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Announcing the Trespassed Patron Database!

By Alex Dolski on February 23, 2009 10:51 AM | Permalink
If you are a staff member at the Libraries, you may have recently noticed several "banned patron alert" emails. These are part of the Trespassed Patron Database - a new way of automatically notifying you of some of our more problematic patrons whom we would like keep off our premises. Hopefully, this will help to maintain a safe and positive environment for our library patrons and you.

This application is actually about a year old, but has not been used until recently. It is accessible only from staff PCs in Lied, Law, and the branch libraries, and over the VPN, but is otherwise restricted from public access.

Security has instructed me to tell you that if you see any of these people in the library, you should scream and run from the building as fast as you can. No, wait, that's only if you see Kee wearing his cheesehead. Actually, you're supposed to notify Security at 5-2228.


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