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Eadington Gaming Fellow Massimo Leone: In Residence Sept 2-Sept 8

By Su Kim Chung on September 5, 2017 6:12 PM | Permalink


Special Collections and Archives and the Center for Gaming Research are delighted to welcome our latest Eadington Fellow, Massimo Leone.

Massimo Leone is Professor of Semiotics, Cultural Semiotics, and Visual Semiotics at the Department of Philosophy, University of Turin, Italy and Director of the MA Program in Communication Studies at the same University. He graduated in Communication Studies from the University of Siena, and holds a DEA in History and Semiotics of Texts and Documents from Paris VII, an MPhil in Word and Image Studies from Trinity College Dublin, a PhD in Religious Studies from the Sorbonne, and a PhD in Art History from the University of Fribourg (CH). His work focuses on semiotics, semiotic of culture, and visual semiotics.

During his fellowship, Leone will study early modern and modern materials bearing on the relation between Christianity and gaming, as well as on secular attempts at gambling moralization.

Leone's colloquium talk, "Praying and Gambling"  is scheduled for September 8, 2017, 2pm, Goldfield Room, UNLV campus. To attend, RSVP online at or contact Lonnie Marshall at