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Las Vegas News Bureau Photograph Collection

Extent: 16 hanging folders, 1 flat file, 6 boxes, 1 shared box of negatives, and 1 shared binder of slides (3.36 cubic feet, 4.67 linear feet)

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Collection Contents:
The Las Vegas News Bureau Photograph Collection (1984) consists of black-and-white and color photographic prints, negatives, and slides depicting Las Vegas, Nevada from approximately 1940 to 1989. The images primarily depict hotels on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, including Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, the Flamingo Hotel & Casino, and the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. Also included are images of the convention center in Las Vegas and Cashman Field, as well images of entertainers performing on the Las Vegas Strip. The collection consists entirely of photographic reproductions.


Las Vegas

0001    Fremont Street
0002    Clark County Jail
0003    McCarran Air Field, c. 1948
0004    McCarran Air Field, c. 1948
0005    McCarran Air Field, c. 1948
0006    McCarran Air Field, c. 1948
0007    Caesars Palace, front view
0008    Caesars Palace, front view
0009    Caesars Palace, front view, fountains at entrance
0010    Caesars Palace, pool and rear view
0011    Caesars Palace lobby and front desk area
0012    Caesars Palace, casino floor
0013    Caesars Palace, Bacchanal Restaurant
0014    Caesars Palace, Noshorium Coffee Shop
0015    Caesars Palace, Shopping Corridor
0016    Caesars Palace , suite
0017    Caesars Palace, twin bedroom
0018    Flamingo Hotel, aerial view, November, 1952
0019    Flamingo Hotel, front view, c. early 1950’s
0020    Flamingo Hotel, front view, December 1952
0021    Flamingo Hotel, marquee “Joe E. Lewis/Della Reese/Sarah Vaughan”
0022    Flamingo Hotel, front view at night, June 1973
0023    The interior of the Flamingo hotel Ca. 1960s/1970s
0024    Flamingo Hotel, pool area
0025    Bugsy Siegel’s photo and floor safe after its discovery in Flamingo Hotel,
November 1972
0026    Bugsy Siegel’s rose garden marker at Flamingo Hotel, March 1977
0027    Fremont Hotel, gambling scene-craps, c.1950s
0028    Gambling scene-roulette ,c. 1950’s.
0029    Flamingo Hotel, gambling scene- craps
0030    Flamingo Hotel, gambling scene- roulette.


0031    Russ Black, Betty Grable, unidentified Elks member at unknown location
0032    Tom Jones, Priscilla Presley, Elvis Presley at unknown location
0033    Joe E. Lewis, unidentified man at Flamingo Hotel restaurant
0034    Zsa Zsa Gabor, Nicky Hilton (?) at Flamingo Hotel restaurant
0035    Gary Cooper, Abe Schiller with big mouth bass, 1955/56

People (cont.)

0036    Mitzi Gaynor and male dancers onstage, unknown location
0037    Flamingo Hilton Hotel , men exchanging slot jackpot check.
0038    Celebrating New Year’s Eve, group photo, unknown location

Las Vegas Convention Center

0039    Interior shell construction
0040    Exterior view
0041    Exterior view
0042    Exterior view
0043    Exterior view
0044    Exterior view
0045    Artist’s rendering of completed Convention Center
0046    Artist’s rendering of completed Convention Center
0047    Artist’s rendering of interior circular arena.
0048    Artist’s rendering of outer lobby

Cashman Field

0049    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1981
0050    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1981
0051    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1981
0052    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1982
0053    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1982
0054    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1982
0055    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1982
0056    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1982
0057    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1983
0058    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1983
0059    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1983
0060    Construction of Cashman Field Center 1983
0061    Construction of Cashman Field, 1947


0062    SPLA & SL gas car #1.


Casino Openings

0063    Desert Inn Opening, April 1950
0064    Desert Inn opening, April 1950
0065    Dunes opening, May 1955
0066    Dunes opening, May 1955
0067    Flamingo opening, March 1947
0068    Flamingo opening, March 1947
0069    Flamingo opening, March 1947
0070    Riviera opening April 1955
0071    Riviera opening April 1955
0072    Riviera opening April 1955, Starlite Lounge.
0073    Sands Casino, December 1952
0074    Sands Casino, December 1952, Sands Garden Room.
0075    Sands opening, December 1952
0076    Stardust opening, July 1958.
0077    Stardust opening, July 1958. Stardust Convention Hall.
0078    Thunderbird opening, Labor Day, 1948.
0079    Thunderbird opening, Labor Day, 1948.
0080    Tropicana opening, April 1957
0081    Tropicana opening , April 1957. Tropicana Room interior with models.


0082    View of the Las Vegas Strip, late 1970’s. The MGM , the Dunes, and the
             Flamingo are pictured.
0083    View of the Las Vegas strip, ca. 1960s. The Thunderbird is pictured.
0084    View of downtown Las Vegas Strip, late 1970’s. Hotel Sal Sagev, the Overland
            Hotel, and the Fremont are pictured.
0085    View of the Las Vegas Strip, late 1970’s. The Riviera , the Stardust, and the
            Frontier Hotel are pictured.

Additions to Collection

0086    Major Riddle
0087    Eleanor Powell (Mrs.Ford) and Glen Ford poolside at the Hotel Flamingo, late
0088    Rex Bell sitting on horse.
0089    Nancy and Ronald Reagan at Lake Mead, 1954
0090    Milton Prell- Aladdin
0091    Performers: Berle, Skelton, Storm, Jones, Alberghetti, Damone, Shriner, standing
in middle of Fremont Street; this shot for Look Magazine in 1953. All performing             in Las Vegas at this time.


0092    Richard Nixon and William Haldeman at Fremont Hotel with reporters, 1961.
0093    Mr. & Mrs. Hoot Gibson
0094    Frederic Apcar (Casino de Paris at Dunes) with Russian composer Aram
            Khatchaturian (Sabre Danse) in 1972
0095    Noel Coward at Flamingo Hotel, poolside.
0096    Jack Benny and Abe Shiller in front of Flamingo sign.
0097    President Dwight Eisenhower at Hoover Dam.
0098    Opening of new terminal at McCarran Field, 1948.
0099    Las Vegas Strip late 1940’s. Shows Sahara Hotel and El Rancho Vegas sign. A
            portion of the El Rancho Vegas property is visible, left side of photo.
0100    Aerial of Las Vegas Strip, 1952. Flamingo Hotel looking north.
0101    Little Church of the West being moved, 1954.
0102    Trader Bill’s souvenir shop on Fremont Street, 1950’s.
0103    California Casino on Fremont Street, late 1940s. Bank of Nevada, at left.
0104    Ribbon cutting at Showboat Hotel, 1954. Delphine “Mom” and C.P. “Pop” Squires
0105    World Premiere of MGM’s “Meet Me in Las Vegas” at El Portal Theatre, 1955.
0106    Elwell Hotel located at 1st St. and Bridger, 1950s.
0107    El Cortez Hotel, 1950s.
0108    Moulin Rouge Club, 1956
0109    Outdoor sign which reads, “Welcome Home Howard!” to Howard Hughes, 1972.
0110    Aladdin neon sign which reads: “UNLV Presents Sinatra & Martin and friends.
            Fundraiser at Aladdin Hotel, 1977.
0111    Harry Truman and Jimmy Durante, 10/10/62.
0112    Scene at El Rancho fire, 6/17/60. Beldon Katleman (owner) in white shirt.
0113    Scene at El Rancho fire, 6/17/60.
0114    Scene at El Rancho fire, 6/17/60.
0115    Scene at El Rancho fire, 6/17/60.
0116    Las Vegas Hilton (International Hotel) under construction 1/6/69. Convention
         Center in background.
0117    Howard Hughes, ca. 1950’s probably taken in Los Angeles County Courthouse.
0118    James Cashman, Sr. (1) & Liberace at opening of Riviera Hotel 1955.
0119    Kirk Kerkorian standing in front of construction site of International (Now Las
            Vegas Hilton) Hotel, 1969.
0120    The Westward Ho at the time of its opening , 1973
0121    Aerial of Conexpo, the largest convention to date held at the Las Vegas
            Convention Center. It was held in 1987, with 135,000 delegates in attendance.



Steve Allen

0122    Steve Allen appearing at the Thunderbird
0123 Publicity shot of Steve Allen


0124    Ann-Margret starring in Las Vegas [ca. early 1970s]
0125    Ann-Margret starring in Las Vegas [ca. early 1970s]
0126    Similar shot
0127    Ann-Margret starring in Las Vegas [ca. early 1970s]
0128    Ann-Margret in a publicity shot for a show she was starring in.
0129    Publicity shot of Ann-Margret (Harry Langdon, Jr., photographer)
0130    Ann-Margret appearing in Las Vegas.
0131    Publicity shot of Ann-Margret returning to Las Vegas
0132 Ann-Margret appearing in Las Vegas show.
0133 Ann-Margret starring in Las Vegas production
0134    Ann-Margret in a unusual publicity shot for a show.
0135    Ann-Margret in Las Vegas publicity shot prior to closing of her show.
0136    Ann-Margret appearing in Las Vegas show.
0137    Ann-Margret’s show returns to Las Vegas.
0138    Ann-Margret appearing in Las Vegas show
0139    Ann-Margret stars in Strip production
0140    Ann-Margret stars in Las Vegas show.
0141    Publicity photo of Ann-Margret starring in show at Las Vegas Hilton.
0142    Ann-Margret in a publicity shot for a Las Vegas Hilton show.
0143    Ann-Margret starring in Las Vegas show.
0144    Ann-Margret in a Las Vegas publicity shot
0145    Ann-Margret in a publicity shot for her Las Vegas show (1977)
0146    Ann-Margret in publicity shot.
0147    Ann-Margret in publicity photo. (1977)
0148    Ann-Margret: Headliner at Caesars Palace. 1978
0149    Ann-Margret in Las Vegas publicity photo (1978)
0150    Ann-Margret in publicity shot. (1978)
0151    Ann-Margret in publicity shot for a show at Caesars Palace (1978)
0152    Publicity shot of Ann-Margret’s opening for at Caesars Palace
0153 Ann-Margret in a publicity shot for an opening at Caesars Palace.


Entertainers - Miscellaneous

154     Morey Amsterdam appears in Las Vegas.
155 Morey Amsterdam appearing in Las Vegas show.
156 Morey Amsterdam in Las Vegas publicity photo.
157 Eddy Arnold in publicity photo for his appearance at the Sahara Hotel (1977)
158 Eddy Arnold performing in Las Vegas.
159 Eddy Arnold in publicity photo -appearing at Sahara Hotel.
160 Eddy Arnold in publicity photo announcing his appearance at Sahara Hotel.
161 Eddy Arnold, Las Vegas entertainer (1977)
162 Edie Adams in Las Vegas publicity photo.
163 Edie Adams entertaining in Las Vegas.
164 Entertainer Edie Adams in Las Vegas.
165 Starring Edie Adams!
166 Publicity photo of Edie Adams (for her appearance in Las Vegas)
167 Jack Albertson in publicity photo for his appearance
168 Publicity shot of Jack Albertson when he appeared at the MGM Hotel-Las    Vegas.
169 Paul Anka, Alan King, and Mitzi Gaynor at awards ceremony.
170 Paul Anka performing!
171 Paul Anka in a publicity photo promoting his show at Caesars Palace.
172 Paul Anka rehearsing (1977)
173 Paul Anka in a publicity photo used to promote his show in Las Vegas
174 Paul Anka stars at Caesars Palace (1977)
175 Publicity photo of Paul Anka, appearing at Caesars Palace, 1978.
176 Paul Anka performing (1977)
177 Paul Anka and Dionne Warwick in LV showroom (1978)
178 Paul Anka in publicity shot to promote his show at Caesars Palace (1978)
179 Alan performs a tribute to Elvis.
180 Alan performing in Las Vegas as Elvis (1977)-(Photo by David Lee Waite, LV).
181 Dick Clark with Alan (Elvis impersonator)
182 John Byner performing on stage (ca. 1977)
183 John Byner, comedian, in publicity shot for Las Vegas appearance [ca. 1977].
184 John Byner, performing in Las Vegas (ca. 1977)
185 Red Buttons in publicity photo. [ca. mid-late 1970’s]
186 Red Buttons appearing at Fremont Hotel, Las Vegas (1977)
187 Red Buttons performing [Fremont Hotel, 1977]
188 Blood, Sweat & Tears performing at Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas [ca. late 1970’s]
189 Blood, Sweat & Tears in publicity photo for Aladdin appearance [ca. mid to late 1970’s]
190 Blood, Sweat & Tears in publicity shot [ca. 1979]
191     Teresa Brewer-Singer. [ca. late 1970’s]

Entertainers- Misc. (cont.)

192 Teresa Brewer in publicity photo for her appearance at Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas [ca. late 1970’s]
193 Teresa Brewer-Entertainer
194 Jack Benny in publicity photo for his show in the Congo Room, Sahara Hotel, LV.
195 Bellamy Brothers-Musical duo appearing at the Golden Nugget (1977)
196 David Brenner in publicity shot for his Caesars Palace appearance [ca. 1970’s]
197 David Brenner comedian-appearing at MGM Hotel, Las Vegas, [ca. 1970’s]
198 David Brenner comedian-[ca. 1970’s]
199 Burt Bacharach appears at Riviera Hotel [ca. late 1970’s]
200 Burt Bacharach and Alice Cooper rehearsing.
201 Publicity photo of Pete Barbutti (musician) for his appearance at Union Plaza Hotel. [ca. late 1970’s]
202 Pete Barbutti dining in Las Vegas restaurant (1978)
203 Sam Butera appeared at Aladdin Hotel (Jan. 1976)
204 Sam Butera-publicity photo for Casbah gig [ca. mid 1970’s]
205 Tony Bennett performing at Sahara Hotel [ca. late 1970’s]
206 Tony Bennett and Lena Horne at Sahara Hotel [ca. late 1970’s]
207 Harry Belafonte performing onstage [ca. late 1970’s]
208 Publicity photo of Harry Belafonte for his Las Vegas appearance [ca.late 1970’s]
209 Joey Bishop in Las Vegas (late 1970’s)
210 Joey Bishop onstage (1977)
211 Count Basie-publicity shot for his appearance at Sahara Hotel (1977)
212 Ruth Buzzi appears in Las Vegas-publicity photo.
213 Jim Bailey-Las Vegas entertainer (1978)
214 Jim Bailey as Peggy Lee. (ca.1978)
215 Publicity photo: Jim Bailey as Judy Garland.
216 Jim Bailey performs as Barbra Streisand. (ca 1977-78)
217 Dave Barry-Las Vegas entertainer. [ca. 1977-78]
218 Foster Brooks, comedian, appearing at Frontier Hotel (1977)
219 Foster Brooks, Robert Goulet, and John Davidson performing together in Las Vegas.[ca.1978]
220 Glen Campbell onstage in Las Vegas. [ca.1977-78]
221 Glen Campbell performing in Las Vegas [ca. 1977]
222 Charlie Callas in his comedy routine at the Hilton Hotel [ca. late 70’s]
223 Myron Cohen performs at Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas [ca. 1977-78]
224 Publicity photo of Charo (1977)
225 Charo and Jim Nabors appearing together in Las Vegas
226 Publicity photo for Johnny Cash-opening in Las Vegas. [ca. 1977-78]
227 “Prof.” Irwin Corey- publicity photo for his comedy routine in Las Vegas.(1978)

Entertainers - Misc. (cont.)

228 Bill Cosby appearing in Las Vegas, 1977-78.
229 Bill Cosby appearing in Las Vegas, 1977-78.
230 Bill Cosby appearing in Las Vegas, 1977-78.
231 Bill Cosby appearing in Las Vegas, 1977-78.
232 Bill Cosby publicity photo. [ca. early 1970’s]
233 The Carpenters-Karen and Richard-appearing in Las Vegas [ca. 1977-78]
234 Richard & Karen Carpenter-publicity photo (photo by Harry Langdon, Los Angeles)
235 Petula Clark performing in Las Vegas. [ca 1977-78]
236 Petula Clark onstage in Las Vegas [ca 1977-78]
237 Vikki Carr in publicity shot for Las Vegas appearance (1978)
238 Publicity photo of Norm Crosby for his appearance in LV show- 1978
239 Johnny Carson in publicity shot -1978-to promote his LV appearance.
240 George Carlin, comedian, in publicity photo for LV appearance. (1978)
241 Captain and Tennille- publicity photo for MGM show- 1978.
242 Dick Clark performing at Thunderbird Hotel, Las Vegas.[ca. 1977-78]
243 Publicity shot of Diahann Carroll for her show at Dunes Hotel [1978]
244 Diahann Carroll in publicity photo (1978)
245 Publicity photo of Dom DeLuise -comedian-for his LV appearance.
246 Dion performing in Las Vegas. [ca.1977-78]
247 Phyllis Diller performs at Caesars Palace 1978
248 Rodney Dangerfield (comedian) onstage (1977)
249 John Davidson performing (1978)
250 Mac Davis in publicity shot for his MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, appearance (1977).
251 Lola Falana onstage in Las Vegas [ca. 1977-78]
252 Lola Falana in Las Vegas (1978)
253 Redd Foxx (comedian) and friends in Las Vegas (1978)
254 Frank Gorshin onstage (1978)
255 Publicity photo for Frank Gorshin’s Las Vegas appearance. [ca. 1977-78]
256 Eydie Gorme & Steve Lawrence with sons, David & Michael, onstage in Las Vegas (1977)
257 Bobbie Gentry performing in Las Vegas [ca. 1977-78]
258 Bobbie Gentry performing in Las Vegas show. [ca. 1977-78]
259 Publicity photo of George Gobel when he appeared at Sahara Hotel [ca. 1977-78]
260 Jackie Gayle (comedian ) performing in Las Vegas-1978
261 Buddy Greco sings in Las Vegas(1977)
262 Shecky Greene with his wife Nalani (1977)
263 Shecky Greene performing at MGM Hotel-Las Vegas in 1978
264 Johnny Harra performs his “Elvis” onstage in Las Vegas (1978)

Entertainers - Misc. (cont.)

265 Pat Henry, comedian, performs in Las Vegas, (in Frank Sinatra’s show)
266 Publicity photo of the Imperials-for their 1977 appearance at the Aladdin.
267 Florence Henderson performs onstage. [ca. 1977-78]
268 Don Ho performs in Las Vegas (1977)
269 Buddy Hackett in publicity shot for his show at Sahara Hotel 91978)
270 Sammy Cahn and Buddy Hackett in Las Vegas [ca. 1977-78]
271 Publicity shot for Joey Heatherton’s LV appearance in 1978.
272 Joey Heatherton in publicity photo for her Strip appearance (1977)
273 Publicity photo of Lena Horne [ca. 1977-78]
274 Engelbert Humperdinck sings on Las Vegas stage.
275 Engelbert Humperdinck onstage in Las Vegas (1978)
276 (Left to right) Rock Hudson, unidentified woman, and Engelbert Humperdinck.[ca. late 1970’s]
277 Tom Jones performs at Caesars Palace (1978).
278 Publicity photo of Tom Jones. Caesars super star 1978
279 Publicity photo of Tom Jones.(1978 appearance in Las Vegas)
280 Liberace headlines at the Hilton. [ca. mid to late 1970’s]
281 Liberace stars at Hilton Hotel. [ca. mid to late 1970’s]
282 Liberace onstage in Las Vegas.
283 Liberace (Mr. Showmanship) in Las Vegas show. [Hilton Hotel, ca. mid to late 1970’s]
284 Liberace starring at Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas.
285 Liberace , Mr. Showmanship [ca. 1970’]
286 Little Anthony and the Imperials in publicity photo [appeared at Aladdin, ca. 1970’s] (Little Anthony is on the left)
287 The many faces of Rich Little.
288 Publicity photo of Rich Little for his Las Vegas show. [ca. 1970]
289 Jack E. Leonard- popular Las Vegas entertainer. [ca. 1970]
290 Publicity photo of Lennon Sisters [ca. 1970’s]
291 Publicity photo of Frankie Laine who appeared at the Landmark Hotel.
292 The Lettermen appearing in Las Vegas, [ca. 1977-78]
293 Jerry Lee Lewis appearing in Las Vegas (1977)
294 Peggy Lee performing in Las Vegas. [ca. mid to late 1970’s]
295 Jerry Lewis appearing at the Sahara Hotel. (1977)
296 Jerry Lewis onstage. [ca. mid to late 1970’s]
297 Jerry Lewis onstage in Las Vegas [1977-78]
298 Publicity photo of Lorna Luft (performing at Sands Hotel)
299 Publicity photo of Abbe Lane (performing at Sahara , 1977)
300 Carol Lawrence in publicity photo. [ca. 1977-78]
301 The Limeliters (Glenn Yarbrough, center) in 1960.
302 The Limeliters [ca. mid to late 1970s]

Entertainers - Misc. (cont.)

303 Loretta Lynn performs in Las Vegas. [ca. 1977-78]
304 Judy Lynn publicity photo for her show at the Golden Nugget Hotel.
305 Corbett Monica, comedian, performing in Las Vegas, [ca.1977-78]
306 Bill Medley (singer) in publicity photo. (1977)
307 Roger Miller entertains in Las Vegas [ca 1977-78)
308 Dean Martin starring at the MGM Hotel 1978
309 Dean Martin starring at the MGM Hotel 1978
310 Publicity photo of Shirley MacLaine [ca. 1977-78]
311 Shirley MacLaine performing at Caesars Palace 1978
312 Jan Murray appearing at Caesars Palace 1978
313 Tony Martin & Cyd Charisse in publicity photo for their appearance at the Thunderbird Hotel. (ca. mid 1970’s)
314 Anne Murray performs in Las Vegas. (1978 photo)
315 Publicity photo of Barry Manilow for his appearance at MGM Grand Hotel in 1977.
316 The Mills Brothers entertaining. [51 years in show biz] [photo ca. 1978]
317 Ed McMahon in publicity photo to announce his Caesars opening [ca. 1977-78]
318 Nelie Adams McQueen (l) and Lillian D’Horau (rt) in ‘can-can’ (1978)
319 Liza Minnelli [ca. 1977-78]
320 Juliet Prowse performing in Las Vegas. [ca. late 1970’s]
321 Juliet Prowse appearing in Las Vegas 1977
322 Louis Prima onstage [1977-78]
323 Publicity photo of Louis Prima [1977-78]
324 Wilson Pickett performing in Las Vegas [1977-78]
325 Publicity photo of Bob Newhart [1977-78]
326 Bob Newhart onstage [1977-78]
327 Publicity photo for Jim Nabor’s opening at Sahara Hotel [1977-78]
328 Anthony Newley appearing at the Riviera Hotel [1977-78]
329 Wayne Newton performing at Sands Hotel [1977-78]
330 Wayne Newton onstage in Las Vegas
331 Publicity photo of Freddie Prinze who performed at Caesars Palace [1977-78]
332 Tony Sandler and Ralph Young performing at Thunderbird Hotel [ca. 1977-78]
333 Tony Sandler and Ralph Young in publicity photo [ca. 1977-78]
334 Dan Rowan and Dick Martin in publicity shot for Sahara Hotel performance. [ca.1977-78]
335 Kenny Rogers & The First Edition -publicity shot for Hilton Hotel. [1977-78]
336 Publicity photo for Low Rawls’ show at MGM Grand. [1977-78]
337 Don Rickles at the Riviera Hotel. [ca. 1977-78]
338 Debbie Reynolds performing at the Desert Inn Hotel. [1977-78]
339 Debbie Reynolds onstage in Las Vegas. [ca. 1977-78]
340 Publicity shot of Ray Stevens for his appearance at Frontier Hotel. [ca.1977-78]

Entertainers- Misc. (cont.)

341 Connie Stevens performing in Las Vegas. . [ca.1977-78]
342 Helen Reddy onstage. . [ca.1977-78]
343 The Righteous Brothers performing in Las Vegas. . [ca.1977-78]
344 Publicity photo of Charlie Rich for His Hilton appearance (Las Vegas) . [ca.1977-78]
345 The Smothers Brothers onstage . [ca.1977-78]
346 Publicity shot of the Smothers Brothers for their LV show. . [ca.1977-78]
347 Doc Severinson performing . [ca.1977-78]
348 Neil Sedaka performing at the Riviera Hotel. . [ca.1977-78]
349 Publicity photo of Keely Smith for her performance at Caesars Palace. (1977)
350 Mort Sahl appearing in Las Vegas. . [ca.1977-78]
351 Frank Sinatra onstage (1977)
352 Publicity shot of Johnny Tillotson.
353 Danny Thomas performing at the Sands Hotel . [ca.1977-78]
354 Publicity shot of Mel Torme.
355 Publicity photo of The Treniers- for their appearance at the Las Vegas Hilton. . [ca.1977-78]
356 Publicity shot of Tina Turner
357 Publicity shot of Ben Vereen appearing at Caesars Palace.
358 Bobby Vinton performing at Flamingo Hilton. . [ca.1977-78]
359 Bobby Vinton performing in Las Vegas . [ca.1977-78]
360 Publicity shot of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.
361 Publicity photo of Kenny Vernon, performing at the Golden Nugget . . [ca.1977-78]
362 Publicity shot of Leslie Uggams. . [ca.1977-78]
363 Leslie Uggams on stage.
364 Dionne Warwick in publicity photo for Vegas opening. . [ca.1977-78]
365 Dionne Warwick performing in Las Vegas. [1978]
366 Flip Wilson onstage [1978]
367 Andy Williams onstage at Caesars Palace . [ca.1977-78]
368 Paul Williams onstage [1978]
369 Slappy White onstage at Flamingo Hilton [1977-1978]
370 Demond Wilson onstage. . [ca.1977-78]
371 Lovelace Watkins performing at Flamingo Hilton [ca.1978]
372 Publicity photo Jimmie Walker for his Las Vegas opening (1977)
373 Publicity shot of Roger Williams for his LV appearance     [ca. 1978]
374 Publicity shot of Pia Zadora for her LV opening.


Las Vegas Shows

375 Scene from Hallelujah Hollywood (extravaganza at MGM Grand Hotel (1978)
376 Scene from Hallelujah Hollywood (extravaganza at MGM Grand Hotel (1978)
377 “Lido de Paris” at Stardust Hotel. . [ca.1977-78]
378 “Lido de Paris ‘77 at Stardust Hotel
379 One of the showgirls in “Lido de Paris” (Stardust Hotel 1978)
380 Scene from Stardust Hotel extravaganza at Hacienda Hotel. (1977)
381 Cast members of “Ice Fantasy” extravaganza at Hacienda Hotel (1977)
382 Scene from “Playgirls on Ice” Flamingo Hotel . [ca.1977-78]
383 Cast members of Flamingo Hotel show “Playgirls on Ice” (1977)
384 Scene from “Folies Bergere” Tropicana Hotel . [ca.1977-78]
385 Scene from Tropicana Hotel extravaganza “Folies Bergere.” (1977)
386 “Folies Bergere” Tropicana Hotel. . [ca.1977-78]
387 Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. [ca. 1970’s]
388 Scene from Dunes Hotel show “Casino de Paris” (1977)
389Showgirl (Sue Johansson) from “Casino de Paris” (1977)
390 Scene from “Casino de Paris”, Dunes Hotel extravaganza. [ca 1978]
391 Peggy Kubena with Caesar (the lion) in “Casino de Paris”, Dunes Hotel, 1978
392 Scene from “Casino de Paris”, Dunes Hotel. [ca 1978]
393 Scene from Dunes Hotel extravaganza, “Casino de Paris”. [ca. 1978]

Flamingo Hotel

394 Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. [ca.late 1940’s] (photo by Las Vegas News Bureau)
395 Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. [ca.late 1940’s] (photo by Las Vegas News Bureau)
396 Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. [ca .late 1940’s] (photo by Las Vegas News Bureau)
397 Marquee at the Sands Hotel. Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop were headliners (ca. 1960) (COLOR TRANSPARENCY ONLY)

Miscellaneous-Las Vegas Area

398 Las Vegas Convention Center. (c.1970)
399 Map showing tourists sights and major points of interest in the Las Vegas area. Includes Strip hotels and casinos. (c.1970s)
400 “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign on Las Vegas Boulevard South, south of the Hacienda Hotel. (c.1970s)
401 Casino Center-Fremont street (c.1970s)

Miscellaneous- Las Vegas Area (cont.)

402 Las Vegas Strip looking north. Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street in distant background. (c.1970’s)
403 Las Vegas Strip at sunset, looking north. Downtown and Fremont Street in distant background. (c.1970s)
404 Golf course in Las Vegas. (c.1970s)
405 Gamblers at the roulette wheel, Las Vegas (ca. 1970)
406 Gamblers at a baccarat table in a Las Vegas casino (c. 1970s)
407 Modern-day visitors stand beside an abandoned gun emplacement overlooking Hoover Dam near Las Vegas. (c.1970s)
408 Campsites at the Valley of Fire State park. The park is named for its spectacular red sandstone formations. (c. 1970)
409 Trail riders amid the desert landscape near Las Vegas, Nevada.
410 People enjoying Lake Mead-boating, water skiing, etc. (c.1970s)
411 Showgirls in a Las Vegas extravaganza. (c.1970)
412 Las Vegas showgirls in a big production number. (c. 1970)
413 Couple dine in a Las Vegas restaurant-Dunes Hotel marquee in background. (c.1970’s)
414 Atomic bomb test- mushroom cloud with Fremont Street in foreground. April 18, 1953.

Desert Inn Hotel Miscellaneous

415 Desert Inn Dancer, approx. 1950s-1960s
416 Desert Inn Dancer, approx. 1950s-1960s
417 Desert Inn Grounds keeping staff, approx. 1950s-1960s
418 Desert Inn Grounds keeping staff- Christmas, approx. 1950s-1960s
419 Desert Inn Hotel- Christmas tree, approx. 1950s-1960s
420 Desert Inn Hotel pool, approx. 1950s-1960s
421 Desert Inn Hotel pool-night, approx. 1950s-1960s
422 Desert Inn Hotel Golf Tournament, approx. 1950s-1960s
423 Desert Inn Hotel Golf Tournament, approx. 1950s-1960s
424 Desert Inn Hotel sign, approx. 1950s-1960s
425 Desert Inn Hotel sign, approx. 1950s-1960s
426 Desert Inn Hotel sign, approx. 1950s-1960s
427 Desert Inn Hotel Exterior shots, approx. 1950s-1960s
428 Desert Inn Hotel Exterior shots, approx. 1950s-1960s
429 Desert Inn Hotel Exterior shots, approx. 1950s-1960s
430 Desert Inn Hotel Exterior shots, approx. 1950s-1960s
431 Desert Inn Hotel- Oversized group photo, possibly with guests and showgirls, approx. 1950s-1960s

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