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Photo Collections Record

Ferron-Bracken Photograph Collection

Extent: 6.2 Linear Feet (8 hanging folders, 1 shared box of negatives, 4 oversized boxes, 1 flat file, and 1 shared binder of slides)
Location: PC 01:A, PC Negatives Box 01, PC Slides Binder 01, RS 1.5.1, MS Map Case 01:A

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Collection Contents:
The Ferron and Bracken Photograph Collection depicts Southern and Central Nevada and other western states from 1890 to 1961. The
photographs primarily depict the development and growth of early Las Vegas, Nevada; mines and mining operations in Southern and Central Nevada; towns and mines in Nevada; and the Hoover (Boulder) Dam and the Colorado River.

Old Ranch
0001    Anna Bracken
0002    Burros, Stewart Ranch (postcard)
0003    Swimming pool
0004    Mr. Stewart and "Baboon", 1906

Early Las Vegas
0005    First depot SP, LA, & SL No. 12 coach, Las Vegas
0006    SP, LA & SL Depot Las Vegas 1908?
0007    SP, LA & SL Depot Las Vegas 1908
0008    Drag-Line hoist-on fill at sta. 334, UPRR const.
0009    First State Bank, 1905 (frame bldg.)
0010    Las Vegas Pharmacy
0012    Old Fifth Street School, 1910 (postcard)
0013    Old Fifth Street School (copy of postcard)
0014    Old Fifth Street School, (included high school and kindergarten buildings., c. 1920)
0015    Episcopal Church (copy of postcard)
0016    Nevada hotel, Main and Fremont (copy of postcard)
0017    Golden Hotel, s.w. corner 4th and Fremont
0018    Hotel Charleston
0019    Las Vegas Hospital
0020    1st and Fremont (copy of postcard)
0021    1st and Fremont, Frashers photo
0022    1st and Fremont, ca. 1930
0023    3rd and Fremont Oakes photo
0024    Main and Bonneville (copy of postcard)
0025    Squires home, s. side Fremont between 4th and 5th
0026    Desert Homes… (4th and Fremont) (copy of postcard)
0027    John S. Park (later Ferron) residence, 4th and Fremont (postcard)
0028    W.R. Thomas residence (postcard)

Mounted Photographs (dup. Wilson 0014-0093-100)
0029    Aerial view
0030    Fireworks
0031    Fairgrounds
0032    Fairgrounds
0033    Exhibits at fair
0034    Cars at fairground
0035    Exhibits at fairground
0036    Horserace


Later Las Vegas
0037    Aerial view, downtown
0038    Fremont and 2nd, night scene, Oakes photo (postcard)
0039    Fremont Street looking east, BDSB photo (postcards)
0040    Clark County House BDSB, photo )postcard)
0041    Clark County House and landscaping, Oakes photo (postcard)
0042    B.P.O. Elks Lodge, BDSB photo (postcard)
0043    N. 3rd Street
0044    Las Vegas High School, Oakes photo (postcards)
0045    Corner 4th and Fremont, 1937 Oakes photo (postcard)
0046    Meadows Country Club, Oakes photo (postcard)
0047    Lorenzi Park, Oakes photo (postcard)

0048    Boulder City view towards downtown (postcard)
0049    Bullfrog Miner print shop

Colorado River, Boulder (Hoover) Dam
0050    Prayer of thanks, signing bill to build dam
0051    Colorado River, looking downstream from dam, BDSB (postcard)
0052    Looking downstream in Boulder Canyon, Oakes photo (postcard)
0053    Aerial, Hoover Dam site, Boulder Canyon
0054    High scalers, Oakes photo (postcard)
0055    Construction activities, 1934 (postcard)
0056    Looking upstream, construction midway (postcard)
0057    Entrance to one of the four 56-foot diversion tunnels (postcard)
0058    Construction, Jan. 1934, Oakes photo (postcard)
0059    Construction, 1934, Oakes photo (postcard) Night scene
0060    Upstream face and intake towers, Frashers, photo (postcard)
0061    Concrete mixers (postcard)
0062    Hoover Dam, as it will look, U.P. photo (postcard)
0062    Hoover Dam, as it will look, U.P. photo (postcard)
0064    Water discharge, canyon wall outlets, Frashers photo (postcard)
0065    Water discharge, looking downstream, Frashers photo (postcard)
0066    Boulder Dam at night, Frashers photo (postcard)
0067    Elevator towers, Frashers photo (postcard)
0068    Downstream face, Herz postcards (postcard)
0069    Lowering loaded boxcar, BDSB (postcard)
0070    On the top of Boulder Dam (postcard)
0071    Nevada lookout point (postcard), BDSB photo
0072    Visitors gallery, Oakes photo (postcard)
0073    Boulder lake, Oakes photo (postcard)


Colorado River, Boulder (Hoover) Dam (continued)

0074    Boulder Lake, Oakes photo (postcard) Note: This photo used as publicity shot: fish imported from S. Calif.
0075    Boating on Boulder lake, BDSB, photo (postcard)

0076    Old Fort Collville (Callville), Oakes photo (postcard)
0077    Yellow Pine Mine no. 1 shay locomotive, Goodsprings, NV.
0078    School children, St. Thomas (postcard)
0079    Valley of Fire (postcard)
0080    Valley of Fire, Oakes photo (postcard)

Desert flora, fauna, characters
0081    Cart and burros entitled "Blazing the Trail to Hoover Dam", Oakes photo (postcard)
0082    Desert from Arrowhead Trail, Oakes (postcard)
0083    "A Native Son of Southern Nevada," (burro), Oakes photo (postcard)
0084    "The Desert in Southern Nevada, near Las Vegas", Oakes photo (postcard)
0085    Panamint Mountains, Death Valley
0086    "An Old Prospector on the desert , Southern Nevada", Oakes photo (postcard)

0087    Jim Wilson, sons, Walter Bracken at Sandstone ranch, 1904
0088    Four generations of Squires Women (Delphine grandmother Anderson, Florence Squires Boyer, Alice Boyer)
0089    Paying cards: Ruth Ferron, Delphine Squires, Peggy Schuyler, Anna Bracken, Leva Beckley, Down photo, 1944.
0090    Production cast of "The Mikado"
0091    Founders of Rotary Club, 1941
0092    Signing of Six Companies contract (OVERSIZED), including Al Cahlan, Walker Young Henry J. Kaiser, C.P. Squires (Dup. In the Lake Eglington #0010    0071)
0093    Rotary Club in military costume, ca 1940
0094    Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (OVERSIZED) 1961
0095    Unidentified group; individuals include Bruce Beckley, Ernie Cragin, Wayne Kirch (OVERSIZED)
0096    United Fund Board, including Gerry Hyland, Margaret Fendell, Bill Lewis

Las Vegas
0097    Aerial view, downtown Las Vegas (OVERSIZED)
0098    Old Ranch.
0099    Two ladies standing near gate, probably Old Ranch
0100    Two boys standing near pond, probably Old Ranch
0101    Man standing near artesian well, probably Old Ranch.

Las Vegas
0102    Man sitting near artesian well, probably Old Ranch
0103    Probably old Las Vegas scene.
0104    Original U.P. Depot- now site of Union Plaza Hotel
0105    Townsite-probably early Las Vegas scene
0106    Railroad employee homes from South 1st, 2nd, 3rd?
0107    1917 looking west from 1st and Fremont
0108    Ice House upper right in distance probably early Las Vegas
0109    Methodist Church upper right Palace Hotel left center
0110    Union Pacific Railroad Yards
0111    Department store-early Las Vegas
0112    NE corner 1st and Fremont
0113    NE corner 1st and Fremont
0114a    NW corner 1st and Fremont
0114b    1917 looking SE from 1st and Fremont
0115    Colossal shows (circus in Las Vegas)
0116    Same as above
0117    Same as above
0117a    Advertisement on elephant in parade for :Beckley-Stetson Hats, Gents Furnishings, Walk Over Shoes, Hotel Nevada Blk." (neg. only)
0118    Mesquite Market SE corner 1st and Fremont
0119    Mesquite Grocery
0120    Colossal Shows
0121    Mesquite Grocery
0122    Colossal Shows (Circus in Las Vegas)
0123    Mesquite Grocery, Colossal Shows (Circus in Las Vegas)

Rotary Affair
0124    Possibly a Rotary affair, 1941 when Army Air Base Began

0125    Freighter with 8-mule team
0126    Looking for gold
0127    Handsome Joe
0128    Landscape scene, mule team
0129    Possible scene from early Las Vegas
0130    Man standing near stream
0131    Moonlight view of Delamar Mill
0132    Miscellaneous---no identification. Possible Black Canyon and the dam site, c. 1930's (pre-construction) (Neg. only) Groups of people in some.


**The following images are located in the filing folders with the regular photograph collection**

Album 1
1:1.2    (neg. only) man panning outside tent, 1907
1:1.5    Camp Eldorado Canon, March 1907
1:2.1-6     1)Eldorado Canon 1907: 2) Boarding house; and Mill, Eldorado, 1907; 3) Parachant, 1907; 4) Mrs. Dugan, 1908; 5) Meadow Valley Wash, 1905; 6) Meadow Valley Wash, April 1907
1:3. 1-5     Narrow Eldorado Canon 2) St. George, UT temple 1907 3) Mio (Indian Women) 1907 4) Colorado River at Eldorado Canon, 1907 5) Wharf at Eldorado Canon 1907
1:5.1-5    1) Views of Callville w/Indian brush shelter lean-to 2) Corrals, Callville 3) Unidentified Man 4) Home of Daniel Bonelli
1:7.1    (neg. only) picnic, Red Rock
1:13.5    San Pedro, Los Angeles, & Salt Lake RR survey party, Feb. 1902
1:21.2    Old Fort area w. ranch house in background
1:21.3    (neg. only) Old ranch house
1:21.4    Orchard, Old Ranch L.V.
1:22.2    (neg. only) Out buildings, Old ranch L.V. 1907
1:22.4    Scene at Stewart Ranch
1:23.1    (neg. only) Old Ranch, L.V. , Nev., April 1907
1:24.1    Walter Bracken and unid. Man in car in desert
1:24.2    Walter and Anne Bracken in auto 1908
1: 26.4    (neg. only) "Jim" Salisbury 1907
1:27.1    (neg. only) Walter Bracken 1906
1:27.2    Walter Bracken, Post Office, L.V. 1908
1:40     Mountain of salt, Virgin Valley, near Colorado River
1:41     Salt Mine, Virgin Valley, near Colorado River
1:47.8 (neg. only) "Bill and Pete", 1908
1:48.3 (neg. only) at camp, March 1908
1:48.7 Sandstone quarry, near L.V. 1908
1:48.8 (neg. only) Pine Canon, Nov. 1908
1:50. 2-3    Early view of L.V. railroad yards
1:51.3    (neg. only)
1:52.4    (neg. only) Walter Bracken 1st postmaster, L.V.
1:53.1    (neg. only) Bracken home, Anne Bracken
1:58.8    Stewart residence at the "Old Ranch
1:60.1    Indian Village (Folk architecture) NV
1:60.4    Indian Frank's Colorado River, folk architecture
1:67.2    Dining room, ranch house , Old Ranch, LV
1:67.3    Old L.V. Ranch, L-R: Mrs. Helen Stewart, Anna Bracken
1:74.5    Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 1904
1:86.4    Indian camp, LV, 1907

**The following images are located in the filing folders with the regular photograph collection**

Album 1
1:123.2    Man and dog next to adobe building, L.V. Creek

Album 2
2:1.1    Moonlight view of Delamar Mill
2:8.8    (neg. only) man at side of house
2:15.1    Fremont Street-early view
2:17.6    Unidentified "Mormon" group
2:20.4    American Railway Express office
2:20.5    Locomotive
2:22.6    Remnant of Old Fort, Las Vegas
2:24.4    (neg. only) picnic
2:25.6    (neg. only) L.V. Ice Plant
2:31.1    Inside of an old log cabin
2:35.1    (neg. only) Desert scene
2:35.4    (neg. only) Desert wash scene
2:42.4    (neg. only) picnic
2:42.8    (neg. only) 5 people on side of hill
2:43.2    Farm yard scene, Las Vegas Ranch, NV Women on side of hill
2:67.1 Boulder Canyon
2:67.2 Black Canyon Dam site, Colorado River
2:85.6 (neg. only) Old Ranch swimming pool, Las Vegas
2:95.4 (neg. only) "Handsome Joe"
2.95.5 (neg. only) Party on bank of creek

Album 3
3:1.2    Scene at The Big Springs, Las Vegas
3:1.4    Anna Bracken and Walter Bracken's sister, Old ranch
3:2.1    Scene at the Big Springs, Las Vegas
3:2.4    First State Bank-P.O. in tents, Las Vegas, 1905
3:3.1    (neg. only) Anna Bracken at Old Ranch, Las Vegas, NV
3:4.1    (neg. only) Clark's Las Vegas Townsite Auction
3:4.3    R.R. tracks, U.P. Depot downtown Las Vegas, 1908
3:5.1    Scene at the Big Springs, Las Vegas
3:7.1    Stewart residence at the "Old Ranch"
3:7.2    View of the Old Ranch, Las Vegas; Remains of the Old Fort, ranch house at left
3:9.2    (neg. only) Single figure on Vegas Creek, below the Big Springs
3:9.3    (neg. only) 3 figures on Vegas Creek, below the Big springs
3:9.4    Las Vegas Ranch


**The following images are located in the filing folders with the regular photograph collection**

Album 3
3:10.1    L-R: "Mr. Metz, Mr. Loofborrow, Mr. Liudeman, Miss Smith, Mr. McDonald,
         Mr. Parsons, Mr. Smith, Mr. Gallath, Mr. Bracken".
3:10.2    "For this postal we have sat, although we are so very fat. And we did not even
         make a fuss, when the picture man was taking us."
3:10.3    Walter Bracken and unidentified man in desert. "Fine execution, but poor test subjects
3:11.1 3 women at Big Springs
3:11.2    May Corkhill at Las Vegas Creek, Old Ranch
3.11.3    2 ladies by tent house
3.11.4    Tents on Las Vegas Creek, Old Ranch
3:12.1    Las Vegas railroad yards, ca. 1907
3:12.2    William Clark on his private R.R. car in Las Vegas, 1905

Album 4
4:17.6    (neg. only) Man camping
4:18.3    (neg. only) Adobe structure at Moapa
4:34.4    (neg. only) Ducks on Las Vegas Creek
4:35.4    (neg. only) Corral area, Old Ranch
4:42.4    (neg. only) Road, Las Vegas, Old Ranch
4:50.6    (neg. only) Child on horseback
4:58.4    (neg. only) Family by creek
4:60.2    (neg. only) Picnic scene
4:74.1    (neg. only) Walter and Anne Bracken
4:90.5    (neg. only) Man resting in shade of wagon
4:91.8    (neg. only) Carriage with dogs
4:111.2    (neg. only) L.V. Creek scene
4:112.3    (neg. only) Adobe storehouse, Old Ranch
4:115.5    (neg. only) L.V. Creek tents, Old Ranch

Identifications made by Dave Coons, 1983


***The following images are located in a photo album on the rolling shelves***

P1.3    Labeled "Moapa", 1907. Moapa branch not built until 1912 Probably Las Vegas, 1907
P16.1-5    Utah Copper Co.? Bingham, Utah, 1907
P17.1-3    Shows damage done by runaway Shay locomotive. Possibly rolled downhill. Trestle being built. Not part of runaway sequence.
P33.3,4    Utah Copper mine track, Bingham, Utah
P42.1     Another shot runaway Shay locomotive, Bingham, Utah
P50.2, 3    Panorama Las Vegas yards, SP, LA & SL, 1906
P56.2,3    Buildings SP, LA, &SL. Where?
P56.5,7,8 Same
P70.4     Bingham, Utah mill?
P72.1,3    Union Pacific Railroad train in Utah
P77.3     Denver & Rio Grande 2-8-0 No. 268 in Utah, 1900 Narrow gauge line to Salt Lake City
P81.4     D & RG narrow gauge caboose (4 wheel) No.4, Springville, 1892
P.85    All photos apparently are of survey and preliminary construction parties of SP, LA, In eastern California around Barstow Mojave River in pictures no. 3, 1901-1902
P.124. UPRR Pullmans, Ogden, Utah, 1912

P.04.5    SP, LA, & SL caboose with people, probably Las Vegas
P.11.1    SP, LA & SL business car with people
P.15.2    SP, LA & SL roundhouse, Las Vegas, 1907. No.8? On lead track (rear view)
P.20.4,5    No. 4 Eureka, Nevada gas car at Eureka, NV., (possibly came from Nevada
Central. Photo no. 5 Eureka, NV., locomotive still lettered from Sumpter Valley,
P.22.3     Moapa Valley branch of SP, LA, & SL, 1912
P.25.6     SP, LA & SL shops, Las Vegas, 1910
P.32.3     Eureka & Palisades combine 1912. Possibly same car at Gold Strike.
P.47.2,4    Moapa Branch SP, LA, &SL, no.1 McKeen car branch. This car was built about 1910 and was gas powered.
P.48.1-4    SP, LA,& SL yards and shops, Las Vegas, 1910
P.68.5     Mother dog with pups. Notice Sp, LA & SL logo on dog. Was it a joke? Possibly Intended as a slight "dig". Apparently this collection is made up of Utah-Nevada survey photos. There was a great deal of friction between the Utah crew of the Oregon Short Line (UPRR) and the Clark crews. There was several minor skirmishes in the Meadow Valley Wash before it was resolved.

P.4.3        SP, LA, &SSL yard, Las Vegas, 1908
P.12.1,2    Clark's private car in Las Vegas yards


***The following images are located in a photo album on the rolling shelves***

P.07.6    Quartette Mine locomotive Searchlight?
P.21.6    Construction camp SP, LA & SL, see also p14.4
P.23.1    Construction camp SP, LA, & SL
P.24.6    Construction camp SP, LA &SL
P.66.1    Early yard at Las Vegas before roundhouse and shops were built
P.71.3    Maybe SP, LA,& SL survey party
p.80.3,6 Early views of Rhyolite before 1907, before B & G was built

P.83.1    SP, LA & SL water car
P.92.3    UPRR locomotive No. 1701. In Utah? Note: many of these photos are of early SP, LA & SL or Oregon Short Line Survey crews. In Utah?