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Photo Collections Record

Nadine Tobin Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:A

Collection Contents:
0001    Parade of people in costume passing building of Hogan and Westlake

0002    Mill School class picture, 5th-6th grades, 1943

0003    Parade float entitled, "Last Frontier," Abe Lincoln seated

0004    Parade float entitled, "Treasure Island"

0005    War plane being towed by jeep in parade

0006    Parade float, "Call of the Wild"

0007    Wilbur Clark's "Desert Inn" float

0008    Parade float, "Wizard of Oz"

0009    Parade float, "Ramona" with car "Hairgrove Drilling Co."

0010    Parade float, "Circus Life, Wildcat Lair," ? Carnation Dept.

0011    Spectators at parade, outside of Wagner Motor Sales

0012    Parade float, "Golden Nugget"

0013    Parade float, "Flamingo Hotel"

0014    Parade float, "Las Vegas Club"

0015    Parade float, "Helldorado"

0016    Parade float, "I.S.P G.E.N"

0017    Spectators at parade outside of unidentified building

0018    Parade float, "Nevada's First Atomic Bomb"

0019    Boulder Club float, "Three Musketeers"