland; Lt. Governor Ed Fike.


EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier)

0220    Breaking ground for the new EG&G North Las Vegas Facility. (7-25-75)

0221    New EG&G North Las Vegas Facility under construction. (10-10-75)

0222    New EG&G North Las Facility. (4-21-76)-Aerial view.

0223    EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen, & Grier) (n.d.)

0224    EG&G-Test Site. (1-20-80) Two workers with buildings in background.

0225    Ribbon-cutting for EG&G General Technical Services Building. (8-11-81) L-R: Manny Cortez; Mahlon Gates; Ray Duncan, D.O.E.; Robert Hammon; Jack Storey.

0226    Ribbon-cutting, new EG&G Facility [North Las Vegas], 4-13-76. L-R: Mahlon Gates and Robert Hammon. Gates was Nevada Operations Manager, Hammon was Vice President and General Manager.


NLV Politics and Government

0227    North Las Vegas relay team for Henderson Industrial Days Parade includes L-R: Mayor Bud Cleland, Judge Ray Daines, and Police Chief "Slim" Davison. (5-7-75)

0228    City of North Las Vegas Oath of Office Ceremony, Jan. 15, 1973. Mayor C.R. Cleland (left); Councilman Theron H. Goynes (center); Councilman James K. Seastrand, third from left.

0229    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce backs Great Basin Plan calling for congressional action to create a Great Basin National park near Ely. (6-10-65) L-R: NLV Councilmen Jim Kelly and Bud Cleland, and NLV Chamber President Wes Chandler.

0230    North Las Vegas Mayor William L. Taylor greets U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. (May 1969)

0231    U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (left) chats with NLV Mayor William L. Taylor (right). (May 1969)

0232    NLV Mayor William L. Taylor (left) and U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. (1969)

0233    Governor Grant Sawyer (center) joins LDS Centennial Show sponsored by the 18th Ward, Las Vegas North Stake. (9-28-64) At left is
Donald L. Dugger, Ward bishop; at right is NLV Mayor William L. Taylor

0234    North Las Vegas City Council (c. 1960s) (Seated, L-R) John E. Myers,
Councilman; Mayor William L. Taylor; Jack Petitti, councilman. (Standing, L-R:) City Manager Clay Lynch; Boyd Bulloch; James Kelly; City Attorney Harvey Dickerson. (Bulloch and Kelly were councilmen also.)

0235    Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt (left) and NLV Councilman James B. Kelly. (Oct. 20, 1966) Laxalt is holding the key to the City of North Las Vegas.

0236    Ray Daines (center) takes oath of office before Mayor Gene Echols (rt.) At left is Bud Cleland. (1976?)

0237    Robert Duckett (left) pledges support to NLV Mayor Bud Cleland. (1970s)

0238    NLV Councilman Dan Gray (left) and Mayor Clarence "Bud" Cleland standing in front of City of North Las Vegas sign. (6-19-73)

0239    Taking the oath of office, L-R: Dan Gray, Mayor Bud Cleland, James Seastrand, Dan Mahoney; standing behind and above are Clay Lynch (left) and Wendell Waite. (6-14-73)

0240    Father James Sheehy (center) was honored by St. Christopher's Catholic Church with a parish-wide dinner at the Las Vegas Elks Club. (Jan. 1964) NLV Mayor William Taylor (left) presented him with a key to the City and Bishop Robert Dwyer (right) of Reno was the principal speaker.

0241    Councilmen James Kelly (left) and Bud Cleland (right) buying the first ticket for the Western Daze A-G-Go Barbeque from Babe Mott and Vera Munsell. (6-7-65)

0242    NLV Mayor William L. Taylor signs a proclamation designating the week of Sept. 17-23, 1964 as Constitution Week. Mrs. Sam Amorelli is at left, Mrs. David Cotner at right.

0243    L-R: NLV Councilman Wendell Waite, NLV Mayor Bud Cleland, Nevada Congressman Jim Santini, NLV Councilman Dan Mahoney. (12-11-73)

0244    North Las Vegas Mayor James Seastrand. (1982)

0245    NLV Mayor James Seastrand. (c. early 1980s)

0246    North Las Vegas Mayor James Seastrand. (Las Vegas News Bureau Photo)

0247    Portrait of Gary Davis, North Las Vegas City Councilman. (before 1978)

0248    Judge Gary B. Davis, North Las Vegas. (1978 or later)

0249    North Las Vegas Councilman C.R. "Bud" Cleland. (later became mayor) (ca. early 1970s)

0250    L-R: Fred Doumani, Mitzi Gaynor, and NLV Mayor Bud Cleland. (11-8-74)

0251    Portrait of C.R. "Bud" Cleland.

0252    L-R; John Gleason, National Director Boys Clubs of America; President Richard M. Nixon; Mayor of NLV, William L. Taylor

0253    William L. Taylor, candidate for Mayor of North Las Vegas, poses with his wife Virginia and their five children. L-R: Chuck, Mike,
Larry, Susan, and Jack. (4-19-61)

0254    NLV Mayor William L. Taylor, (ca. 1960s)

0255    NAACP dinner, February 1974. Seated at right is Nevada Governor Mike O'Callaghan; next to him is Mrs. Eleanor Walker; standing at
left is Lieutenant Governor Harry Reid. The other two men are Jesse Scott and James Tyree. (ca. early 1970s)

0256    L-R: Milton Weiss, NLV City Treasurer; U.S. Senator Howard Cannon (Nev.); Clay Lynch, NLV City Manager; Grant Sawyer, Governor of Nevada. (c. early 1960s)

0257    Cynthia Baumann, North Las Vegas City Council. (n.d.)

0258    Mary Kincaid (portrait), n.d. Member of NLV City Council in 1960s.

0259    Thomas Brown, North Las Vegas City Council.

0260    C.D. Baker, former mayor of Las Vegas.

0261    Brenda Price (portrait), n.d. NLV City Council member in 1960s.

0262    Boyd C. Bulloch, NLV Councilman. (1964)

0263    Boyd C. Bulloch, NLV City Councilman. (c. 1960s)

0264    Boyd C. Bulloch, NLV City Councilman.

0265    NLV Councilman Dan Gray. (c. early 1970s)

0265a    Dan Gray, NLV City Councilman. (ca. early 1970s)

0266    Wendell Waite, North Las Vegas City Councilman (far right) with his family. (ca. early 1970s)

0267    NLV Councilman Wendell Waite. (ca. early 1970s)

0268    NLV Councilman Wendell Waite. (ca. early 1970s)

0269    North Las Vegas Mayor Ray H. Daines. (n.d.)

0270    Portrait of John E. Myers, North Las Vegas Councilman. (c. mid 1960s)

0271    Councilman John E. Myers (NLV) inspects sidewalks in College Park. (12-65)

0272    John E. Myers, NLV City Councilman. (ca. mid 1960s)

0273    North Las Vegas City Council meets (11-20-73). L-R on podium: NLV Councilman Dan Mahoney, Councilman Wendell Waite, Prof. Al Johns,
Mayor Bud Cleland. David Causey and City Manager Clay Lynch sitting at table.

0274    Jay Bingham. (n.d.)

0275    Herman Fisher, Jr. (n.d.)

0276    Bart Jacka, Nevada State Dept. of Human Resources. He was formerly under-sheriff of Clark County. (12-12-78)

0277    Ray Avansino, Nevada State Gaming Control Board. (6-6-84)

0278    Pat Pine (1984). He was Clark County Budget Director, Nevada State Budget Director, and Executive Director of the Las Vegas Valley
Water District (at various times).

0279    Ray Schweitzer. (n.d.)

0280    Nevada Supreme Court Justice Al Gunderson (standing at left), 7-29-76.

0281    Nevada Judges Association. (5-18-76) Back row, L-R: Al Gunderson, Robert Miller, James Santini, (?), Ray Daines. Front row, left,
James Kelly. Rest are Not identified.

0282    Nevada Judges Association (8-11-75). L-R: Al Gunderson, Supreme Court Justice; Tom Hickey, Sate Assemblyman from NLV; Warren
Stanley, NLV Constable; Richard Bryan, Attorney General State of Nevada; Bill (?), Deputy D.A.; Ray Daines, NLV Municipal Court Judge.

0283    L-R: Walter Norwood; James Kelly, North Las Vegas Justice of the peace. (2-27-79)

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Police Department

0284    Lawmen cited, ca. 1960s. (L-R, seated :LV Councilmen John Myers and James B. Kelly. (L-R, standing: Paul Varga, Chief Nick Janise, Leon Nixon, John Holland, and Mayor William L. Taylor.

0285    North Las Vegas police administration, ca. early 1970s. L-R: Asst. Chief James Avance, Frank Adams, Jim Rowley, Linda Garrett, Mildred Bricky, Chief "Slim" Davison.

0286    NLV Police Department, Bill Tharp, 1972.

0287    NLV Police Department, Ed Padbury, 1972.

0288    NLV Police Department, Jerry Zohner, 1972.

0289    NLV Police Department, (Sgt.) Jim Rowley, 1972.

0290    NLV Police Department, 1972. Officer not identified.

0291    NLV Police Chief William Tharp accepts a new flag for the police department from the NLV Memorial Auxiliary Post 10047 VFW.
(8-16-77) L-R: Alice Lange, Doris Shafer, Gary Orton, Andy Bicker, Tharp, and Betty Keaton.

0292    North Las Vegas Detective Bureau (1971). L-R: Jeanne Howard, Mike McBoa, Richard Warrilow, Dee Dickey, Mike Hughes, Harold Zander, Pat Dingle, Fred Smith, Eddie Buxton, Gene Jones, Kurt Kinney, Joe Rodriguez, and Rex Smith.

0293    Wives and friends of NLV police officers man picket lines in front of NLV City Hall in support of ten fired policemen and the Police
Officers Association Demands for increased wages and benefits. (2-2-76)

0294    Police and members of the community get together to plan "Community Concerns and the Police". L-R: Ruth Berg, Florence McClure, Lt. Preston Hubbs, Judge Seymour Brown, Lt. Bob Hartman, Roosevelt Fitzgerald. (4-10-74)

0295    North Las Vegas law officers pay final tribute to Jim Slage. Police Chief "Slim" Davison presents folded flag to Kristi Slage, widow
of NLV Policeman Jim Slagle. (12-5-73)

0296    Group signing proclamation for City of North Las Vegas Crime Prevention Week April 11- April 17, 1982. L-R: Al Gleghorn, Director of Neighborhood Watch Program; Dale Huntsman, Chairman of Crime Prevention Task Committee; William Tharp, NLV Chief of Police; Nick Janise, Asst. Director of Neighborhood Watch Program; James Seastrand, Mayor of the City of NLV.

0297    North Las Vegas Police Department. (No date, no identification)

0298    North Las Vegas Police Department. (No date, no identification)

0299    NLV Police Reserves graduate in ceremony at Rancho High School. (1976)

0300    Silver Nugget Casino donated a saddle to the North Las Vegas Policemen's Association. (9-9-81) At left is NLV Police Chief Bill Tharp.


Valley Times Newspaper

0301    North Las Vegas Valley Times office, North Las Vegas, Nev. (no date)

0302    Valley Times office. (ca. 1960s-70s) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Rancho High School Sports

0303    Rancho High School track team members leaping the hurdles. (1971)

0304    Rancho High School soccer team (12-21-73). Coach is Tony Bousaleau.

0305    Homecoming float, Rancho High School. (1973)

0306    Rancho High School basketball vs. Sparks. Rancho was Nevada State Basketball Champion this year. Shown is Allan Holder, #44. (no

0307    Rancho High plays basketball.

0308    Rancho HS awards banquet. Bill Ireland, UNLV football coach, is at podium.

0309    Rancho HS coaches and administration (1971). L-R: Rich Lopez, Tex Anthony, Joe Stein, Mario Monaco (principal), Harry Rasjsky (basketball coach).

0310    Rancho HS all-star football game (1974). Shown are Dave McGarr (31) and John Annillo (10).

0311    Rancho Rams track coaches: Buford Cox and Bud O'Dea.

0312    Rancho HS track team member Eldridge Walker participates in track meet.

0313    Rancho HS track meet. Runners at starting line.



0314    North Las Vegas' 25th Anniversary Parade (1971).

0315    Parade on NLV's silver anniversary (25 years)-1071.

0316    One of the entries in the NLV 25th Anniversary Parade (1971). Seated in back seat of car are Lt. Governor Ed Fike and son Brian.

0317    NLV 25th Anniversary parade (1971). Photo by Dean's Photos.

0318    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce entry (dragon) leads the parade on the 25th anniversary of the City of North Las Vegas. (1971) (Photo by Howard W White)

0319    "Fort Henderson", first place winner in the Henderson Industrial Days parade (1969).

0320    Horses and riders, Veterans' Day parade, North Las Vegas. (1978)

0321    Veterans marching in Veterans' Day parade, North Las Vegas. (1978)

0322    [Rancho High School?] band marching in Veterans' Day Parade, North Las Vegas. (1975)

0323    Veterans' Day Parade, North Las Vegas (11-13-78). Army tanks roll along the parade route.

0324    Parade in North Las Vegas (May 1968) Anderson Dairy float.

0325    Silver Nugget entry in North Las Vegas parade. (no date)

0326    Parade in North Las Vegas (no date). Old jalopy bearing sign which reads "North Las Vegas City Council". Jack Petitti on left fender. (Others not identified.)

0327    Parade (no date). Either Las Vegas or North Las Vegas.

0328    Parade on downtown Fremont Street, Las Vegas. (ca. 1960s) Entry shown captured an award.

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Democratic Club

0329    L-R: North Las Vegas Mayor William L. Taylor, U.S. Congressman WalterBaring (Nev.), and new president of the NLV Democratic Club, Frank Mathews. (n.d.)

0330    North Las Vegas Democratic Club sponsored a debate on the question of whether the City of NLV and Clark County should consolidate
with Las Vegas. (7-18-73). L-R: Keith Hayes, Jim Ullom, Phil Carlino, Jean Ford, Bud Cleland, Sid Biddy, Clay Lynch.

0331    North Las Vegas Democratic Club installations. L-R: Bonnie Price, outgoing president; Ken Reynolds, past president; Frank Mathews, incoming president.

0332    Shown are incoming officials of the NLV Democratic Club. (ca. 1970s) L-R: Angelo Codella, Barbara McSwain, Elida Hernandez, Gov. Mike O'Callaghan, Lucille May, Lillian Strom, Carma Williams, Garland Hunt, Frank Scheels, Sally Ortiz, Jarvis Holloway, Ken Reynolds.

0333    North Las Vegas Democratic Club officers (1967): Back row, Jack Petitti; Sam Pell; Curly Price, president; Larry McKinney; Tony McCormick. Front Row: Dorothy Reynolds, Aileen O'Neill, Margaret J. Simmons, Lucille May, Virginia Windham.

0334    Panelists discuss issues during meeting of NLV Democratic Club (11-22-71). Front row: Chuck Crawford, Carl Lovell, Richard Bryan, Danny Owens, Ken Moultray. Second row: Calla Mercier, Glen Beaker, Phil Carlino, Governor Grant Sawyer, Tom Mulroy.

0335    NLV Democratic Club installs new officers. (2-19-74) Lt. Gov. Harry Reid (4th from right) was the keynote speaker. Judge James Santini (3rd from Left) was the installing officer. Others are, from left: Larry Widner, 2nd vice- Pres.; Sally Ortiz, treasurer; Judge Santini; Aileen O'Neill, president; Bob Strom, board member; Lt. Gov. Reid; Margaret Sechrist, secretary; Elida Hernandez, 1st vice-pres.; Dorothy Reynolds, board member.

0336    North Las Vegas Democrats, L-R: George Roper, Carl "Curly" price, Senator Howard Cannon, Sam Pell and Larry McKinney. (n.d.)


Chamber of Commerce

0337    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. (1-9-74) This was during remodeling.

0338    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. (May 1970)

0339    Chamber of Commerce float entry in parade. (May 6, 1968)

0340    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Christmas parade. (11-25-76)

0341    North Las Vegas Christmas parade (12-3-78)

0342    North Las Vegas Christmas parade. (12-2-79)

0343    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon.

0344    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce presents Santa and his helpers. (11-25-80)

0345    NLV Chamber of Commerce president Ted Travers puts a new NLV bumper sticker on a camper. The stickers were designed to promote NLV,
Nevada's third largest city.

0346    NLV Chamber of Commerce launches membership drive (12-5-74) L-R Mahlon Faust, Ray Pranske, Keith Farr, Ted Travers, Jack Hon,
Wendell Tobler (president), Charles Collins, Al Chandler, Buck McElhone and Warren Holmes.

0347    Billboard promoting membership in the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. (1968)

0348    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Directors (July 1970) Seated from left: C.R. "Bud" Cleland, Wendell Tobler, Ray Pranske (president), Joe Cunningham, Ed Lysek. Standing from left: Col. Leo Drake, Carlton Hall (outgoing president), James B. Kelly, Dale Harmer, Mayor Gene Echols (installing officer), Postmaster Ted Travers, Rev. Mike Friedman, Wally Kolberg.

0349    NLV Chamber of Commerce officers installed (July 1967). From left, front row: Jerry Gillock (director), Dick Bigham (vice-president), Doug Bent and Bill Lewis (directors). Second row: George Rambo and Jack Denton (directors), Vern Munsell (treasurer), Lou
Tabat (dir.), Mayor William Taylor (dir. And installing officer), Tom Sawyer (president), and Ivan Cannon (vice-president).

0350    North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce officers installed at dinner (July 1972). L-R: Ray Pranske (past pres.), Wendell Tobler (1st vice-pres.), Ed Lysek (treasurer), James Kelly (board member), Col. Bill Lewis (rep. Civ. Mil. Council), and Col. Robert Happ (commander, Nellis AFB).

0351    NLV Chamber of Commerce officers installed (July 1966). Sitting, Eugene Echols, Vern Munsell, James Johnson (president), Hal Lowe, Ivan Cannon. Standing, Col. Bill Lewis, Ed Zorn, John Walsh, Charlie Schneider, Mayor William Taylor, Dr. Don Thomsness, Archie Groft, Wes Chandler, Col. Lloyd Brauer (Nellis AFB Commander), Adam Yacenda.

0352    Wendell Tobler receives gavel as new president of NLV Chamber of Commerce from Joe Cunningham, outgoing president. (July 1973) L-R: Robert Goodman, Tobler, Cunningham, Charles Enson.

0353    Members of NLV Chamber of Commerce shown during annual Spring membership drive (1974). L-R: Wendell Tobler, (?), Ray Pranske, Randy "Buck" McElhone, Greg MacNeil.


Rotary Club

0354    Las Vegas Rotary Club members. (2-10-77) L-R: Irwin Kishner, Walt Wehrner, Dave Wells, Harvey Luce and Stan Warburton.

0355    Rotary scholarship winners with Dave Wells (center), president of Las Vegas Rotary Club. L-R: Rebecca Marzan, Valley high School; Linda Magnus, Gorman High School; Wells; Becky Tilley, Chaparral High; James Deakin, Las Vegas High. (9-22-76)

0356    Long-time Rotary Club members, L-R: Harry Allen, Mrs. Allen, Florence Cahlan and John Cahlan. (n.d.)

0357    Fiftieth anniversary-Rotary Club-(3-14-82) L-R: Angelo Manzi, Bud Cleland, Colonel Happ and John Cahlan.

0358     Rotary Club members (4-16-75). L-R: Walt Wehrner, Mark Gamett, Virgil Slade, Robert O'Connell and Max Kelch.

0359    Las Vegas Rotary Club presents Nevada Centennial Medallion to UNLV's highest ranking senior student, Nancy M. Forni, center. (8-20-80) At far left is Leonard Goodall, UNLV president; at far right is Bert Purdue.


Boys' Club

0360    North Las Vegas Boys' Club building.

0361    Sam A. Boyd receives award for his contribution to the Boys' Club. Boyd (left) and Raymond E. Bogden (4-7-77).

0362    North Las Vegas Boys' Club building, Carey and Webster Streets.

0363    Interior office-NLV Boys' Club building.

0364    Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson cuts ribbon for the Boys' Club opening.

0365    Senator Howard Cannon speaks at dedication of North Las Vegas Boys' Club. Third from right is William Taylor.

0366    Boys' Clubs of America event-"1st Annual Tom Sawyer Day" (greased ball game). Held at Carey & Webster Streets, future site of NLV
Boys' Club.(6-9-66)

0367    Three members of the Board of Directors, Boys' Clubs of America, North Las Vegas: L-R: Walt Casey, Jerry Berry, Jim Henderson. (1-29-74)

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Lions Club

0368    Fire Chief George Rambo (right) presents a certificate of appreciation to Lt. Governor Paul Laxalt, guest speaker at North Las Vegas Lions Club.(6-2-66)

0369    North Las Vegas Lions Club officers. L-R: (?), Joe Mindyas, Dr. Donald Thursness, Ted Gollem, Joe Kadens, John Bonner, John Duncan,
Mort Karsh, Bill Gilcrease, (?), Lambert VanderMeer, Merrill Thompson. (c. early 1970s)

0370    NLV Lions Club holds "Salute to Clergymen" (6-29-72). L-R: Eugene Echols, James Seastrand, John P. Levendis, (?), Mort Karsh.

0371    Bob Duckett (right), president of the North Las Vegas Lions Club, presents an award to past president Morton Karsh. The award was a
diamond-studded pin recognition for being named the 1971-72 100% president of Lions International. (8-17-72)

0372    North Las Vegas Mayor Ray Daines (left) signs proclamation declaring White Cane Week. Sale of white canes by the Lions Clubs provides proceeds going towards the eye bank clinic and the Blind Center. At right is Lou Tabat. (10-21-77)

0373    New officers of the NLV Lions Club at their installation. (6-28-76) First row, left to right: Joe Kadens, Lambert VanderMeer,
F.Williams, Harry LaFavor, Eugene Echols and Bill Parson. Second row, left to right: Jack Hon, Ben Siggal, Merrill Thompson, Archie Groft,
Bob Duckett and Clyde Hombrick.

0374    North Las Vegas Host Lions Club. (6-11-74)

0375    North Las Vegas Lions Club hosts two army recruiters. L-R: Staff Sgt. Walter Loggins; Sgt. Douglas Carnahan; Bob Duckett, Lions Club
President. (8-17-72)

0376    Jack Hon & Bob Duckett at Lions Club installation, North Las Vegas.(5-23-73)

0377    North Las Vegas planning Commission. L-R: Bud Cleland, John Myers, Charles Collins. City Commissioner John Myers is receiving an award.

0378    Al Sawyer (left) is sworn in by City Councilman Jack R. Petitti as NLV Planning Commission member.

0379    North Las Vegas Planning Commission (8-15-66) L-R: William McMurtrey,Charles Collins, Sam Pell, Tom Sawyer, Jim Kleffen.

0380    Studying plans for Nellis Industrial Park are, l-r: Charles Collins, North Las Vegas Planning Commission; Frank Procopio, Nellis
Ind. Park designer; Tessie Somers, Nellis Ind. Park developer; Ginger Breuner, NLV Chamber of Commerce; John E. Myers, NLV City Council. (ca. 1960s)


Exchange Club

0381    Charter officers of new North Las Vegas Exchange Club (7-31-72). L-R: Noel Thompson, president; Richard Cross, vice-president; Bill Cyphers, board Member; Warren Wilson, secretary; Roland Bobier, board member; Gary Gray, Board member.

0382    Wendell Tobler (center), acting president of new NLV Exchange Club, appoints Gary Gray (left) and Richard Cross (right) to head the constitution and by-laws Committee. (7-24-72)

0383    Jerry Mahanke, at podium, presents No. LV Breakfast Exchange Club charter to Noel Thompson, president, during charter nite dinner. (9-28-72) L-R: Mrs. Noel Thompson, Thompson, Warren Wilson, Mahanke, Robert Kirchoff (toastmaster). Mahanke, president of Rocky Mt. District of Exchange Clubs, flew in from Colorado for the affair.

0384    North Las Vegas Breakfast Exchange Club organizers (7-31-72). Front row L-R: Floyd Burton, Noel Thompson (president), Mike Pinjuv, Wendell Tobler. Back row: L.P. Swaggart, Jerry Mahanke, Robert Martindale, Robert Deveney.

0385    Ed Feeney, president of the NLV Exchange Club, presents the keys to a van to Lorrie Johnson of the Breast Counseling and Guidance Center. The club Donated the van to the center to help them with their work. Also pictured is City Commissioner Ron Lurie. (11-18-76)

0386    NLV Exchange Club presents check to the Mothers Club of the NLV Boys' Club. L-R: Warren Wilson, Bruce Therialt, Noel Thompson, Jo
DaVan, Nadine Gemmer, and Mary Jane Brown. (12-19-72)

4-H Club

0387    Members of Southern Nevada 4-H Foundation were among representatives of a state delegation reviewing ways to raise funds to assist in the youth education program. Seated, from left, Dick Carlson, Nevada State Bank, state chairman; Dean Shanks, Youth Affairs Administrator. Standing: Ev Pollard and Bill Gries, D.O.E. (1-30-78)

0388    Mayor of NLV James Seastrand recognizes Elizabeth Ward as the 4-H Wood Science winner. (12-30-81)

0389    Representatives of Good Earth 4-H Club, North Las Vegas, pose on "Snapdragon Day". (10-19-79)

0390    4-H Club members in North Las Vegas display their entries in the patchwork contest. (10-23-75)

0391    4-H Club member proudly displays her entry in the 4-H Dog Show. (1-23-76)

0392    4-H Club members-North Las Vegas. (5-14-78)


Little League Baseball

0393    Little League Baseball-North Las Vegas-1975. Pee Wee 'Scorpions".

0394    Little League Baseball-North Las Vegas-1975. Pee Wee "Coyotes".

0395    Little League Baseball-North Las Vegas-1975. "Sundevils". (1975)

0396    Little League Baseball-North Las Vegas-1975. Midget "Braves".

0397    Little League Baseball-North Las Vegas-1975. Pee Wee "Giants".

0398    Little League Baseball-North Las Vegas-1975. Midget "Wolverines".

0399    Little League Baseball-North Las Vegas-1975. "Tigers".

0400    Little League Baseball-North Las Vegas-1975. Midget "76ers".

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Moose Lodge

0401    North Las Vegas Moose Lodge-officers installed. (n.d.)

0402    NLV Moose Lodge officers installed. (n.d.)

0403    Acting as ceremonial escorts for NLV Women of the Moose at installationceremonies were (seated from left) Mary Lu Adams, Annette Long, Rayona Roache, and Pat Bartlett. (Standing, from left) Louise Sadberry, Esther Buntjer, Dorothy Blosser (pianist), Billie Stacey, and Medberry. (6-15-72)

0404    Acting as installing officers for NLV Women of the Moose ceremonies are (from left, seated) Ellen Lile, installing regent; Una Walker, installing chaplain.(Standing from left) Marjorie Roach, presentation officer; Clara Compton, new senior regent; Ruth Hazlett, installing guide. (6-15-72)

0405    NLV Moose women installed (new officers of Women of the Moose)-6/15/72. Seated, left, are Helen Woodington, guide; Charlene Stamper, ass't guide; Dorothy Blosser, pianist; Frances Demars, sentinel; Ethel Myers, argus. Standing, from left, Helen Shepherd, treasurer; Mary Ann Williams, junior regent; Clara Compton, senior regent; Barbara Lefler, jr. graduate regent; Jennie Nasabroad, chaplain; and Clarice Barnum, recorder.


Friends of Southern Nevada Libraries

0406    Friends of Southern Nevada Libraries hold a used book sale to raise funds.
0407    Vlasta Honsa, librarian for Clark County Library District. (1979)
0408    The annual Clark County Library Staff Association's book and record sale,
March 31, 1979. Record sale proceeds go to KNPR (Nevada Public Radio)
0409    Friends of Southern Nevada Libraries hold used book sale as fundraiser.
(October 1981)


Emblem Club

0410    Lt. Governor Harry Reid was honored guest at the NLV Emblem Club banquet commemorating Emblem Club Week. (Membership in Emblem Clubs belongs to female relatives of B.P.O.E.-Elks-members.) L-R: Mrs. Did Nay, Mrs. Harry Reid, Harry Reid, Mrs. Eugene Hammer, Mrs. Bunny Harris, and Mrs. Paul May. (9-14-72)

0411    Las Vegas Mayor Bill Briare signs proclamation for "Paisano Day". (4-10-78) Shown with him are two unidentified members of Las Vegas
Emblem Club #114.

0412    North Las Vegas Mayor Ray Daines, right, signs proclamation declaring Sept. 11 through 17 (1978) National Emblem Club Week. From left are Club members Marion Gutowski and Kris Jones.

0413    Proclamation from City of North Las Vegas proclaiming National Emblem Club Week (10-7-77). L-R: Shireen Gonzales, pres. of NLV Emblem Club; LaVon Holmes, pres. of Henderson Emblem Club; Venita Berger, Supreme Marshall; and Dottie Camron, Supreme President.

0414    North Las Vegas Emblem Club members (not identified) with NLV Mayor Ray Daines (1979). Daines holds proclamation.



0415    New officers of North Las Vegas Jaycees installed (1964). L-R: Art Thom (president); Dan Jones (treasurer); Tom Sawyer (director);
Al Garroway (secretary); Richard Sweeney (2nd V.P.); John Cuda (past President); Jerry Pruitt (1st V.P.)

0416    Al Garroway receives Jaycees Distinguished Service Award from president Tom Sawyer (right). (1966)

0417    Jean Dutton chats with William Robinson (right), president of North Las Vegas Jaycees. (May 1974)

0418    American Cancer Society display at Jaycee State Fair (November 1976). At left is Grant Markham, of First National Bank and member of adult public cancer programs. Two models help Lt. Governor Bob Rose (American Cancer Society State Crusade Chairman) sign up smokers for a 5-day Quit Smoking Clinic.

0419    Jaycee State Fair, Las Vegas, NV. (Aug. 1980)

0420    Oral cancer screening at Jaycee State Fair in Las Vegas, NV. (August 1979)

0421    North Las Vegas circus sponsored by Jaycees. (June 1974)

0422    Float in Jaycee Parade, [North?] Las Vegas, NV. (no date)

0423    Booth at Jaycee State Fair, Las Vegas, NV. (no date)

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American Business Women's Association

0424    North Las Vegas Mayor Ray Daines signs a proclamation declaring May as American Business Women's Association (ABWA) Scholarship Month. L-R: Daines; Mabel Cox, vice-president of NLV Chapter of ABWA; Emma Simms, chairman of the Educational Committee. (5-28-78)

0425    Members of NLV Chapter of ABWA display chapter award. L-R: Sheron Johnson, recording secretary; Marie Cummings, treasurer; Dorothy Wright, Vice-president; Susan Christensen, president. (9-17-78)

0426    ABWA Woman of the Year Award for 1978 being presented to Lynde Pyatt (left) by former Woman of the Year Joan Swift. (7-16-78)

0427    NLV American Business Women's Association committee members for "Boss Night" are, L-R: Katherine Burnett, Ann George, Margaret Dean, Emma Simms and Joyce Hartley. (4-23-78)

0428    Sister Joseph Margaret (center) was chosen Boss of the Year 1979 at the NLV chapter of ABWA 10th Annual Boss Night. She is principal of ST. Yves High School. Former "bosses" also honored, from left, Carl Nelson (1974), Joe Phillips (1973), Bill Evans (1976) and Mario Monaco (1978). 4-26-79

0429    NLV Chapter of ABWA, Scholarship Committee, L-R: Pres. Amy Domschot; Kay Wade; Vicky Whitely; Freddie Kelsay, fashion show director; Doris Turner. (no date)


Women's Club

0430    NLV Women's Club received the Third Place Award in the General Federation of Women's Clubs-Shell Oil Co. Environmental Conservation
Program. Receiving the award from Shell marketing manager Bob Swanson is President Mrs. Charles (Phyllis) Crawley. (5-3-76)

0431    North Las Vegas Women's Club installation dinner. (6-1-64) L-R: Mayor William L. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, Ethel Woodbury, Alice Boyer, City Manager Clay Lynch.

0432    NLV Women's Club welcomes eight guests and two new members at its first fall luncheon. (Sept. 1964) (See back of photo for identification.)

0433    NLV Women's Club members ready decorations for the Club's luncheon and fashion show (4-25-66). L-R: Betty Fagden and Georgie Pilkington.

0434    NLV Women's Club member LaRue Mortensen (left) presents their scholarship award and check to Lillie (Susie) Saleem. (February, 1979)

0435    NLV Women's Club sponsored a reception and tea for the artists and guests of the North Las Vegas Art Show. (2-13-64) L-R: Aileen O'Neill, Mildred Schumacher, Beverly Forson, Mrs. George Rambo. (photo by H.F. Herpolsheimer)

0436    Three Southern Nevada clubs won awards for outstanding civic projects at the biennial Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs. Representing the clubs are, L-R: Betty Lee Lamping, preside of the Junior Mesquite Club; Ruth Naylor, President of the Mesquite Club; Phyllis Crawley, president of the NLV Women's Club. (5-13-76)


March of Dimes

0437    NLV Councilman Ron Lurie presents trophy to Shirley Leavitt, outstanding volunteer for the March of Dimes. (July 1977)

0438    Nevada Chapter of March of Dimes donated vehicle to the Clark County Health District to be used as a mobile clinic. (Sept. 1975) L-R: Gil Blonsley, (?), Otto Ravenholt, Seymour Brown and Reno Fruzza.

0439    North Las Vegas March of Dimes Haunted House Week. (10-18-77) Shown with the proclamation are, L-R: Seymour Brown, Bill Briare, Ron Lurie, and (?). (City of LV Photo)

0440    March of Dimes Walk-a-thon in North Las Vega. (Nov. 1978)

0441    Brian Horner, 1977 poster child for March of Dimes, with his mother Lisa Horner. (January 1977)

0442    Scott Hafen, local poster boy for March of Dimes. (9-75)

0443    Lloyd Simpson, left, (student body president of J.D. Smith Mr. High) turns over check to Lee Olds, Special Activities Chairman for NLV March of Dimes. (2-28-63) Hal Fincher (center) is principal of J.D. Smith Junior High. This Was during the March of Dimes drive in North Las Vegas. (Montrose Photos, NLV)


Optimist Club

0444    Respect for Law Luncheon sponsored by Optimist Club-downtown Las Vegas. (4-27-79) L-R: Sheriff John McCarthy, Judge Seymour Brown, and Howard Simon.

0445    Optimist Club president Larry Sheeler (left); Judge Paul Goldman, keynote speaker for Optimist luncheon (center); Howard Simon, Optimist program chairman (right). 5-4-80

0446    Law dinner-NLV Optimist Club. L-R: Zane Azberea, Kathy LaSage, and Ray Daines. (5-6-77)

0447    NLV Mayor Bud Cleland (left) puts bumper sticker on his car in honor of the Civic Center Optimists "Youth Appreciation Week". Tom Pitts (center) is President of Civic Center Optimists. Doug Twitty (tight) is Youth Appreciation Chairman for NLV Luncheon Optimists. (11-13-73)

0448    Mayor Bill Briare signs proclamation for Optimist Club Youth Safety Week (March 1981). Person at right may be Optimist member Bill Boggs.

0449    Mayor William Briare, Las Vegas, signs proclamation for Youth Appreciation Week (Oct. 1978). (Others not identified.)

0450    Assemblyman Tom Hickey (left) at a meeting of the Optimist Club. (9-7-78)

0451    NLV Optimist Club donates a carbon monoxide analyzer to Sharon Seltzer, program director for the Nevada Lung Association. At left is Lester Swenson, NLV Chamber of Commerce president; at right is Beecher Avants. (1-18-81)

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Disabled American Veterans

0452    Disabled American Veterans (DAV) participate in flag ceremony at fire station. (3-5-74)

0453    Disabled American Veterans, North Las Vegas. (5-22-73) (No identification.)

0454    DAV Women's Auxiliary, North Las Vegas. (6-7-73) (No identification)

0455    Members of Disabled American Veterans meet with C.R. "Bud" Cleland, mayor of North Las Vegas, center. (11-30-73)

American Legion

0456    North Las Vegas American Legion Post 51 officers. (7-21-75) (no i.d.s)

0457    American Legion Auxiliary, North Las Vegas, plants a tree for posterity. (n.d.) Mayor of NLV, C.R. "Bud " Cleland at left.

0458    American Legion Baseball Team-champions in 1972. (No i.d.)

0459    American Legion Post 51 Auxiliary, North Las Vegas, 8-6-75. (No i.d.)

0460    North Las Vegas American Legion Post celebrates (3-12-74). Second from right is Paul May; far right is Gene Echols.

0461    American Legion Auxiliary, "Women in Washington". L-R: Geraldine Connally and Ann Santini (3-21-79)

0462    American Legion post 51 (North Las Vegas)-3/5/75. (No identification)


International Footprinters Ass'n

0463    NLV Municipal Judge Ray Daines presents certificate of merit to John Kulikowski (left) on behalf of the International Footprinters Association, Chapter #9, NLV. The certificate was in recognition of Kulikowski's part in Apprehending a bank robber; he also received a letter of commendation from The FBI. (3-20-74)

0464    Leaders of NLV Chapter #9 International Footprinters Ass'n. Second from left is Municipal Judge Ray Daines. Others not identified. (7-15-75)    

0465    Members of International Footprinters Ass'n (NLV chapter) displaying awards. (No i.d.) 6-14-76

0466    Chapter #9 International Footprinters Association, North Las Vegas. (6-22-76) members not identified.


Junior Police

0467    North Las Vegas Junior Police (9-28-72). Photo by A.V. Harlow.

0468    NLV Junior Police with their mascot. (5-18-72) Photo by Andy Harlow.

0469    Sign proclaiming "Future Home of the North Las Vegas Junior Police". Persons standing in front of sign not identified. (Aug. 1971) (Photo by Dean)

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Prominent Citizens

0470    Debbie Reynolds greets William R. Lummis, Summa Corporation chairman, at opening of Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. (3-18-79)

0471    Lola Falana putting her hand prints on wet cement at the Fashion Show Mall.

0472    Fred Lewis (left), and Walter Kane of Summa Corporation, taken during festivities marking construction of the Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas. (3-18-79)

0473    L-R: Fred Lewis, Shecky Greene, Debbie Reynolds, Joan Rivers, putting their fingerprints in wet cement at the Fashion Show Mall. (3-18-79)

0474    Wilbur Clark. (He built the Desert Inn)-n.d. (LV News Bureau Photo)

0475    Jerry Tarkanian (left) planning a tournament to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. (ca. 1960s) Man at right not identified.

0476    Veterans honoring Sheriff Ralph Lamb, center. (11-17-77)

0477    John Cahlan, commissioner of the Nevada American Bicentennial Commission, giving speech, "I Am the Nation". (7-5-76)

0478    Las Vegas Mayor Bill Briare (left) with VFW members on the 40th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. (12-2-81: photo date)

0479    Mayor Oran Gragson and wife Bonnie. (n.d.)

0480    Judge Myron Leavitt (left) standing near memorial to Clark County war veterans. (8-12-81) (Others not identified.)
0481    Frank Scott, Union Plaza Hotel. (6-12-84)

0482    Rick Scott, Union Plaza Hotel. (6-12-84)

0483    Ernie Becker Sr., local builder and developer. (n.d.)

0484    Frank Sinatra. (n.d.) (Las Vegas News Bureau Photo)

0485    William G. Bennett, Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. (c. 1984)

0486    Phil Arce, General Manager of Last Frontier Hotel. (1984)

0487    L-R: Fletcher Jones Jr. and Fletcher Jones Dr. (1984)

0488    Ben Schmouty. (n.d.)

0489    Don E. Ashworth of Nevada State Bank and member of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. (1984)

0490    Jake VonTobel. (n.d.)

0491    Robert Miller (center) with unidentified colleagues in the legal profession. ('76)

0492    Fletcher ("Ted") Jones, Jr. (c. 1982)

0493    General Curtis E. LeMay. (n.d.)

0494    L-R: (Standing) Ray Culley, TWA; Supreme Court Justice John Mowbray: Jerry Mack, Bank of Nevada; Jack Melvin; Dr. Donald Moyer, President of UNLV. Seated is Guild Gray. (1966) They are planning a golf benefit.

0495    Kermit Moe. (Apr. 1968) (Allen Photographers, Inc.)

0496    Joe LaVoie. (no date)

0497    Jim Kleffen. (n.d.)

0498    Luba Perkins and Melvin Eady, n.d. (LV News Bureau Photo)

0499    V.M. Markoff. (n.d.)

0500    Ronald Houston, political candidate. (n.d.)

0501    Jack Hammes. (n.d.)

0502    Margaret Lilland, secretary to six commanders of Nellis Air Force Base, being honored at a luncheon by her bosses. (6-18-78) Back row, standing left to right: Cesar Martinez (Col. USAF, Ret.); Richard Ayresman (Col. USAF, Ret.); Maj. General James Hildreath; Homer Hansen (Maj. Gen. USAF, Ret.); And Brigadier Gen. William Drew. Seated left: William S. Chairsell (Maj.Gen.
USAF, Ret.); and R.G. Taylor (Maj.Gen. USAF, Ret.). Nellis AFB

0503    Don Borax, Desert Inn Chief of Security, and Nadine Henley. (7-6-78)


Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project

0504    Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project, North Las Vegas, NV. Top two photos (left and right) show examples of what the area looked like before urban renewal. The photos in the middle and at the bottom show the area after renewal. The project, at Main street and Las Vegas Boulevard, replaced acres of what used to be the most run-down portion of the city. Redevelopment took place in the 1970s. The Casa Rosa project shown in the photos is the first phase of the redevelopment program and consists of 101 units developed in the area of Yale and Tonopah Streets.

0505    Proposed Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project. (drawing)

0506    Aerial photo-Rose Garden (R-9) October 1970.

0507 The Hannah Family (Charles, Mary, and daughter Isabel) protesting the NLV Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project. They are at Ram Upholstery, 1719 No. 5th Street. (7-19-65)

0508    Cabins to be removed in North Las Vegas during Rose Garden Renewal Project. (Early 1960s)

0509    Commercial building (used car lot) to be removed for Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project in North Las Vegas. (ca. 1960s)

0510    Commercial area in North Las Vegas, NV. Part of this area was included in the Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project. (ca. 1960s)

0511    Miscellaneous views of commercial properties in North Las Vegas. Identification on backs of photos. (9 photos) (ca. 1960s)

0512    Miscellaneous locations in residential area of North Las Vegas, NV. Addresses on backs of photos. (9 B&W, 1 color), ca. 1960s.

0513    Bulldozing old homes in North Las Vegas, NV., to make way for Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project. (ca. 1960s)

0514    Home at 1924 5th Street, North Las Vegas. (9-11-84) Was not a part of the Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project.

0515    Home at 1820 Yale Street, North Las Vegas. (9-11-84) Was not part of Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project.

0516    Home at 1829 Princeton, North Las Vegas. (9-11-84) Was not a part of Rose Garden Urban Renewal Project.


Senior Citizens-Organizations & Activities

0517    "Stepping Seniors", a dance group made up of senior citizens in Las Vegas. This is a volunteer group which entertains at senior citizen centers, hospitals,etc. (no date)

0518    Las Vegas Rose Garden Senior Citizens Club. (7-2-78)

0519 The NLV Housing Authority and residents of the Rose Garden senior citizens housing complex join forces to present a tribute to the war
veterans who live there. Unveiling three flag poles and a commemorative sign are (from left) NLV Councilman Theron Goynes, Atty. Gen. Richard Bryan, and Bob Arrington of the Housing Authority. (11-10-81) (photo by H. Herpolsheimer)

0520    Senior citizens at Rose Garden Senior Living Complex enjoy cake and coffee together. (1-26-76)

0521    Senior citizens enjoy a holiday feast at St. Christopher's Church, North Las Vegas. (12-18-77)

0522    Governor Mike O'Callaghan, at left, signing a benefit for senior citizens. At right is Wilbur Faiss. (6-6-77)

0523    Senior Citizens organization honors State Senator James Gibson (12-25-79) Woman not identified.

0524    Sheriff John McCarthy (left) accepts RSVP award. (11-11-79) Others not id'd.

0525    Rose Garden senior citizens displaying handmade items for their crafts sale. (10-16-75)

0526    Rose Garden senior citizens with Robert Rose (4th from left) and Wilbur Faiss (3rd from right). Others not identified. (4-2-78)

0527    Studying plans for the proposed NAACP Senior Housing Complex (7-10-79) Persons not identified. (person seated may be Bob Bailey.)

0528    Conference on Aging (5-19-81) Seated at desk is Nev. Gov. Robert List

0529    Celebrity Johnny Carson (standing center) hosts Las Vegas senior citizens. (12-30-81) Others not identified.

0530    Artist's rendering of proposed NAACP Senior Housing Complex is on display (7-29-79). Persons not identified but man on right may be
Bob Bailey.

0531    Artist's rendering of proposed new senior housing. (2-15-81) Second from left is NLV Councilman Ron Lurie. Others not identified.

0532    Senior Citizens Center, either Las Vegas or North Las Vegas. (7-9-80) Persons not identified.


NLV Flood Channels and Flooding

0533    Las Vegas Boulevard North and North Las Vegas flood channel, ca. 1970s. (Photo by James Martin)

0534    Aerial photo: looking southeast. North Las Vegas flood control channel crosses I-15 and Civic Center Drive with Bulloch's Feed and
Tack Store next to channel. June 5, 1973. (photo by James Martin)

0535    Flood channel west of Interstate 15 looking toward North Las Vegas and Sunrise Mountain , June 5, 1973. (Photo by James Martin)

0536    Vegas Wash southeast. Lake Mead Blvd. & Pecos Street, North Las Vegas, June 5, 1973. (Photo by James Martin) (aerial view)

0537    Flooding on Carey Avenue, North Las Vegas. (c. 1970s) (James Martin photo)

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Interstate Construction

0538    Construction on Cheyenne overpass, North Las Vegas. (c. 1970s)

0539    New freeway overpass construction at Carey Avenue, North Las Vegas, NV.(c. early 1970s)

0540    New freeway-North Las Vegas, NV. (c. early 1970s)

0541    Construction of Carey overpass-North Las Vegas, NV. (c. early 1970s)

0542    Aerial view of North Las Vegas showing I-15, Lake Mead interchange, etc., ca. early 1970s. (Photo by James Martin)

0543    Lake Mead Blvd. Looking east during construction of Interstate 15.(June 5, 1973) North Las Vegas, NV.

0544    I-15 looking towards Cheyenne overpass, North Las Vegas, NV. (6/5/73)

0545    Aerial view: I-15 looking towards Cheyenne overpass. (June 5, 1973)

0546    Aerial, Cheyenne overpass looking west at industrial area. (June 5, 1973)

0547    Aerial: I-15 construction at Carey Avenue looking south towards Las Vegas. (June 5, 1973)



0548    Dedication of Bertha Ronzone Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV. (12-17-78) Man second from right is Dick Ronzone, Mrs. Ronzone's son. Others not Identified.

0549    Helen Cannon receives 'Good Guy" Award from the Las Vegas Press Club for her years of service as e member of the Clark County School Board of Trustees and her dedication to the causes of young people in Las Vegas. (2-17-81) Standing behind the award is Kenny Guinn. (Other two men not identified.)


NLV Streets & Roads

0550    Aerial view looking east to Sunrise Mountain. (1964) Vegas Heights in bottom of picture. Miller Avenue to railroad tracks. Owens Avenue east to west.

0551    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (June 5, 1973)

0552    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (June 5, 1973)

0553    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (June 5, 1973)

0554    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (June 5, 1973)

0555    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (June 5, 1973)

0556    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (ca. early 1970s)

0557    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (ca. early 1970s)

0558    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (ca. early 1970s)

0559    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (ca. early 1970s)

0560    Aerial, NLV-Streets and Roads (ca. early 1970s)

0561    Street Dept-Brooks-Cheyenne area, looking west. (1968)

0562    NLV-Streets and Roads-(Aerial)-June 5, 1973.

0563    NLV-Streets and Roads-(Aerial)-June 5, 1973

0564    NLV-Streets and Roads-(Aerial)-June 5, 1973

0565    NLV-Streets and Roads-(Aerial)-June 5, 1973

0566    NLV-Streets and Roads-(Aerial)-June 5, 1973

0567    NLV-Streets and Roads-(Aerial)-June 5, 1973

0568    NLV-Streets and Roads-(Aerials)-June 5, 1973

0569    North Las Vegas-Corner of Main St. and Las Vegas Blvd. No.; Model neighborhood (Aerial view with boundaries indicated)-includes most of original North Las Vegas Williams additions. (ca. 1960s or 1970s)

0570    Aerial view of Tillman's Hog Farm, North Las Vegas, NV. (June 5, 1973) (photo by James Martin)

0571    Tillman's Hog Farm (aerial view). June 5, 1973.



0572    North Las Vegas Mayor William Taylor (shaking hands with woman) congratulates various veteran organizations for assistance in Spring-Fall clean up of North Las Vegas. (1967)

0573    Boys' Club members clean and fix up a handicapped person's home. (1967)

0574    Members of NLV Boys' Club help clean and fix up a handicapped person's home. (1967) Third from right is NLV Mayor William Taylor.

0575    NLV Mayor William Taylor congratulates military organizations from Nellis and Lake Mead Base for assistance in Spring-Fall clean up.

0576    Nevada Gov. Grant Sawyer, left, presented Mayor William Taylor with a flag of Nevada for the new City Hall building. (Nov. 17, 1966)

0577    "Welcome to North Las Vegas" sign on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. North and Owens. (Montrose Photos)

0578    North Las Vegas Library and NLV Chamber of Commerce Building under construction. (ca. early 1960s)

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NLV Business Development

0579    Nevada Industrial Center in North Las Vegas, NV. (1-1-74)

0580    State and local officials at opening of the new American Warehousing, Inc. building at Nellis Park (Nev. Industrial Center), Jan. 18, 1974. L-R: NLV Mayor Bud Cleland; Lt. Gov. Harry Reid; Congressman David Towell; Gov. Mike O'Callaghan; Everett Perlberg, Pres. of American Warehousing, Inc.

0581    New pet clinic built by Dr. Germain Houle at corner of 25th St. and Lake Mead Boulevard North Las Vegas. (1-14-65)

0582    Vegas Village Store in North Las Vegas prior to closing. (c. 1980)

0583    Grand opening of the Jackpot Casino at 2610 E. Lake Mead Blvd., North Las Vegas Blvd., North Las Vegas (12-9-63). L-R: Paul Getz, Joe Cunningham, Mr. And Mrs. Hal Nelson, Bernice Houle, Wanda Echols, Ross Faxon, Eugene Echols.

0584    Corrals and arena at Bulloch's Feed and Tack Store built in bottom of flood channel (Vegas Wash), Gowan Road and Civic Center Drive. (1960s)

0585    Boyd Bulloch's Feed and Tack Store at Gowan Road and Civic Center Drive. (c. 1960s)

0586    Bulloch's Camper Village, corner of Civic Center and Cheyenne, North Las Vegas. (c. 1960s)


NLV Library Programs

0587    Mayor Bill Briare (Las Vegas) proclaims National Library Week (4-3-81). Woman not identified.

0588    Trimming the Christmas tree at North Las Vegas Library. (12-8-75)

0589    Children listening to a story at North Las Vegas Library. (6-21-76)

0590    Trick-or-treaters at North Las Vegas Library. 910-30-75)

0591    North Las Vegas Library: "Library send off". (c. 1970s)


Las Vegas and Boulder City (Misc.)

0592    Air traffic controllers' strike, McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 1981. Workers picketing at airport.

0593    Computer at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, NV, shows flights canceled due to air traffic controllers' strike. (August 1981)

0594    Ceremony at Frank T. Crowe Memorial park, Boulder City, NV. marking the city's 50th anniversary. (3-15-81)

0595    Unveiling of a monument honoring Frank T. Crowe-at Frank T. Crowe Memorial park, Boulder City, NV., on the 50th anniversary of the town. (3-15-81)

0596    Dignitaries and guests at the Frank T. Crowe memorial, Boulder City, on the city's 50th anniversary. (3-15-81)

0597    Parade in Boulder City, NV., celebrating the city's 50th anniversary. (3-16-81)

0598    Cashman Field complex under construction, ca. 1983. (LV News Bureau photo)

0599    James Cashman, Jr. (left) and Paul Christensen standing by a plaque commemorating the dedication of the Cashman Field Center Stadium. (3-31-83)

0600    L-R: James Cashman, Jr., Tona Cashman Siefert, and Paul Christensen at dedication of Cashman Field Center Stadium. (3-31-83)

0601    Visitors view new Cashman Field Center Stadium. (3-83)

0602    Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. (1981)

0603    Consumer Electronics Show (CES)-Las Vegas-(1-9-81)

0604    Registration for CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Las Vegas. (1-9-81)

0605    Culinary Workers Union on strike. People picketing on the Strip. (3-15-76)

0606    Police officers on the Strip during the Culinary Union Strike (1976).

0607    Culinary Union member carrying picket sign on the Strip during the strike (3-12-76)

0608    Culinary march (3029084). (Culinary Workers Union on strike.) Police officer (or security guard) patrols to keep peace.

0609    Members of Culinary Union on the picket line during the strike (4-4-84). They are marching in front of Caesars palace.

0610    Children carrying picket signs during Culinary Union strike (4-12-84).

0611    Culinary Union members on picket line (Strip)-5/13/84.

0612    Construction of Fashion Show Mall-interior: (Dec. 1980)

0613    Fashion Show Mall under construction (12-23-80).

0614    1st Nevada Cavalry-pony soldiers. (1-17-75)

0615    1st Nevada Cavalry (1-23-75)

0616    Mrs. Robert Z. Hawkins of Reno who donated money from her late husband's estate to build the flashlight sculpture at UNLV.
(3-16-81;photo by David Brown)

0617    Cossje Van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg. Oldenburg created the flashlight sculpture (seen behind them) which now stands on the UNLV
campus. (3-11-81)

0618    Claes Oldenburg's signature on his flashlight sculpture. (3-11-81)

0619    Worker cleaning Claes Oldenburg's flashlight sculpture before it is erected at UNLV. (3-11-81)

0620    Flashlight sculpture by Claes Oldenburg on the UNLV campus. (c. Mar. 1981)

0621    Flashlight sculpture-UNLV. (c. March 1981)

0622    Old Mormon Fort-Las Vegas, NV.

0623    Lorenzi Park-Senior Citizens' passive area. (6-1-82)

0624    Man feeding the animals at the Las Vegas Valley Zoo. (1976)

0625    Zoo employees weighing lion cubs at the Las Vegas Valley Zoo. (1975)

0626    Cupid Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, NV. (c. 1975-85)

0627    Old Vegas grand opening. With Old Vegas president Bob Shelton looking on, Mrs. Mitchell, wife of Board Chairman Johnny Mitchell, cuts the ribbon atthe back gate of the frontier fort, marking the grand opening of Old Vegas (1980)

0628    Reproduction of a stage coach in old Vegas, replica of early Las Vegas located on Boulder Highway. (1980)

0629    Mexican style trading post at Old Vegas on the Boulder Highway. (1980)

0630    Reproduction of the San Pedro-Los Angeles-Salt Lake Railroad passenger train as seen at Old Vegas, frontier attraction on Boulder Highway. (1980)

0631    Re-creation of an early day Las Vegas saloon (interior) as seen at Old Vegas, on the Boulder Highway. (1980) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0632    Entrance to "Old Nevada" at Bonnie Springs Ranch. (1980)

0633    Main Street in "Old Nevada' at Bonnie Springs Ranch. (1980)

0634    In front of saloon, far end of town, Old Nevada. (1980)

0635    Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center. (c. 1980)


Miscellaneous 2

0636    Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, Nev., in its heyday.

0637    Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, Nev. (1980)

0638    Mizpah Hotel before its restoration. (pre-1980)

0639    Las Vegas Hilton Hotel/Casino. (c. 1970s)

0640    Skiers riding left at Lee Canyon. (c. 1970s)

0641    Las Vegas' 75th celebration, on Fremont Street. (c. 1980)

0642    Dog and his owner celebrating the 75th birthday of Las Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas, c. 1980.

0643    Eldorado Casino, Henderson, Nev. (c. 1980)

0644    Rainbow Club, Henderson, NV. (c. 1980)

0645    The historic J. Kell Houssells home rests on the UNLV campus after its move from 6th Street and Charleston. (1983) (Photo by
Patricia Mortati)

0646    Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall, UNLV.

0647    James R. Dickinson Library (c. 1970s). UNLV. (Later and addition to the building was built.)

0648    First State Bank, May 1905. Las Vegas' second bank, managed by John S. Park, maintained temporary quarters in Kuhn's Mercantile Store.

0649    L-R: Dr. Leonard Goodall, pres. of UNLV; Charles Vanda; Thomas Wright, professor of history. (1984) Occasion was the establishment of the Vanda Endowment.

0650    L-R: Dr. Leonard Goodall, UNLV president; Dr. Judith Eaton, president of Clark County Community College (CCCC); Dr. Robert Bersi, Chancellor. At CCCC commencement exercises. (May 18, 1981)

0651    L-R: Sr. Judith Eaton, President of Clark County Community College; Dr. Robert Bersi, Chancellor; Dr. Leonard Goodall, president of
UNLV. At CCC commencement exercises. (May 18, 1981)

0652    Anthony Spilotro with his attorney, Oscar Goodman (right). (4-1-80)

0653    Anthony Spilotro (rt.) with his attorney Oscar Goodman. (c. 1980)

0654    Charles Springer, Nevada Supreme Court Judge. (1980)

0655    George Stamos, Jr. (1982) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0656    William "Bill" Swackhammer, former Nevada Secretary of State. 9c. 1981)

0657    L-R: Las Vegas Mayor Bill Briare; Morgan Sweeney; Ray Daines. (1976)

0658    Lou Tabat, North Las Vegas constable and town leader. (1982)

0659    Jerry Tarkanian, former coach of UNLV basketball team. (1977)

0660 - 0669 (Vacated)

0670    Jerry Tarkanian, former UNLV basketball coach. (c. 1977)

0671    Jerry Tarkanian, former UNLV basketball coach. (c. 1977)

0672    Nevada Supreme Court Justice Gordon Thompson. He wrote an important legal opinion in the Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal appeal upholding the state's right to regulate gaming. (c. 1977-80)

0673    Jelindo A. Tiberti, prominent Las Vegas businessman with wife Marietta. (1984)

0674    Tito Tiberti, prominent Las Vegas businessman. (1978) Jelindo A. Tiberti is his father.

0675    Ed Von Tobel, SR. (c. 1977-81) (Ullom's Photo)

0676    George Von Tobel. (n.d.) (Photo by Alex Montrose) He was a prominent Las Vegas businessman.

0677    The Von Tobels: (L-R): George; Ed, Jr.; Jake. (c. late 1970s)

0678    Jake Von Tobel. (n.d.)

0679    Cashman Field Convention Complex. (10-25-83)

0680    Cashman Baseball Field, 1983. (LV News Bureau Photo)

0681    Aerial view of Las Vegas Strip, looking north from just below the Aladdin Hotel/Casino. Scenic tour plane visible in photo. (1976)

0682    Aerial view, looking northwest. Las Vegas Hilton, Landmark Hotel, Las Vegas Convention Center visible. Grand Canyon Scenic Airways
plane is visible in Sky. (1978)

0683    Crowd of people standing around the Amtrak train in Las Vegas, welcoming Amtrak's inaugural trip. (1979)

0684    Celebration marking Amtrak's inaugural trip, Las Vegas, Nev. (1979) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0685    Moe Dalitz's birthday party, 12-23-79. (Moe is holding the monkey.) Guests not identified.

0686    Guests at Moe Dalitz's birthday party (12-23-79). L-R: Barbara Schick, Cliff Jones; Mrs. Cliff Jones (?).

0687    Shecky Greene and Phyllis McGuire, guests at Moe Dalitz's birthday party. (12-23-79)

0688    Moe Dalitz (center) celebrates his birthday with guests Barbara Schick and Lee Majors (?). (12-23-79)

0689    Wayne Newton (right). (LV News Bureau Photo)

0690    Burt Bacharach (left); Paul Anka (center). (LV News Bureau Photo)

0691    Redd Foxx, comedian (center).

0691a    Sammy Davis, Jr.

0692    Roy Rogers helps his wife Dale Evans down from a Sam's Town stagecoach. (1980)

0693    O.J. Simpson (left); Frank Sinatra (center)-1980. (LV News Bureau Photo)

0694    Harry Mills (of the famous Mills Brothers) celebrates his 67th birthday (1980). At left is comedian Bill Cosby. (LV News Bureau

0695    Ben Vereen (left) and Rich Little (c. 1980) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0696    Loretta Lynn (center) signs contract with Riviera Hotel executives. (She is a country western singer.) (1980) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0697    Kenny Rogers and Dottie West. (c. 1980)

0698    Debbie Boone and Glen Campbell, performers at the Riviera Hotel. (1979) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0699    Singer Tom Jones with two fans. (1980) (LV News Bureau photo)

0700    Liberace and fan Andrea McArlle. (c. 1980) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0701    The Osmonds-Marie (center) with two of her brothers. (c. 1980) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0702    Wayne Newton (center) performing in Las Vegas. (c. 1980)

0703    Sammy Davis, Jr. (left) and Redd Foxx at Circle F Lounge, Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas. (c. 1980) (LV News Bureau Photo)

0704    Hearing held in Las Vegas to determine whether or not the Nevada Gaming Commission would grant Frank Sinatra a gaming license.    
(Hearings were held Late 1980-early 1981)

0705    Kirk Douglas testifying at Frank Sinatra's hearing for a gaming license. (c. 1980-81)

0706    Frank Sinatra testifies at the hearing to determine his suitability for a gaming license. (c. 1980-81)

0707    Actor Gregory peck testifying at a hearing before the Nevada Gaming Commission to consider Frank Sinatra's application for a gaming
license.(February 1981)

0708    Actors Gregory Peck (left, facing camera) and Kirk Douglas (right, facing camera) at Sinatra hearing before the Nevada Gaming
Commission. (Feb.1981)

0709    Spectators at the Sinatra hearings before the Nevada Gaming Commission. (Feb. 1981) Harry Wald (first row, far left); Kirk Douglas (hands to face); Gregory Peck (next to Douglas, in dark jacket).

(***Note: #0710-0749 vacated)

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Las Vegas Personalities

0750    Judge Dan Ahlstrom (6-17-79)

0751    Harry Allen, banker and former chairman of the board and president of Nevada Power Company. (8-19-77)

0752    Donn Arden, director of Strip extravaganzas. (12-23-77)

0753    Donn Arden with Strip showgirl. (c. 1970s)

0754    Dale Askew, member of Nevada Gaming Control Board. (2-9-82)

0755    Beecher Avants, former policeman and chief investigator for the district attorney. Later ran for office of sheriff. (4-2-81)

0756    North Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge Zane Azbarea. (late 1970s)

0757    District Judge Howard W. Babcock. (c. 1978)

0758    Virko Baley, professor of music, UNLV. (8-30-77)

0759    Walter Baring, U.S. Congressman from Nevada. (n.d.)

0760    Barry Becker. (7-26-74)

0761    Bruce J. Becker. (c. 1970s)

0762    Ernest J. Becker, Sr., Las Vegas home builder and land developer. (1976)

0763    L-R: Former Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson and Ernie A. Becker. (2-12-78)

0764    Ernie A. Becker (right) being honored by Cancer Society. At left is former Nevada Governor Robert List. (4-30-79)

0765    Ernest A. Becker, Jr., local contractor developer. (1-15-78)

0766    Shelley Berkley. (4-14-84)

0767    Robert M. Bersi, University of Nevada System Chancellor. (1984)

0768    Former U.S. Senator Alan Bible. (1968)

0769    U.S. Senator Alan Bible, center. (c. 1970s)

0770    James H. Bilbray, U.S. Congressman from Nevada. (5-9-84)

0771    James A. Bilbray, Clark County Assessor from 1955-1975. (2-2-81)

0772    James A. Bilbray, former Clark County Assessor. (n.d.)

0773    Sam Boyd standing in front of the California Hotel and Casino. (2-20-75)

0774    Sam Boyd arriving at Sam's Town, Las Vegas. (4-3-79)

0775    Sam Boyd (center) displaying a copy of the book Sam's Town. (5-16-80)

0776    Sam Boyd receiving a special citation. (n.d.)

0777    David Brandsness of Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. (n.d.)

0778    David Brandsness (left) and James Joyce (right). (10-20-77)

0779    District Court Judge James Brennan. (5-17-84)

0780    Mitzi Stauffer Briggs, major stockholder in the Tropicana Hotel-Casino. (c. 1977)

0781    Mitzi Stauffer Briggs. (7-30-78)

0782    Robert N. Broadbent, former Boulder City mayor and Clark County Commissioner. (9-11-80) (LV News Bureau photo)

0783    Eileen B. Brookman, former Nevada assemblywoman. (1978)

0784    Joe W. Brown. (1983)

0785    B. Mahlon Brown III, former U.S. Attorney for Nevada. (1982) At one time he served on the Las Vegas Justice Court.

0786    Judge Seymour Brown. (4-6-81)

0787    Bonnie Bryan, wife of U.S. Sen. Richard Bryan, at the inaugural ball. (1-24-83)

0788    James L. Buchanan ("Bucky"), University of Nevada Regent. (7-4-82)

0789    Dr. Charles A. Bucher, UNLV. (11-29-82)

0790    Dr. Paul Burns, UNLV. (c. 1980-84)

0791    President George Bush shakes hands with supporters in Las Vegas (5-14-80) (He was Vice-President when photo was taken.)

0792    Shannon Bybee, former member of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. (c. 1980s)

0793    Robbins Cahill. (7-24-79)

0794    Robbins Cahill. (7-24-79)

0795    John F. Cahlan. (9-2-79)

0796    John F. Cahlan. (9-2-79)

0797    Helen C. Cannon and drawing of Helen C. Cannon Junior High School which was named for her. (11-25-77)

0798    Helen Cannon with Las Vegas Mayor Bill Briare. (5-25-77)

0799    Helen C. Cannon is honored. (1-27-82)

0800    U.S. Senator Howard Cannon. (n.d.)

0801    U.S. Senator Howard Cannon. (1980)

0802    U.S. Senator Howard Cannon.

0803    U.S. Senator Howard Cannon.

0804    Howard and Dorothy Cannon. (3-3-81)

0805    Clark County Commissioner Manuel ("Manny") Cortez. (1982)

0806    Clark County Commission Chairman Manuel Cortez receiving NAC Achievement Award. (c. 1980s)

0807    U.S. Sen. Howard Cannon (rt.) welcomes President Jimmy Carter. (11-23-76)

0808    James Cashman III, prominent Las Vegan and member of a pioneer family. (1-28-81)

0809    Las Vegas City Commissioner Paul Christensen. (1981)

0810    U.S. District Court Judge Harry E. Claiborne. (1977)

0811    Bob Coffin, Nevada assemblyman. (1982)

0812    State Treasurer Stan Colton (c. late 1970s)

0813    Walter Cronkite, holding one of their lion cubs, poses with Las Vegas entertainers Siegfried (left) and Roy. (1982)

0814    Walter Cronkite, famous newscaster, speaking at the Desert Inn Hotel. (1982)

0815    Walter Cronkite speaking at the Desert Inn Hotel. (1982)

0816    Joe Crowley, president of University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). (c. 1979-80)

0817    Darrel R. Daines, Clark County Controller. (1982)

0818    Roy H. Daines, judge and former mayor of North Las Vegas. (c. early 1970s)

0819    Moe B. Dalitz. (1976)

0820    Dr. Lawrence Dandurand, UNLV Marketing Department. (1981)

0821    Richard G. Danner, Sands Hotel executive. (4-24-79)

0822    Ned Day, Las Vegas journalist. (c. late 1970s, early '80s)

0823    Ned Day, Las Vegas journalist. (4-25-77)

0824    Clarabelle H. Decker, veteran Las Vegas educator, with Anna Dean Kepper (right). (5-30-78)

0825    Clarabelle H. Decker honored at elementary school named for her. (11-10-80)

0826    Clarabelle H. Decker, veteran educator. (1978)

0827    Joe Delaney (left), Las Vegas journalist, and comedian Bill Cosby. (c. 1970s)

0828    Joe Delaney accepting an award for his participation in "Nite of Stares"--a benefit for St. Jude's Ranch for Children. (1972)

0829    Mead Dixon, chairman of the board, Harrah's. (c. 1970s)

0830    Gaming pioneer Carl Cohen (left) receiving an award.

0831    Harvey Dondero, Las Vegas educator. (1980)

0832    Harvey N. Dondero (right) at dedication of elementary school named for him. (1977) second from left is Kenny Guinn, Clark County
Superintendent of Schools; next to him is veteran educator Helen Cannon. (man at left, no i.d.)

0833    Thalia Dondero, former Clark County Commission Chairman. (3-84)

0834    Thalia Dondero, former Clark County Commissioner. (1979)

0835    Russell Dorn, former Las Vegas City Manager. (1983)

0836    Forrest Duke, standing second from left. (12-75)

0837    Ruby Duncan. (n.d.)

0838    Ruby Duncan. (10-4-81)

0839    Jimmy Durante (left), talking with veteran. (n.d.)

0840    Former Clark County Assessor Jean Dutton, (6-28-78)

0841    Dr. Judith Eaton, former president of Clark County Community College. (4-14-80)

0842    Peter Echeverria, former chairman of the Nev. Gaming Commission. (6-3-76)

0843    Peter Echeverria, former chairman of the Nev. Gaming Commission. (n.d.)

0844    Eugene Echols, former mayor of North Las Vegas. 9c. early 1970s) He was later elected state senator from NLV.

0845    Eugene Echols, when he was mayor of North Las Vegas. 9c. early 1970s)

0846    Margaret Elardi (1980).

0847    L-R: Margaret Elardi and former Governor Robert List. (1982)

0848    Ralph Engelstad, Imperial Palace. (1983)

0849    L-R: Ralph Engelstad, dr. Lonnie Hammargren, Robert and Vera Goulet at the first Antique Auto Run. (LV News Bureau Photo)

0850    Ed Fike, former State Assemblyman and Nevada Lieutenant Governor. (c. '70s)

0851    L-R: Ed Fike and Bill Raggio. (c. 1970s)

0852    Ed Fike (4-15-81)

0853    John P. Foley (1978), lawyer, state senator, municipal judge, and candidate for governor.

0854    Joseph Foley, University of Nevada regent. (1984)

0855    Former U.S. District Judge Roger Foley. (1984)

0856    District Judge Thomas A. Foley. (1984)

0857    Lilly Fong, member of University of Nevada Board of Regents.

0858    Lilly Fong (1974 photo).

0859    Sui Mon Fong. (1978)

0860    Las Vegas businessman Wing Fong. (1978)

0861    Former State Senator Jean Ford (c. late 1970s)

0862    L-R: Nevada state assemblyman Karen Hayes, state senators Jean Ford and Floyd Lamb. (c. late 1970s)

0863    Jean Ford. (1978)

0864    Ed Fountain. (n.d.)

0865    Former North Las Vegas city attorney George Franklin. (1982)

0866    Bill Friedman, formerly president of the Castaways Hotel/Casino and the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall. Also a noted author on
gambling. (1976)

0867    Bill Friedman. (1982)

0868    W.W. Galloway, former Clark County Treasurer. (1978)

0869    W.W. Galloway. (c. 1970s)

0870    Elton M. Garrett (rt.) at the dedication of the elementary school named for him. (1979)

0871    Elton M. Garrett (right), 1979.

0872    Madelaine Garrett (1976).

0873    Mahlon E. Gates, manager of the Nevada Operations Office of the U.S. Dept. of Energy. (1982)

0874    Dr. Arthur Gentile, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, UNLV. (1978)

0875    James I. Gibson, former Nevada state senator. (n.d.)

0876    James I. Gibson. (1978)

0877    Allen Glick, formerly president of Argent Corporation. (1978) The Argent Corp. at one time owned the Stardust and Fremont Hotels in
Las Vegas.

0878    District Court Judge Paul S. Goldman. (c. 1980)

0879    U.S. Senator Barry M. Goldwater, Sr. (1979)

0880    L-R: U.S. Sen. Barry M. Goldwater, Sr. (Arizona); (?) ; U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt (Nevada). (1979)

0881    Pancho Gonzales, former professional tennis player and teaching pro at Caesars Palace. (1982)

0882    Leonard E. Goodall, professor and former president of UNLV. (1983)

0883    Oscar Goodman, prominent Las Vegas attorney. (1982)

0884    Theron H. Goynes. (c. late 1970s)

0885    Theron H. Goynes. (n.d.)

0886    Bonnie Gragson (1976). (LV News Bureau photo)

0887    Bonnie Gragson (left) at a party held in her honor. (n.d.)

0888    L-R: U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt (Nev.); Claude Perkins; (?); they were guests at a party honoring Bonnie Gragson. (n.d.)

0889    Archie C. Grant. (n.d.)

0890    Dan Gray, North Las Vegas politician. (c. 1970s)

0891    R. Guild Gray (left), Las Vegas educator, receives award from Manny Cortez. (1981)

0892    H.M. "Hank" Greenspun. (1984)

0893    Dr. Kenny C. Guinn. (1-13-80)

0894    Dr. Kenny C. Guinn, former Clark County Superintendent of Schools.

0895    Dr. Kenny C. Guinn. (1980)

0896    Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice E.M."Al" Gunderson. (c. late 1970s)

0897    Judge E.M. "Al" Gunderson (left) and Harry Reid (second from right). Others not identified. (1973)

0898    District Court Judge Addeliar ("Dell") Guy. (1984)

0899    Author Alex Haley (center) signs copies of his book Roots in Las Vegas. At left is Las Vegas Mayor Bill Briare. (1977)

0900    Betty Ham. (1977)

0901    Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, Las Vegas physician and member of University of Nevada Board of Regents. (1980)

0902    Doris Hancock (rt.) at elementary school named for her. (1-25-81)

0903    Doris Hancock poses with school children at the elementary school named for her. (1-25-81)

0904    Harley E. Harmon, well-known Las Vegas businessman. (c. 1979)

0905    Harley L. Harmon. (ca. late 1970s)

0906    William F. Harrah, Nevada gaming magnate. (1978) He was one of the state's pioneer casino operators.

0907    North Las Vegas Mayor Earl Hartke. (c. 1959)

0908    NLV Mayor Earl Hartke (rt.) meets with U.S. Senator from Nevada Howard Cannon (center) in Washington, D.C.

0909    District Court Judge Keith Hayes. (1979)

0910    Charles Henderson, former Nevada U.S. Senator for whom Henderson, Nevada is named. (1978)

0911    Thomas J. Hickey, Nevada state assemblyman. (c. 1978)

0912    Barron Hilton. (1980)

0913    J. Kell Houssels, Jr., 1979. (LV News Bureau Photo)

0914    J. Kell Houssels III. (1983)

0915    District Court Judge Stephen L. Huffaker. (1980)

0916    Federal Judge Proctor Hug, Jr. (c. 1977)

0917    (Left) Hubert H. Humphrey, Vice-President of the United States and (right) Senator Howard Cannon. (Nev.)

0918    Nick Janise, North Las Vegas Chief of Police. (n.d.)

0919    L-R: Nick Janise, North Las Vega Chief of Police. (n.d.)

0920    Clifford A. Jones, prominent Las Vegas attorney. (1981)

0921    Clifford A. Jones, prominent Las Vegas attorney. (1981)

0922    Walter Kane, entertainment director for the Summa Corporation. (1979)

0923    Entertainer Wayne Newton (left) and Summa Corp. entertainment director Walter Kane. (c. 1979)

0924    Chris Karamanos, University Of Nevada regent. (1980)

0925    Governor Mike O'Callaghan presenting citation to Laura Belle Kelch as 1977 Mother of the Year. (LV News Bureau)

0926    Max and Laura Bella Kelch. (1977)

0927    Maxwell Kelch, Las Vegas pioneer and civic leader. (1977)

0928    Dick King, founder of the newspaper that became the Valley Times. (c.late '70s)

0929    Senator Edward ("Ted") Kennedy campaigning. (1980)

0930    Senator Edward ("Ted") Kennedy, center, at a political function. (c.early '80s)

0931    Mary Kincaid, North Las Vegas city council member. (1983)

0932    Sarann Knight Preddy. (1979)

0933    Sarann Knight Preddy, NAACP First Vice-President, with Sen. Howard Cannon ('79)

0934    Darwin Lamb, 1980. (LV News Bureau Photo)

0935    Former State Senator Floyd Lamb. (1980)

0936    Former Clark County Sheriff Ralph Lamb. (1978)

0937    Don Laughlin. (5-17-81)

0938    Myron Leavitt, Nevada Lieutenant Governor & Clark County Commissioner. (1978)

0939    Myron Leavitt (left) and Richard Bryan (right). (1980)

0940    L-R: Governor Robert List and wife Kathy; Lt. Governor Myron Leavitt and wife Shirley. Inaugural Ball, 1979.

0941    Nevada Governor Robert List. (1980)

0942    Nevada Governor Robert List. (1984)

0943    L-R: Nevada Governor Robert List, President Ronald Reagan, and Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt.

0944    Art Lurie, Las Vegas businessman. (1979)

0945    Ron Lurie, former mayor of Las Vegas. (1979)

0946    John McCarthy, former sheriff of Clark County. (1979)

0947    Former Clark County Sheriff John McCarthy.

0948    Vacated.

0949    Vacated.

0950    Las Vegas Justice of the Peace John S. McGroarty. (1982)

0951    Red McIlvaine. (1980)

0952    Brian McKay, former Nevada attorney general. (1983)

0953    Jerome D. Mack. (1983)

0954    Nate Mack. (1981)

0955    Robert Maheu. (1977)

0956    Nevada Supreme Court Justice Noel E. Manoukian. (1983)

0957    Dr. William C. Marchant, UNLV. (1980)

0958    Dwight A. Marshall, a former dean at UNLV. (1975)

0960    Dr. Paul Meacham, former president of Clark County Community College. (1983)

0960a    Judge John Mendoza. (1984)

0961    Governor Robert Miller, when he was district attorney. (c. 1970s)

0962    Robert Miller (1982). Later became governor of Nevada.

0963    Vice-President Walter F. Mondale campaigning for fellow Democrats in Nevada. (1978) Bob Rose, center.

0964    Former Vice-President Walter F. Mondale (left) and Nevada Senator Howard Cannon. (ca. late 1970s)

0965    Chief Justice John Mowbray (second from left) is honored at dedication of John Mowbray Hall. (1974)

0966    Chief Justice John Mowbray. (c. early 1970s)

0967    Dr. Donald Moyer, former president of UNLV. (1979)

0968    Nevada state senator Joe Neal. (ca. 1970s)

0969    Dr. Al Negratti. (1981)

0970    Former Nevada Governor Mike O'Callaghan. (1980)

0971    Claes Oldenburg, sculptor who created the "flashlight" sculpture on the UNLV campus. (1980)

0972    Stanley Paher. (1974)

0973    Stanley Paher (left) and Nevada Governor Robert List. (1981) List is holding Paher's book, Nevada: An Annotated Bibliography.

0974    Roy L. Parrish, chief of Clark County Fire Department. (1978)

0975    Judge Joseph Pavlikowski. (1984)

0976    Dr. Claude Perkins, former superintendent of Clark County School Dist. (1980)

0977    Clifford Perlman, Las Vegas gaming executive. (c. 1983) (LV News Bureau)

0978    Former Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer (left) greets Clifford Perlman. (c.1981)

0979    Dr. Douglas Peterson, music professor at UNLV. (1979)

0980    Jack Petitti, North Las Vegas politician. He also served as a Clark County Commissioner. (c. 1984)

0981    Dr. James Pughsley, former associate superintendent in the Clark County School District. (1979)

0982    William "Bill" Raggio, Nevada politician. (c. 1983)

0983    Claude M. Rand, UNLV professor. (1980)

0984    Dr. Otto Ravenholt, chief medical officer for the Clark County Health District. (c. 1970s)

0985    William S. ("Si") Redd, International Game Technology (IGT) founder and chairman. He was a pioneer in the video slot machine
industry. (c. 1980)

0986    Ash Resnick. (1979)

0987    Donald W. Reynolds, founder and president of Donrey Media Group. (n.d.)

0988    Major A. Riddle, Las Vegas gambling pioneer. (c. 1970s) He opened the Dunes, Silver City, and Silver Nugget and turned the old
Thunderbird into the Silverbird.

0989    Local politician Richard J. ("Dick") Ronzone. (1980)

0990    Former Lieutenant Governor Robert Rose. (c. 1970s)

0991    Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal. (c. 1970s) He was a controversial Las Vegas gaming figure, supposedly having ties to the Chicago Mob.

0992    Dr. Ralph Roske, UNLV history professor. (c. 1979)

0993    Former U.S. Congressman James Santini (Nev.)-c. 1974.

0994    Former Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer. (n.d.)

0995    Former Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer. (1975)

0996    Ben Schmoutey, formerly president of Culinary Union Local 226. (1981)

0997    (Left): Gene Wines Segerblom, Boulder City artist. (1981) (LV News Bur.)

0998    Frank Sennes, responsible for bringing the "Lido de Paris" to Las Vegas. (c. 1970s)

0999    Arnold Shaw displays his book, Honkers and Shouters. (1979)

1000    Louis Simonoff, Associate Professor of Mathematics, UNLV. (1982) He was also a magic instructor. (UNLV photo)

1001    Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder, Las Vegas odds maker. (1979)

1002    Mary Soss, owner of Fanny's Dress Shop. (1979)

1003    Fanny's Dress Shop, Las Vegas. (1979)

1004    A. Wilber Stevens, UNLV English professor. (c. 1970s-80s)

1005    Erle A. Taylor. (c. 1977)

1006    Major General R.G. ("Zack") Taylor, retired military officer and Las Vegas businessman. (1980)

1007    Major General R.G. ("Zack") Taylor. (1982)

1008    North Las Vegas Mayor William L. Taylor. (c. 1981)

1009    E. Parry Thomas, Las Vegas civic leader and philanthropist. (1981)

1010    E. Parry Thomas and wife Peggy. Thomas was guest of honor at testimonial dinner at the Dunes. (Dec. 4, 1977)

1011    Testimonial dinner at the Dunes Hotel (Dec. 4, 1977). "Salute to E. Parry Thomas". L-R: Gov. Mike O'Callaghan, E. Parry Thomas, actor Kirk Douglas, Senator Howard Cannon, Hank Greenspun.

1012    E. Parry Thomas (left) and Kirk Douglas. (Dec. 4, 1977) See photo #1011.

1013    L-R: E. Parry Thomas and entertainer Wayne Newton. (1980)

1014    District Court Judge Charles Thompson. (1978)

1015    George Ullom, Jr. (1980) He held several public offices including registrar of voters.

1016    Dr. John Unrue, English professor and later provost at UNLV. (1980)

1017    Dr. Herman Van Betten, prominent educator. He was a professor at UNLV and member of the local school board. (c. 1975-85)

1018    Dr. Charles Vanda. (c. 1980s) At one time director of the UNLV Performing Arts Center, he also created the Master Series.

1019    Del E. Webb, gambling pioneer. (c. 1980s?)

1020    Dr. Hart Wegner, UNLV professor of film studies. (1980)

1021    Julie Weintraub, gambling figure. (c. 1977) He popularized gambling "junkets" and helped build the Dunes Hotel into one of the biggest casinos of its time.

1022    Julie Weintraub. (c. early 1980s)

1023    Dr. Robert E. Wentz, former Clark County Superintendent of Schools. (1982)

1024    Reed Whipple, prominent Las Vegan. (1980)

1025    Judge Earl W. White, Jr. (1984)

1026    Dr. Juanita Greer White, college professor and University of Nevada Regent. (c. 1970s-80s)

1027    Louis Wiener. (n.d.)

1028    Thomas N. ("Tom") Wiesner, prominent Las Vegas businessman. (c. 1980)

1029    A.E. "Bert" Wile. (n.d.) He was a Las Vegas police officer in the 1930s.

1030    Aaron Williams, county commissioner. (1972)

1031    Claudine B. Williams, Las Vegas businesswoman and gaming executive. (1979)

1032    Tom Williams, "Father of North Las Vegas", stands in front of his campground store. (n.d.)

1033    Mr. And Mrs. Tom Williams (left).

1034    Tom Williams-"Father of North Las Vegas". (1964)

1035    Thomas C. Wilson, co-founder of Nevada Day which was started in 1938.

1036    Dr. Clare Woodbury (center), local educator, receives award from Dr. Herman Van Betten (right). (1978)

1037    Roy Woofter, former district attorney and city commissioner for Las Vegas. (1974)

1038    Leroy Zike, Henderson mayor. (1981)

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Clark County Community College


1039    Clark County Community College, 3200 East Cheyenne, North Las Vegas, Nevada. (first campus) (c. early 1980s) (OVERSIZE)

1040    Aerial view of Clark County Community College, Cheyenne campus.(c. early 1980s) (OVERSIZE)

1041    Aerial view of Clark County Community College, Cheyenne campus. (.1980s)

1042    Clark County Community College, Henderson campus (c. 1981)

1043    Clark County Community College, Henderson campus. (c.1981-82)

1044    Clark County Community College, Cheyenne campus. (c. 1980s)

1045    U.S. Senator Howard Cannon (Nev.) c. 1981

1046    L-R: Harry Reid (later U.S. Senator) and Judith Eaton, president of Clark
County Community College. (c. early 19801)

1047    Dr. Paul Meacham, president of Clark County Community College, and June
Whitley, member of the Board of Regents, at Martin Luther King parade. (1-14-84)

1048    Al Balboni, faculty member at Clark County Community College. (c. early '80s)

1049    Judith S. Eaton, president of Clark County Community College, c. 1979.

1050    Governor Richard Bryan (Nev.) and Paul Meacham (right), Clark County
Community College President. (4-27-84)

1051    Judith Eaton, Pres. of Clark County Community College (center) and Leonard
Goodall, UNLV President. (right) (c. early 1980s)

1052    L-R: Leonard Goodall, President of UNLV; Judith Eaton, president of Clark
County Community College. (c. early 1980s)

1053    U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt (left) and Judith Eaton (right), President of Clark
County Community College. Laxalt was visiting CCCC campus (10-23-80)



1054    L-R: James L. "Bucky" Buchanan, Lilly Fong, with Judith Eaton, Pres. of
Clark County Community College. (Buchanan and Fong were members of the
Board of Regents.) (c. 1979)

1055    Judith Eaton (center), President of Clark County Community College. Las Vegas Mayor Bill Briare (right). (9-5-80)

1056    Father Caesar Civilian, member of the advisory board for the Clark County
Community College, Henderson campus. (March 25, 1981)

1057    Judith Eaton, President of Clark County Community College (left), with State
Senator Floyd R. Lamb. (c. 1979)

1058    L-R; Dr. Paul Meacham, President of Clark County Community College;
Congressman Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Reid later served as U.S. senator. (1/16/84)

1059    Nevada Governor Robert List (left) preparing for the inauguration of CCC
President Judith Eaton (2nd from right). Dec. 1979.

1060    Judith Eaton, President of Clark County Community College, displays plaque
to be presented to U.S. Senator Howard Cannon (right). (May 1981)

1061    Former Nevada Governor Mike O'Callaghan with Clark County Community
College President Judith Eaton. (Either a graduation ceremony or Eaton's
Inauguration ceremony.) (c. 1979-80)

1062    U.S. Senator Howard Cannon displays his community recognition award
bestowed on him by the Clark County Community College. (May 1981)

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