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MGM Resorts Pledges $25K to Support UNLV University Libraries Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada Project

By skennedy on April 19, 2018 1:42 PM | Permalink

MGM Resorts International has announced that it will provide $25,000 to support the UNLV University Libraries’ Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada project.

“We greatly appreciate the support of MGM Resorts in funding this important project to expand the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada historical record to include more stories highlighting our region’s Latinx communities,” said Maggie Farrell, Dean of the UNLV University Libraries. “Approximately 29 percent of Southern Nevada residents and more than 25 percent of UNLV’s student body are Latinx. Through the support of MGM Resorts, we will ensure that the contributions of these diverse communities are preserved so that future generations can learn more about their achievements, aspirations, and experiences.”

The MGM gift will be matched by a National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant that was awarded to UNLV University Libraries in December 2017.

“MGM Resorts remains committed to our long-standing support of the Latinx communities here in Las Vegas,” said Tony Gladney, VP National Diversity Relations. “We are glad we could be a part of this innovative story telling project, which will help future generations learn about their heritage and the achievements of those in the Latinx community.”

Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada is an oral history and community engagement project aimed at expanding the diversity of the voices that UNLV University Libraries Special Collections and Archives preserves.

“By collecting these stories, we will weave a more diverse, comprehensive tapestry about the lives and thoughts of all our residents for future study,” said Michelle Light, Director of Special Collections and Archives. “With the generous support of MGM Resorts, we will begin hiring and training students to collect these oral histories.”

Under the direction of Claytee White, Director of the Oral History Research Center, and Project Coordinator Barbara Tabach, UNLV University Libraries will hire 8-12 bilingual UNLV students to collect 90 oral histories for the project. The UNLV University Libraries will also host three community events to encourage dialogue between generations about their experiences living and working in Southern Nevada.

For more information about contributing to the Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada project, contact Kelly McCarthy, Director of Development for UNLV University Libraries, at 702-895-2239 or