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Castaways Hotel and Casino Photograph Collection

Location: PC 10:A, PC Negatives Box 18, MC MS 01:F

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Collection Contents:
0001    Castaways Hotel/Casino - LV, NV. (1972)

0002    Castaways Hotel/Casino - LV, NV. (1972)

0003    Lagoon-shaped swimming pool at the Castaways Hotel/Casino (1970s)

0004    Castaways Hotel/Casino (1972)

0005    Castaways Hotel/Casino - LV. (late 1960s)

0006    Castaways - LV. (late 1960s, early 1970s)

0007    Castaways Hotel/Casino - night view. (1960s-1970s)

0008    Castaways Hotel/Casino (1960s-1970s)

0009    Castaways Hotel/Casino (late 1960s)

0010    Castaways Hotel/Casino (late 1960s)

0011    One of guest rooms at the Castaways Hotel/Casino (1970s)

0012    Guest room at the Castaways Hotel/Casino (1970s)

0013    Furnished two-story honeymoon suite at the Castaways Hotel/Casino (1970s)

0014    "Gateway to Luck", a fabled and historic East Indian Temple which was on display in courtyard of the Castaways Hotel. This priceless    art relic is an exact replica of the famed Jain Temple at Palitana, India. (1970s)

0015    Top part of the pagoda in courtyard of Castaways Hotel. Known as "Gateway to Luck", this priceless art relic is an exact replica of the famed Jain Temple at Palitana, India. (1970s)

0016    Rusty Isabel, singer/entertainer, performed in Kon Tiki Lounge at Castaways in 1970s

0017    Rusty Isabel, entertainer at Kon Tiki Lounge, Castaways Hotel, (1970s) (NEGS ONLY)

0018    Guests dining at restaurant in Castaways Hotel, 1970s (NEGS ONLY)