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New Content Map...

By Michael Yunkin on June 29, 2012 10:33 AM | Permalink
Here's the latest version of the Content Map for the library's website redesign.

Some of you may recall the earlier version of the map (a massive PDF/Illustrator behemoth, one version of which is still hanging next to my desk). This update incorporates feedback from a series of meetings with groups and individuals throughout the Libraries (including Admin; the group formerly known as Instruction; Circulation; Computer Services; and people in charge of Gov Docs, Distance Ed., and Microforms) as well as general changes that became clear as we thought more about user needs.

Here's a quick primer on how to read it:

  1. Each node represents a page, EXCEPT...
  2. Nodes with red text. These are either lists of links that will appear on a page somewhere, or (at the bottom) a list of blocks that will appear throughout the site (it will become clearer exactly what a "block" is when we start looking closer at the mockups).
  3. Some nodes (for example, the staff directory) are database-driven, and will contain multiple (even hundreds of) pages.

What not here (on purpose!):
Nothing related to About the Libraries other than Library Employment is here, because I didn't want to clutter this chart with stuff that's already been decided by Admin and the About The Libraries Working Group.

There are lots of ways to give feedback on this, either to me, WADS, or the Web Management Committee. Feel free to email any of us with your comments or feedback, or just leave comments below and I'll answer them.

Here are some types of things to let us know...

  • THINGS ARE MISSING FROM THIS CHART! Even if you suspect something might be missing, please let me know! It may be that we've already planned for it, or it may be that we've forgotten about it entirely. Now is the time to fill in the holes!

  • ITEM X IS IN THE WRONG PLACE (OR BELONGS IN MULTIPLE PLACES)! This chart doesn't illustrate some of the things that belong in multiple areas; I've only shown a page's primary location, based on card sorting and my own thoughts. If your ideas differ, don't hesitate to say so!

  • WE DON'T NEED ITEM Y AT ALL! This is a great opportunity to weed out parts of the site that are no longer necessary.

  • HEY, ITEM Z IS MY AREA AND THE CURRENT PAGE ON THE SITE ABOUT IT ISN'T VERY GOOD! This is also a great opportunity to update bad content. I imagine there will be A LOT of this once we have a working site prototype, but you don't have to wait until then!

Now that the initial usability & assessment is complete, the most important part of this process is input from library faculty and staff -- let us know what you think!! I'm happy to meet individually with any person or group who has questions, suggestions, or concerns.



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