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Faculty Papers and Publications Series

Total records in this collection series: 382

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Authors Dates Contents
Abbey, Rita Deanin 1971-1991 Art catalogs, pictures, newsletter, articles
Ackerknecht, Dieter 1992 Case study
Ackerman, Robert L. 1996 Journal article
Adams, Charles 1975-1982 Journal articles
Adams, James 1957-1974 Journal articles
Aizley, Paul 1971 Journal article
Alexander, Clifford 1981 Journal article
Allen, Richard 1987 Journal article
Allred, Glenn 1965-1966 Journal article
Babero, Bert 1952-1968 Journal article
Bachhuber, Fred 1982 Journal article
Bakay, Virginia 1970-1980 Journal articles
Baker, John R. n.d. Journal article
Baldwin, Duane 1980 Journal articles
Bang, Chan 1969 Newspaper article
Barrick, Marjorie 1991-1997 Lecture series, logos, 1994 commencement
Baugh, Thomas n.d. Journal articles
Bell, Katherine 1979-1981 Journal articles
Bellingham, E.J. 1968-1971 Journal articles
Bellver, Catherine 1979 El mundo poetico de Juna Jose Domenchina (book) by C.G. Bellver
Blythin, Evan 1990 Journal articles
Bortman, Eva n.d. Article
Bowers, Michael W. 1988-1993 Journals
Bradley, David C. n.d. Articles
Bradley, William G. 1963-1974 Journal articles
Brooks, Richard 1966-1992 Evaluations, memos, letters, correspondence
Brooks, Sheilagh 1984-1992 Letters, evaluations, newspaper articles
Buck, David 1986 Journal articles
Bujatti, M. 1969 Journal article
Campana, Joseph 1985-1987 Journal articles
Campbell, Felicia 1975-1978 Journal articles, newspaper
Carey, Regan 1992 Journal
Carlson, William D. 1979 Journal
Carns, Donald E. 1950 Journal
Carrol, Thomas M. 1986-1988 Journals
Cassman, Vicki 1956-1999 Exhibit material for the Roosevelt "Fitz" Fitzgerald (Ethnic Studies); 25th and 40th Anniversary celebration material, various books and UNLV catalogs; coffee cup and golf ball
Chen, M.C. 1972 Journal
Cho, Young 1965 Journal articles
Chrisssinger, Marlene Sonju 1980 Journal article (2 copies)
Christianson, David J. 1981 Journal article
Chung, Sue Fawn 1987 Journal article
Clark, Thomas 1971-1974 Journals
Clark, Thomas L. 1968 Journal article of "Jazz: The Word, and It's Extension to Music"
Clary, Duane 1973 Journals
Clary, Duane 1965-1969 Journals
Cloud, Barbara 1981 Journal article
Collins, Robert H. 1994 Journal
Coughtry, Jay n.d. Journal
Cox, Saud A. 1990 Case study
Crawford, Jerry 1978-1994 Copy of the play The Auction Tomorrow, letter

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