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Electronic Database Trials

UNLV Libraries patrons have temporary access from the UNLV campus to the databases listed below.

**You may not be able to access these from off-campus.**

The Libraries arrange trial access to electronic resources that are under consideration for a subscription. Librarians review databases for addition to the collection twice per year and your comments are very valuable in this selection process. Please let us know what you think of the resources by filling out the comments form.

If you have any questions about these products or would like to recommend a product for a future trial please contact a Subject Librarian.

World Bank elibrary

The World Bank is the world’s largest source of development assistance. In support of its mission -- to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity -- the World Bank conducts and publishes research on a broad range of global and regional issues affecting developing countries.

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Trial ends March 1, 2017

Federal Research in Progress FEDRIP

Federal Research In Progress (FEDRIP) provides access to information about ongoing federally funded projects in the United States in the fields of the physical sciences, engineering and life sciences. There are at least 12 contributing federal government agencies, ranging from The Department of Agriculture to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Trial ends February 24, 2017

A-R Editions' Online Music Anthology

A-R Editions' Online Music Anthology is an extensive collection of music and articles designed expressly for music history courses. A-R's Online Music Anthology contains many more pieces of music than print anthologies, all newly engraved and available online by subscription. (A-R offers complimentary access to instructors, pending approval of their requests.) Instructors can use the contents of the Online Music Anthology in a variety of courses, like any print anthology. Yet with the multi-author only textbook and pre-set course packs, the A-R Online Music Anthology is a powerful tool for the twenty-first century.

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Trial ends February 28, 2017


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