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New Search Bar for the Libraries Website

By Michael Yunkin on July 9, 2012 4:26 PM | Permalink
Link to SandboxAs promised, here is a mostly functioning version of the redesigned Search Bar: - Only accessible within the Library network

Some things to note:
  1. This is -- as always -- a first draft. A lot of thought went into the labels and what's included here, but until we a) get feedback, and b) do some real usability testing, nothing here is set in stone.
  2. Some of the labels that currently exist in the search box (Catalog, A-Z List of Journals) aren't going away -- they're just located in a slightly different place that isn't shown here.
  3. Please let us know of any non-working functionality or general strangeness! We're hoping this works as it should on any browser, but sometimes bugs happen (especially in IE).
  4. Site Search doesn't do anything because, well, there's no site to search yet.
What feedback we're looking for:
  1. What's missing here? We know of some things that were purposely left out (for now, at least), but what do you think really, really needs to be here that isn't?
  2. Is the functionality working properly? Does it display right? Does it search the right things?
  3. Anything else.
Just a reminder, John's mock-ups showing the general design (but not necessarily the real content) are available in an earlier post.

As always you can make comments either in the comments area below or in an email to me or any other member of the WMC or WADS.

Thank you!!


Submitted by pgriffis on
I like the options in the search bar but when I change an option, my search terms disappear which is not currently the case for QuickSearch on our homepage now. A question to pose for feedback could be whether to have search terms persist or not when options are changed in the pull down menu of the search bar.
Submitted by myunkin on
I didn't notice that before, and agree with Patrick that that can be irritating.
Submitted by azald on
There's alot to like in this search box!! As always, context helps me to evaluate the parts - when you are able to let us know how/where the other search options (for the more expert searcher) will be positioned in relation to the Quick Search box, that will be very helpful. Using IE the search box has an extra white space just underneath which distracts my eye from seeing where to click/type my search terms. In addition, when I mouse over the bar within which HOME is positioned there is a wide white bar which also distracts from where to position the cursor to actually do a search. The white box that appears around HOME is as wide as the "Welcome to Libraries Search Bar" box.
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Submitted by jbrown on
I chose the articles tab. The search box says "search articles." Perhaps "enter search term(s)" would be clearer?
Submitted by cgrzecka (not verified) on
I will add persistent search terms to the form. Thanks for the feedback and agree it should function as stated.
Submitted by pfinley on
Can the default text in the Catalog: Author box read search catalog by author (example: Rothman, Hal) or something else that indicates lastname, firstname? I'm sure this has already been contemplated and rejected, but I would like an option labeled Journal Holdings that searched the serials solutions list (Find e-Journals by Title). I know it's harder to use, but you could also use that default text to cue users that it only searches titles. It can't be any harder to use than the catalog:subject search. any chance you could put in some kind of autocomplete of LC subject headings on the catalog:subject option?
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