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Electronic Database Trials

UNLV Libraries patrons have temporary access from the UNLV campus to the databases listed below.

**You may not be able to access these from off-campus.**

The Libraries arrange trial access to electronic resources that are under consideration for a subscription. Librarians review databases for addition to the collection twice per year and your comments are very valuable in this selection process. Please let us know what you think of the resources by filling out the comments form.

If you have any questions about these products or would like to recommend a product for a future trial please contact a Subject Librarian.

Rotunda digital collections

Digitized papers collections of founders of the early American republic, including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James and Dolley Madison, John Jay, and a documentary history of the ratification of the US constitution. Also included are SAH Archipedia, presidential recordings of Kennedy, LBJ and Nixon, and and a literature collection with work from Dickinson, Melville, Christina Rossetti, Matthew Arnold and George Herbert.

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Trial ends July 04, 2015

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson Digital Edition

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson at Princeton University, and The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series sponsored by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, documents the time between Jeffersonís return to private life and his death in 1826. Rotundaís digital edition brings together the content of 47 published volumes into one searchable online resource.

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Trial ends July 04, 2015


eMarketer provides analysis, market data, and statistics on the Internet, e-commerce, online marketing, social media, and emerging digital technologies around the world.

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Trial ends July 6, 2015


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