Collection Design: Curating a Collection of Twitter JSON Data

Learn how to curate a collection of Twitter JSON data by Miranda Barrie


Before you start collecting Twitter data, it is important to clearly define your research questions to ensure that the tweets returned from Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API) meet your needs as a researcher. The second tutorial in the 1 October Twitter Data Collection series will walk you through the collection design process and provides a checklist to help organize your collection. For the purposes of this tutorial, the process will assume that the collection will be created using Twarc, an open-source tool from Documenting the Now which allows users with Twitter developer access to collect Twitter data.

Click here to access the tutorial.


Through a series of tutorials, UNLV libraries is working to make the 1 October Twitter Collection accessible to researchers across a diverse range of disciplines. You can access the publicly available dataset here. UNLV students, staff, and faculty can access the private dataset here. The first tutorial in the 1 October Twitter Collection series can be found here.

For any questions regarding the use of the dataset, please email Miranda Barrie and Thomas Padilla.

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