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Valder and Esper Esau Photograph Collection

Extent: 1.3 Linear Feet (2 hanging folders)

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Collection Contents:
The Valda and Esper Esau Photographs (approximately 1958-2006) depict the Lido de Paris show. The collection consists of forty-three
images. The images depict of Bluebell girls, Las Vegas landmarks, behind the scenes of the Lido de Paris show at the Stardust Hotel, and personal photographs of Valda Boyne Esau.

0001 First Lido show at the Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas, 1958. L-R: Valda Boyne, Enid
Mills (line captain).
0002 Publicity photo taken at Red Rock Canyon west of Las Vegas, Christmas, 1958.
Four of the Bluebell Girls: L-R: Valda Boyne, Marie (last name?), Annette
McKay, Susan Cartwright.
0003 Publicity photo of Valda Boyne at Frank Goldberg's Golf Manor Apartments
located on Paradise Road opposite the Desert Inn Golf Course. (1958)
0004 Bluebell Girls: Valda Boyne (left); Velleda (2nd from right). (1958) Publicity
photo with bird in a cage.
0005 Publicity photo of Bluebell Girls, taken summer of 1958. Taken in a Las Vegas
restaurant or diner. Valda Boyne at right.
0006 Three of the Bluebell Girls. L-R: Valda Boyne, Velleda Jacob, Penny Parfitt.
0007 Bluebell Girls at pool side, Stardust Hotel, summer of 1958. Right side of bar,
next to blonde: Lynn, Enid, Valda, Velleda.
0008 Publicity shot at Red Rock Canyon Christmas 1958. Valda Boyne (left) and
Annette McKay, two of the Bluebell Girls.
0009 Valda Boyne costumed for "C'Est Magnifique" (Le Lido de Paris) at the Stardust
Hotel. (Sept. 28, 1958)
0010 L-R: Susan Cartwright, Penny Parfitt, Valda Boyne, three of the Bluebell Girls.
Prologue of "C'Est Magnifique" in Le Lido de Paris at the Stardust Hotel.
(July 1958)
0011 Valda Boyne dancing an Italian number in "C'Est Magnifique", Le Lido de Paris,
Stardust Hotel. October 1958.
0012 Valda Boyne (foreground) and Velleda Jacob (rt.), October 1958. Performing a
dance number in the Lido at the Stardust Hotel.
0013 Some of the Bluebell Girls: Valda Boyne Esau (ctr.) and Carole Sharpley (rt.)--
Lido show at the Stardust in Las Vegas. (October 1958)
0014 Stardust Hotel-Lido show-"C'Est Magnifique"-1958. L-R: front: Lindsay
Anderson, Buddy Bryan, and Valda Boyne Esau.
0015 Taken during the Carillon Hearing Aid Convention at the Stardust Hotel, Las
Vegas, Nov. 1958. L-R: Susan, Annette, Carole, Velleda, Penny, Angie, Valda,
Sandra.    (Bluebell Girls from the Lido.)
0016 Carole Sharpley and Buddy Bryan's wedding reception on the "Maxim's" set at
the Lido-Stardust Hotel-September. 15, 1958. People identified on back of photo.
0017 First Lido closing show celebration-Fall 1959-Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas.
Frank Sennes (left front); Lorna Jacobs (behind him); Susan Briggs (next to
Lorna); Allard Roen (nest to Susan); next to Roen, L-R: Sheila, Linda, Enid Mills; Tommy McDonald (wearing light suit); Milton Jaffe (?) next to Tommy; Johnny
Drew (far right).

0018 Roman dance number-Lido de Paris-Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. (1958)
Valda Boyne (2nd from left, front row); Carole Sharpley (back, far right);
Penny Parfitt (in front of Carole.)
0019 Roman dance number-see photo #0018-Valda Boyne (front, center) ; Penny Parfitt (back, to Valda's right); and Susan Cartwright (far right). (1958)
0020 Bluebell Girls pose near airplane Chicago, Illinois, June 20, 1958.
0021 Bluebell Girls and Monsieur Pierre Lewis- Guerin on steps of plane-Chicago, Illinois.    June 20, 1958.
0022 L-R: Louis Folco (costume designer), dancer Valda Boyne, and Emily Warren
(head wardrobe mistress). The third Lido show at the Stardust Hotel in Las
Vegas. (Oct. 1960) This costume was for the Tyrol dance number.
0023 Opening of the Stardust Golf Course on Desert Inn Road and Eastern Avenue
(1961). L-R: Tommy McDonald , Gaby Whitaker, Valda Boyne, Howard
Capps (DI golf pro). They are burying a time capsule.
0024 Opening of Stardust Golf Course-1961. L-R: Tommy McDonald, Merv
Adelson, Gaby Whitaker, Irwin Molasky, Valda Boyne, Howard Capps. They are burying a time capsule.
0025 Esper Esau in light booth, Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas. (April 1964) Man
behind him is Pete Dante.
0026 Three Bluebells in costume for Russian number in the third Lido show at the
Stardust. L-R: Valda Boyne, Valevue, Pamela Smith. (October 1961)
(color photo)
0027 Three Bluebell Girls in costume for third Lido show at the Stardust 1961.
L-R: Valda Boyne Esau, Pam Smith Kreichbaumer, Audrey Mortimer.
(color photo)
0028 Valda Boyne Esau May 1960. This portrait was used in the Lido program.
0029 L-R; Susan Briggs and Valda Boyne Esau-1960. Taken at the Stardust pool.
0030 Valda Boyne poses for a publicity shot at the Stardust pool. (Nov. 1960)
0031 Susan Briggs and Valda Boyne Esau in a publicity photo at the Stardust pool-
November 1960. Taken for National Beverage Association.
0032 Publicity photo for new tennis courts at the Desert Inn Hotel, Las Vegas.
(July 1961) L-R: Jill Salsbury, Valda Boyne Esau.
0033 Valda Boyne Esau in another publicity photo at the Stardust Hotel pool--
November 1960.
0034 "Madame Bluebell" (Margaret Kelly) is pictured with her children, 1963.
L-R: Francis, Jean-Paul, Madame B., Florence, and Patrick.
0035 Donn Arden and Valda Boyne Esau at his home in "Tres Vistas"-
Southern California. (color) July 19, 1984.
0036 L-R: Donn Arden, Valda Esau, Esper Esau, neighbor. July 19, 1984. Arden discussing his upcoming production at the MGM. (color)
0037 One of the specialty acts in the Lido at the Stardust Hotel-c. 1960s.
0038 Stardust Hotel light booth-Esper Esau seated at right. (1959)
0039 Marvin Roy and Carole Lido act, c. 1960s.
0040 Publicity photo for the new Stardust Golf Course-1960. Valda Boyne Esau (left) and Jill Salisbury.
0041 Wilbur Clark with, L-R: Patrice, Sylvia, and Valda at New York airport.
(June 1958)
0042 Valda and Esper Esau (right) with Sylvia Harris at the closing show of the
Lido at the Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas. (Feb. 1, 1991) (color)
0043 Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas, NV., Oct. 18, 2006. L-R: Rosalind (Sydney, Aus.),
Annette (Nice, France), Julie (house hostess), Valda (Sedona, AZ), Penny
(California). Mini-reunion for some of the Bluebell Girls. (color)

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