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Going Mobile Series: Part 2 - Information Architecture

By Brian Egan on September 18, 2009 1:14 PM | Permalink

Going Mobile Series

  1. Part 1 – Time for a Mobile Website
  2. Part 2 -  Information Architecture
  3. Part 3 - Wireframes

The WMC project request has been submitted and confirmed! Because we’re working on about a million different things, the mobile website project won’t be a high priority item, but rather an ongoing project I tinker with when time allows. That shouldn’t stop us, though, because as I said in the first part of this series: It won’t take us an overwhelming amount of time to launch a decent mobile site!

To progress the project a bit further today, I’ve reviewed the content on our main website and extracted what I considered to be the most pertinent information for mobile sites into the following site map:

  • Hours & Locations
    • Lied
    • ASL
    • CML
    • Music
  • Services
    • Printing at the Library
    • Borrowing Laptop Computers
    • Use your laptop @ the Libraries
    • Disability Resource Room
    • Computer Access for Guest Users
    • Group Study Rooms
  • Policies
    • Food and Drink
    • Computer Use
    • User Conduct
    • Meeting Room
    • Bulletin Board
  • Contact Us
    • Ask a Librarian
      • Text a question via cell phone
      • Call the libraries
      • Ask a question via email
      • Contact a subject librarian
    • Librarians by Subject
    • Phone numbers and Emails (from contact.html)
    • Staff Directory (eventually)
  • News
  • Digital Collections

Help – Feedback needed!

At this point, I’d like to ask for general feedback. Are there items in the site map you think are missing that could be useful? Should I remove items or shorten the length of the site map? Is it hierarchical in a sensible manner?

Give me your thoughts! I’m going to begin working on the design mockups for the mobile site now that I have a rough idea of what will appear, but that doesn’t mean suggestions aren’t welcome. The next part of this series will demonstrate the mockups!


Submitted by myunkin on
First Impressions... Hours & Locations: We need decent locations pages on the main site as well - these haven't been updated in forever, and should include decent maps and directions. Services: There should be a Computer Use page here (as well as on the main site). Students looking for computer info on the Media usability test consistently ended up at the "Computer Use" policy page, which has no information of use to students, and is presented in a way that no one will read anyway. I'm not sure that User Conduct and Computer Use policies are useful enough to include here. Yes, they are important, but I can't imagine anyone sitting at home saying, "I wonder if it's okay if I put my feet up on the furniture in Lied Library." But I can easily imagine someone saying, "I'm meeting friends in Lied Library -- I wonder if we can order a pizza there." What about catalog searches and other research needs? We should offer the links, even if they're not part of the specific mobile vision right now.
Submitted by began on
@Michael Hours & Locations: Totally Agree. I actually have it on our list of "General Overhaul" pages which we need to redo. Services: Once again, I agree. We've mentioned creating that page a few times - not sure who should be responsible for getting it done though. Probably right about the research -- I just wasn't sure how far to go. I think it would be great to compile a list of databases that have mobile-friendly interfaces, but that would take a lot of time I didn't have. Which resource should we offer for research?
Submitted by began on
Interestingly, after reading Michael's comment and making the Wireframes I'm reconsidering the "Policies" section. I think it'd be nice to have food and drink and maybe bulletin board info, but the space requirements needed physically on the screen to accomodate these two minor bits of information didn't seem worth it.
Submitted by NobarTV Online (not verified) on
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[url=][/url] Simply because you're surfing around the web on the phone, you don't need to be any less of a discriminating internet browser than you will be on your home computer. You should check out Safari hyperlinks before you open up them by pressing and positioning to them. This will likely bring up a food list that lets you duplicate the hyperlink or open it in the new web page. Moreover, it'll explain to you the Link the link brings about. In case you have tried to give up cool turkey just before with little accomplishment, think about the tapering off of strategy. With this type of quitting smoking, you slowly scale back on just how many cigarettes you do have a working day in the months major up to your give up particular date. When you achieve your stop time, the body need to be ready to release that ultimate cigarette. [url=][/url] To prevent jet lag and having ill although traveling by air, ensure that you drink lots of water. Staying hydrated while you take flight boosts your energy ranges and overcome tiredness. You could always demand normal water on board, however it is often easier to purchase a sizeable package of water once you experience security.
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[url=]cialis generiek[/url] Be sure to maintain your invoices. Saving receipts and trying to keep them arranged while on a trip is definitely a wise idea, particularly if your trip is organization relevant. Not only will it be a good idea for monetary good reasons, they may also function as a diary of sorts and will even make nice souvenirs from your vacation. [url=]priligy belgique[/url] Comprehending the ins and outs of homeowners' insurance plan will help you to preserve a lot of money when selecting a policy. The knowledge will likely help to ensure that you're not compromising coverage in locations you might really want it. Follow the recommendations you read right here and you could continue to be protected all the time.The Grapes Of Wrath: Vino Made Easy [url=]priligy kaufen[/url] It's a great idea to use a cap whenever you perform playing golf to hold the sun away from your eyes. It really is permissible to use a baseball type cover, nevertheless it are unable to have any sort of risque expressing or information printed upon it. For tournaments or perhaps a professional video game with the significant person, you could possibly dress in a straw head wear. [url=]propecia preço[/url]
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[url=]viagra svizzera[/url] If you are breastfeeding and suffering from thrush, a form of candidiasis, ensure that you treat each oneself as well as your baby. Unless you deal with both your boobies as well as your baby's oral cavity, the yeast will continue to flourish, and you will probably not get the treat you are interested in. [url=]viagra belgie[/url] Each lady above 65 should be evaluated for minerals inside the bones as this is the best way to diagnose osteoporosis. Some physicians recommend standard minerals inside the bones scans at having menopause and at normal time periods right after. Predicting bone fracture chance and identifying price of bone tissue reduction will help within the checking and protection against brittle bones. [url=]cialis hinta[/url] Make sure you prevent receiving any water on your own phone. One of the primary reasons for damage for any cell phone is decreasing it into water, or getting drinking water spilled onto it. To make sure this may not occur for you, you ought to normally not use or deliver your telephone right into a washroom and also ensure that is stays in the secure place faraway from fluid sources. [url=]cialis lilly[/url]
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