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Leon Rockwell Photograph Collection

Extent: 7.7
Location: PC 01:B, PC 01:C, PC Negatives Box 02, PC Slides Binder 01, RS 1.5.3, MC MS 01:A

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Collection Contents:
Album I
I:1.2     Old Ranch, June 1, 1911
I:1.3     "San Fernando under the pepper trees"
I:20.2    "Yakima Washington State Fair, 1911"
I:24.3    "Leon Rockwell"
I:25.1    "Pete Mesher" (neg.)
I:26.2    Indian Tepee, Perry, Snake River (neg.)
I:55.2    Bill Morgan's Old Ranch, 1910
I:56.1    On old Mormon trail near Fort Callville, 1911 (neg.)
I:56.2    Camped on Colorado River - Vegas Wash, 1911 (neg.)
I:56.3    Old River Trail above Fort Callville, 1908
I:57.1    Oxen, Fort Callville, 1907 (neg.)
I:57.2    Fort Callville with Indian lean-to (neg.)
I:57.3    Leon Rockwell by Indian hut on Colorado, 1907 (neg.)
I:57.4    Indian Frank's house on Colorado River, 1907 (neg.)
I:58.1    Frenchman Mine (neg.)
I:58.3    Indian ceremonial rock on Colorado River, 1907
I:58.4    Indian ceremonial rocks, Vegas Wash, 1907
I:59.2    Indian frank's water wheel on Colorado, 1919 (neg.)
I:59.3    Old river trail above Fort Callville, 1908
I:61.3    Las Vegas, 1914, 4th of July (neg. only)
I:64.2    Bill Morgan, Old Ranch Corral, 1910
I:64.3    Bill Morgan, 1910 Old Ranch "Joe May"
I:65.1    Bill Morgan, Old Ranch Corral-1907

(NOTE: The identifications in albums 2-6 might contain misspellings because the handwriting is difficult to decipher.)

Album II
II:1        Anna Fabian Casiday.
II:2        Mary Jewell (cousin).
II:3        Henry Jewell.
II:4        Mr. And Mrs. John Humphrey.
II:5        Leo Crandal
II:8        L-R: Edgar Breese and Olive Breese (MacIntyre, Fullerton, CA)
II:         Grandparents
II:9.1     Sophev Breese
II:9.2     Amanda Breese
II:9.3     Andrew Hurdic
II:9.4     Charlot Hurdic
II:10.1    George Breese
II:10.2    Frances Breese
II:10.3    Charles Paige
II:10.4    Peter Hurdic
II:11.3    Jim Gaultry
II:11.4    Jim Hurdrilek
II:12.1    Uncle Mose and Lida Hurdic
II:12.2    Aunt Elebeth Hurdic
II:12.3    S.B. Breese
II:12.4    Dell Hollerback
II:13.1    Uncle Isaac and Harriet Head (sister to SB)
II:13.2    (Same)
II:13.3    Betsy Geming
II:13.4    Luther Geming
II:15.1    Anna Creed
II:15.2    Edgar Breese
II:15.3    Polly Banfield
II:15.4    Maggie Banfield
II:16.1    F. Paige
II:16.2    Irene Paige and Aunt Jessie
II:17        Grover and Claudia Breese
II:18        Emil Shaples
II:19        Mrs. Emil Shaples
II:20        Lou and Vera Breese
II:21        Kinley children
II:23        Sophev and Addie Breese
II:25.2    Louis Crandal
II:25.3    N. Spoll
II:26.2    Clarence Creed and wife
II:26.4    Jimmie Taylor and wife
II:27.2    Fletcher Vangorden
II:28.2    Dr. Janes
II:28.3    Hud Howland
II:28.4    George Breese
II:29.1    Charlie Bogart
II:29.2    Chas. Breese
II:29.4    Frank Breese
II:30.1    Peter Hurdic
II:30.2    Nettie Larison
II:30.3    Sarah Shaffer
II:30.4    (Sophie?) Smith
II:31.2    Niece of Grandma Hurdic
II:31.3    Char. Maybe
II:32.2    Lill Taylor
II:32.3    Charlie Taylor's first wife.
II:32.4    Peter Hurdic
II:34        Minnie Larison
II:35        Husband
II:37        Charlott Hurdic (great-great-grandmother)
II:38        F.L. Breese
II:39        Jessie Breese Swartwood

Album III
III:22    Nellie Rockwell
III:25    Joel Davis and wife
III:28.1 Peter Bogart
III:28.3 Isic (?) Bandfield (Grandma Hurdic's sister)
III:28.4 Laura Bandfield
III:29.1 Ward Head
III:29.2 Aunt Harriet Head (Grandma Hurdic's sister)
III:29.4 Susan Simley (Grandma Hurdic's sister)
III:31.2 Liddy Leonard

Album IV
IV:20     Anna E. Albright (died April 14, 1901)
IV:40     Bert Thompson
(No other identification in this album)

Album V
[Written inscription inside front cover: "This was Uncle Charlie Irwin, Mother Rockwell's brother"]
V:19     Freddie Rockwell].
V:20     Mother
V:21     Father
V:25     Freddie Rockwell]
V:26     Uncle Charlie Irwin
V:27     Aunt Suki Irwin
V:37     Freddie Rockwell
V:38     Henry Halliday.
(no other identification in this album)

Album VI
No identification in this album

Early Las Vegas
0001    Las Vegas 1876 aka Gass Ranch
0002    Las Vegas Spring (neg.)
0003    Las Vegas Spring, 1906 (neg.) (slide)
0004    First depot, SP, LA & SL coach, No. 12 at Las Vegas, 1905
0005    Rockwell Electric Shop
0006    Rockwell Electric Shop, Dave Perine
0007    Back of shop, City Bakery, Earl and Bill "Limey" Pearson,
         (where Fortune Club now stands)
0008    Same as above, another view
0009    Las Vegas Hardware and Plumbing Co. 1909. (neg.)
0010    Same as above, another view
0011    First service station, "Wind Mill Service Station"
0012    Warren Woodard, downtown camp Ground
0013    Burned school house (1910)
0014    Burned school house (1910)
0015    Old Side Board Bar, 1907
0016    Colorado Club
0017    Hotel Fox
0018    4th of July, 1908, Vegas Ranch
0019    Old Ranch pool, 1916
0020    Leon Rockwell
0021    4th of July, 1908 at SP, LA, & SL freight station, Las Vegas (neg.)
0022    Judge Lillis-1907, 4th of July
0023    No i.d. Horses in Las Vegas, 4th of July
0024    July 4th, 1910 at depot
0025    SP,LA, & SL freight station Las Vegas 1910
0026    July 4, 1910. Celebration by Freight House.
0027    July 4, 1909, George Deverall (?), Leonard Moore
0028    July 4, 1910, rodeo
0028a    Footrace during July 4, 1907 festivities
0029    July 4, 1910, rodeo
0029a    4th of July at railroad depot
0030    1st celebration of Stray Elks, 1910 or 1911
0031    Labor Day, 1910
0032    Labor Day, 1910
0033    Labor Day, 1914

Early and Later Las Vegas
0034    First State Bank, Fremont Street, 1912?
0035    City Bakery
0036    Labor Day, 1912 or 14, Hard Rock Drill Contest
0037    Fair, 1925 auto show
0038    Fair, 1925, Boy Scout Camp
0038a    Jake Garehime's Music Store, Albright Brothers Stationery & Office
         Equipment & Repair Shop
0039    "Our tent, 1908, N. 3rd Street"
0040    "Wally Rhodes, Floyd, Leon, Mother, Earl, 1910"
0041    "Our Tent" 112 N. 3rd St., Maude Swantwood, Mother, Earl, Floyd,
            Wally Rhodes, 1910.
0042    Home of Leon Rockwell, 3rd Street
0042a    "Mother's old house, 3rd St., where Albrights Store is."
0043    4th and Stewart
0044    Von Tobel's house, 2nd Street
0045    "Old Von Tobel home, (Fiesta Room-Fremont, now) Lottie Rockwell Home"
0046    Old Von Tobel home (Fiesta Room-Fremont, now), Lake home on left.
0047    Von Tobel's house
0048    "Clark County Jail, Ogden by Main" (neg.)
0049    U.S. Post Office, SE corner 1st and Carson
0050    "Las Vegas 1906"
0051    Hay wagons in front of Arizona Club
0052    Man in front of Hughes Ice Cream
0053    Old Pickwick Stages, (buses) (neg.)
0054    SP,LA & SL station, street side, with draftees WWI Las Vegas. Sequence of
         farewell scenes with views of cars. At least one car still lettered "Salt Lake"
0055    Same as above
0056    Same as above
0057    Same as above
0058    Same as above
0059    Same as above
0060    Same as above
0061    Same as above
0062    Same as above
0063    Leon Rockwell and family in Buick (neg.)
0064    People in car "Early Las Vegas"
0065    Green Mill, Las Vegas (neg.)
0066    View of first station, SP.LA & SL coach No. 12. Court House Library.
0067    Parade
0068    Fremont Street parade
0069    Labor Day Parade, 1931
0070    Labor Day Parade, 1931
0071    Parade
0072    N. 3rd, front of Mother's old home
0073    1st airplane came to Las Vegas, O.J. Priest. (neg.)
0074    1st airmail plane, Rockwell Fields, Las Vegas
0075    1st airmail plane, Rockwell Fields, Las Vegas
0076    1st airmail plane, Rockwell Fields, Las Vegas
0077    1st airmail plane, Rockwell Fields, Las Vegas
0078    1st airmail plane, Rockwell Fields, Las Vegas
0079    1st airmail plane, Rockwell Fields, Las Vegas
0080    Western Air Express plane
0081    Ceremonial event having to do with air transportation
0082    Ceremonial event having to do with air transportation

0083    Foremaster's Alamo Store
0084    Grave near Alamo

0085    Mule team to Beatty
0086    20 Mule Team, Borax, Beatty, 1920s

Boulder City
0086    Silver Spike celebration at Boulder Junction, south of Las Vegas, where
            Boulder City branch leaves UPRR mainline, ca. 1932 or earlier

0087    Fort Callville, bull corrals (neg.)
0088    Fort Callville boulders left from glacial deposit (neg.)
0089    Fort Callville, 1925
0090    Mother and Earl near Fort Callville, 1910
0091    Fort Callville, Colorado River, 1907

Carson City
0092    Old Carson City-various views
0093    Old Carson City-various views
0094    Old Carson City-various views
0095    Old Carson City-various views

Colorado River
0096    Black Canyon
0097    Site of Boulder Dam, Earl on rock
0098    River, no i.d.
0099    Leon Rockwell, Spud Lake, at Indian Frank's camp, 1907
0100    Old wheel for pump. Indian Frank's ranch.
0101    Indian grain bin (neg.)
0102    Old homemade plow, Indian Frank's Ranch, 1907

0103    Delamar (neg.)
0104    Remains of old mill (neg.)
0105    Bobby Bell, Rev. Darneill, Nigger Johnson, Dr. H.H. Mayo,
            operating. 1899 (neg.)

Frenchman Mine
0106    Tracks to mine shaft (neg.)
0107    Men with ore cart, 1907
0108    Joe Casablanca, Frenchy, Spud Lake, Earl 1908

Frenchman Mill
0109    Earl and Spud Lake with hay wagon

0110    Building at Goldfield

0111    Jack Naylor's place, ore pack train, burros and pack saddles (neg.)
0112    Desert between Las Vegas and Goodsprings. "Floyd, Earl,
            and mother, 1917" (neg.)
0113    Miners, hardrock drilling contest. July 4
0114    Earl Rockwell and Republic Truck, 1916

0115    Rock building
0116    Hiko cemetery
0117    Hiko cemetery
0118    Hiko mill

0119    Jean Hotel, behind it can be seen incline for Yellow Pine Mine RR ore cars to
            unload concentrate into tipple then transferred to SP,LA, & SL.
0120    Shows top of tipple over truck.
0121    Bessie Rockwell (neg.)
0122    Bessie Rockwell, 1918, Jean, Nevada. (neg.)

Kyote Springs (Fort Paiute)
0123    Fort Paiute, 20 miles S.W. of Searchlight
0124    Fort Paiute, 20 miles S.W. of Searchlight
0125    Fort Paiute, 20 miles S.W. of Searchlight
0126    "Indians at Kyote Springs" (neg.)

Las Vegas Wash
0127    The wash, May 1933
0128    Mormon Butte, 1907
0129    Mormon Temple Rock, 1907
0130    Old Spanish Rock House. N. side of the Meadows, 1909 (neg.)

0131    Conflicting i.d.'s (1) Benson Ranch or (2) Steve Whitehead's home

Lost City
0132    Rooms (house 47)
0133    Rooms (house 47)
0134    Rooms (house 47)
0135    Rooms (house 47)
0136    Rooms (house 47)
0137    Rooms (house 47)

Mesquite Wells
0138    Spud lake, L.HRockwell, Tucks Ranch, 1908
0139    Grandmother Rockwell, Tucks Ranch, 1908

0140    Moapa, (Nevada Club Saloon, Moapa produce)
0141    Moapa by pump station, 1927

Mt. Charleston
0142    Cabin
0143    "Our cabin, Bessie and Margy"
0144    "Our cabin"
0145    "Our cabin, Earl, Leon Jr., Margy"
0146    Mother Rockwell, Earl, Margy, Leon Jr., Marion Stone
0147    Mt. Charleston, a cabin
0148    Cabins at Mt. Charleston
0149    Eagle Peak
0149a    Fire at Mt. Charleston, 1919?
0150    Mt. Charleston (road and car)

0151    Dyerbury Building
0152    Building
0153    Building
0154    Another building
0155    Rhyolite Depot
0156    Rhyolite Depot

0157    Various views
0158    Various views

0159    General view

Tule Springs
0160    Leon Rockwell with burro, 1908

Virgin Valley
0161    Farmer in Virgin Valley

0162    Wahmonie
0163    Wahmonie gold rush makeshift store
0164    Cafe
0165    Gilbert's makeshift store

Warm Springs
0166    The springs
0166a    General view of the springs
0167    Floyd and Leon Rockwell

0168    Room House, 1945
0168a    Saloon, Allen Bros., 1945

White Hills
0169    Store and Chinese laundry, also pool hall and barber shop--1945
0170    Buildings, 1943

Death Valley
0171    Scotty's Castle
0172    Steam tractor

Long Beach
0173    Sand artist

Cove Fort
0174    Court yard (neg.)
0175    Exterior, another view (neg.)
0176    Exterior, another view (neg.)
0176a    Exterior, another view (neg.)

0177    Various log buildings
0178    Various log buildings
0179    Various log buildings

0180    Yosemite, 'Selig moving picture outfit making 'The Rescue of
            Daniel Boon's Daughter'".

0181    Buildings, 1908
0181a    Earl, Roy Mossback

0182    Harley J. Bowen, Shady Bend Outfit. October 14, 1906.
0183    Clarence Fry. Oswego, Kans.
0184    Alta Mereness Ham. (neg.)
0185    Nephi and Grandma Johnson (neg.)
0186    Nephi and Grandma Johnson (neg.)
0187    Black Jack Kellett, Moapa Valley, St. Thomas
0188    Execution of Black Jack Ketchum, May 1, 1901 in New Mexico--
            a member of the Butch Cassidy Gang.
0189    Execution of Black Jack Ketchum, May 1, 1901 in New Mexico--
            a member of the Butch Cassidy Gang.
0190    Execution of Black Jack Ketchum, May 1, 1901 in New Mexico--
            a member of the Butch Cassidy Gang.
0191    Execution of Black Jack Ketchum, May 1, 1901 in New Mexico--
            a member of the Butch Cassidy Gang.
0192    Execution of Black Jack Ketchum, May 1, 1901 in New Mexico--
            a member of the Butch Cassidy Gang.
0193    Elmer Mosler, Shady Bend Outfit. October 14, 1906.
0194    "Myself and my dog Dusty". 1906 (Leon)
0195    "Myself and my dog Dusty". 1906 (Leon)
0196    Leon Rockwell, 1908.
0197    L.H.R. and Dusty, 1906
0198    Leon Rockwell
0199    L.H. Rockwell
0200    L.H. Rockwell
0201    L.H. Rockwell
0202    Desert Picnic, Leon Rockwell and family.
0203    Earl, with coyote hides, 1911
0204    Earl Rockwell
0205    "Earl Rockwell" (really Leon)
0205a    Leon Rockwell
0206    Leon and Earl Rockwell
0207    'Mother and Bessie on Quail hunt with Earl and me"
0208    Mother and Earl-Quails. 1915
0209    Earl, Leon and Mother Rockwell
0210    Leon and Earl Rockwell, 1st Helldorado (1934)
0211    Leon and Mother Rockwell, 1st Helldorado (1934)
0212    Earl and Leon Rockwell, 1st Helldorado (1934)
0213    Leon and Earl Rockwell, 1st Helldorado (1934)
0214    Earl, Mrs. Rockwell, Leon
0215    Earl and Leon
0216    Floyd, Mother, Earl Rockwell
0217    1916, Honeymoon-Aunt Jess Swartwood house, Elmira, New York
0218    Earl Rockwell, Ronald Breese, Floyd Rockwell-1918 Breezeport, New York
0219    Earl, Grandad, Breese, Floyd, 1918
0220    Earl, Floyd, and Mother, 1917
0221    Marjorie Rockwell's Birthday party
0222    Mother, Jr. Bessie--Charleston
0223    Leon Rockwell, Jr.
0224    Smitty, my saddle Rear 112 N. 3rd-our old home. 1908
0225    Unidentified Native American Woman (neg.)
0226    Man on ship
0227    Elks Club, 1917 (neg.)
0228    Elks Club, 1936, costumed for Helldorado
0229    Boulder City, Stray Elks, 1933
0230    Fire crew with Leon Rockwell, 1930
0231    Fire crew with truck. 3rd and Carson Streets.
0232    Fire crew with truck. 3rd and Carson streets, with similar view. (neg.)
0232a    Las Vegas Volunteer Fire Department (oversize) (neg.)
0232b    Las Vegas Volunteer Fire Department (oversize) (neg.)
0232c    Las Vegas Volunteer Fire Department (oversize) (neg.)
0233    Volunteer Fire Department Christmas party--1935
0234    Volunteer Fire Department, Helldorado (neg.)
0235    Veterans' organization
0235a    Unidentified banquet. (oversize)
0236    Our house 121 N. 3rd, 1919
0237    Our cabin-Mt. Charleston Park--1926
0238    Our cabin-Mt. Charleston Park--1926
0239    The cabin, 1920
0240    Unidentified group of men. (very old photo 1800s on tin)
0241    Exhibition Ropes and Riders, 1916
0242    Group of people in desert
0243    Picnic on the desert
0244    Picnic on the desert
0245    Group of people in the desert
0246    Very old photo of a group of men sitting on a rock
0247    Old 5th Street elementary school. 5th and Carson (neg.)
0248    Ethel, Beula, Marguerite
0249    Piutes (neg.)
0250    On road to Jean, 1912
0251    Background shows loading platform of yellow Pine Mine RR.
0252    July 4th, 1943
0253    [Spud lake and me packed for trip to river, Colville (Fort) 1907]
            (Leon Rockwell)
0254    Floyd Rockwell on burro
0255    A friend of Hannah's
0256    Brownie, Smith, Leon, Earl, Floyd, 1908
0257    4th of July-Ranch, 1908
0258    Old Ranch
0259    Mother, Earl, Floyd, and me-Old Ranch, 1909
0260    Old Ranch. Rawhide Corral. 1914 (neg.)
0261    Group with horses at Ranch. 1908 (neg.)
0262    Group-no location, 1907.
0263    Geo. Deverell, Chas McQuade, Red Todd, Earl, Ike Lane, 1907 to 1910.
0264    Geo. Deverell, Chas McQuade, Red Todd, Earl, Ike Lane, 1907 to 1910.
0265    Geo. Deverell, Chas McQuade, Red Todd, Earl, Ike Lane, 1907 to 1910.
0266    Geo. Deverell, Chas McQuade, Red Todd, Earl, Ike Lane, 1907 to 1910.
0267    Geo. Deverell, Chas McQuade, Red Todd, Earl, Ike Lane, 1907 to 1910.
0268    Old Ranch-1910.
0269    Earl, Andy Rateal, myself (Leon) at the lake, 1944
0270    "Red Fox" or Dr. M.B. Taylor.
0271    "Ozozo-the Gorilla Man and Jack Dempsey"
0272    Bessie Rockwell dressed for Helldorado.
0273    "Kid Shorty Matucci, 1918".
0274    Kyle Brothers. (neg.)
0275    Isaac Kirk.
0276    Talton Hall
0277    The Dalton Boy

0278    men and women in fine clothes near marker
0279    Men and women in fine clothes near marker
0280    Four men outside log structure
0281    Older man at roadside in desert
0282    Graveyard
0283    Burros
0284    Burros
0285    Mountain
0286    Waterfall
0287    Mountains
0288    Mountains
0289    Cave (Rock shelter)
0290    Caves
0291    Archaeological site (Pueblo or Basketmaker)
0292    Port Rockwell's Cabin on Government Creek, Utah
0293    Cabin in desert
0294    Stone cabin with shed roof
0295    Interior of room
0296    Frisco store
0297    Street scene, framed buildings
0298    Parked cars
0299    View of burned building from street--collapsed
0300    Interior of burned building
0301    Lynching of three blacks
0302    Hay wagon
0303    Wagon going uphill
0304    Death Valley engine and wagons in Las Vegas?
0305    "Old Federal Truck [    ] Summerville [ ] West.
0306    "Fire engines-Red Bluffs, La France, and Senaca."
0307    "Early Fire cart (may be from New York) (neg.)
0308    "Earl Rockwell's truck hauling manganese"
0309    Two Nevada autos, woman at campsite
0310    Rear view of loaded auto
0311    Wreck-Ralph Thomas
0312    Rockwell's wrecked car
0313    Car in desert
0314    Two cars on desert road, July 24, 1924
0315    Repairing auto tire in desert
0316    Loaded trailer in desert
0317    San Diego southern commuter line outside San Diego. Later electrified.
0318    Children's band at depot
0319    Cartoon of prospector, Indian woman "A Desert Rat"
0320    Brigham Young settee in museum given by Leon Rockwell
0321    Rockwell Indian artifacts in museum
0322    Rockwell Indian Basket Exhibit
0323    Rockwell Clothing and Rock Exhibit
0324    108 year old man
0325    Pueblo Snake Dance (neg.)
0326    "On the Desert", 1907. (neg.)
0327    Lenhi Mt. Ranch 12 miles in distance
0328    Remnant Old Fort
0329    Burros, Stewart Ranch
0330    Bird's Eye View, Las Vegas


Las Vegas
0331    Park Train--1910
0332     Public School 1911
0333    Fremont Street, 1918
0334    Fremont Street, 1924 (neg.)
0335    Hotel Nevada before 1911 fire
0336    Old Fort (neg.)
0337    Artesian well, Wixon Ranch
0338    Clark Ronnow farm
0339    Loaded team, Cottage Hotel in background (neg.) (slide)
0340    First inaugurating Contract Air Mail, 1926
0341    "The Boozy Burros" 1905 (neg.)
0342    Las Vegas Rancho (neg.)
0343    Poem-The Arizona Club 1908 (neg.)
0344    Casinos and Gambling
0345    Birdseye view, Las Vegas, 1909 (neg.)
0346    Ray Nealy Funeral
0347    Artesian well
0348    Fremont Street 1914 (neg.)

Fort Callville
0349    Old Fort Callville (neg.)

Mt. Charleston
0350    Mt. Charleston cabins
0351    Mt. Charleston cabins
0352    Tuck's cabin or Charlie Ball's cabin, 1920 or 1937

Moapa Valley
0353    Piute Indians (neg.) (slide)
0354    Lost City skeleton and pottery
0355    Lost City-Skeleton in ancient Pueblo.
0356    School building, Overton

Red Rock Canyon
0357    Sandstone Ranch

0358    Business section, 1915

0359    Barrel House, after 1907

Virginia City
0360    Downtown

0361     Montezuma Castle near Flagstaff, Arizona
0362     American Sahara on Old Spanish Trail Highway
0363     Plan Road over the American Sahara

Death Valley
0364    "Civic Center" pacific Coast Borax Co. (neg.) (slide)
0365    Grave near Eagle Borax
0366    The Black Mountains
0367    The Johnsons and Death Valley Scotty in Scotty's Castle (neg.)
0368    The Dripping Blood Cliffs
0369    The Mushroom Rock
0370    Ruins of old Harmony Borax Plant
0371    Devil's Golf Course
0372    Sand Dunes near Dumont
0373    A Mirage of Water

Additions to Collection
0374    Mrs. Anthony C. Woeckener of Erie, Pa., better known as Chiquita the Doll Queen.
0375    Mart Whitcomb, cousin of Silas Breese.

0376    Indian grain bin-Colorado River--1907
0377    Indian warrior. [Arizona]
0378    Indian maiden. [Arizona]
0379    Three Indian maidens. [Arizona]
0380    Indian maiden. [Arizona]
0381    Indian chief. [Arizona]
0382    Indian maiden. [Arizona]
0383    Indian maiden. [Arizona]

0384    Group at a banquet. Standing by wall: R.E. Rockwell; (?); Bonnie Botts;
            Harry Jameson; (?); H.Case; Mrs. Arnold Scott; Shorty DeBrink; (?);
            Bill Hall; (?). Seated left side of table: Mun Levitt; Lolla Adams;
            Bill Johnson; Mrs. Mun Levitt; Lauren Shaw; Mrs. Wm.Hall; Irene DeBrink;
            (?); Scotty Brewner; (?); Walt Bond. Right side of table: Mrs. Dick Leavitt;
            Mother Rockwell; Archie Mellott; Mrs. Walt Bond; Lt. Rickwell; Jim Downs;
            Dick Levitt. Small table: Bessie Rockwell; Lynn Botts; Mrs. H. Case.
            (c. 1915-20) (DUP.: 0008-0235A & NEG.)
0385    Arizona Club, c. 1906. Exterior and interior views.
0386    Earl Rockwell, brother of Leon Rockwell, Sr. (c. 1905)
0387    Marjorie Lucille Rockwell, daughter of Leon Rockwell, Sr.
0388    Charlotte Amanda Rockwell. (Leon Rockwell, Sr.'s mother)
0389    Crater Lake (Oregon)

0390    "Grace Elisabeth Hurdick [Hurdic] 1844-1865"
0391    "John Barlow'
0392    "F.L. Breese" (uncle)
0393    "Charles E. Breese, born April 17-1851".
0394    "Breese [Family] Reunion"
0395    "Grandad & Grandma Rockwell"
0396    Bessie Banfield's family (see reverse of photo for i.d.)
0397    "Charlotte Herdick (sic) born Feb 23-1822 died 1910" [Charlotte Hurdic,
            Leon Rockwell Sr.'s great-grandmother]
0398    "Andrew Herdick (sic) born Jul 23-1809 died 1864" [Andrew Hurdic]
0399    "Uncle L.R. Breese    Frank Lee"    [Frank Lee Breese]
0400    "Lou Rockwell taken from photo"
0401    "Grandmother Rockwell; Aunt Sarah Antis, her daughter;
            Cousin Lena Antis Thomas; Glen and Thomas, their sons".
0402    "Geo. Breese"
0403    "Mat Lockwood? Costumer"
0404    Ancestral home? (Possibly Hurdic?)-no identification.
0405    People standing in front of home-1800s?- no identification.
0406    "For Mrs. Hurdic and after her for Mrs. S.B. Breese. 84 years old.
            Eloise Hunter Howel's Mother"-
0407    "Breese [Family] Reunion-1890"
0408    Family group photo. (no identification)
0409    Group of school children. (no identification)
0410    "Ronald Breese-5 � years old-with his papa's clothes."
0411    "L-R: Jessie; Lottie & baby Leon' Father & Mother Breese; S.B. Breese"
0412    "S.B. Breese and L.H. Rockwell" [Grandad Breese and his
            grandson Leon Rockwell Sr.]
0413    "Mother, Father, Earl & me; the dog is Boo Jum. Taken 1893 at our
            home 404 Division St., Elmira, N.Y."
0414    Family group in front of house-no identification.
0415    Family portrait-no identification-c. late 1800s.
0416    Family portrait-no identification.
0417    Portrait of family member-no identification.
0418    Portrait of family member-no identification.
0419    "Aunt Alva, Aunt Jessie, Maud, Ronald".
0420    "1902 Che--? River, Elmira, NY. Leon R., (Ducky) Orrie Drake,
            Mother Rockwell, Aunt Jessie, the White girls and their parents
            Bessie and ----."
0421    "Leon, Uncle Tom---? 1902"
0422    "Tom, Ducky and self 1902."
0423    "1902 vacation on Che---? River, NY."
0424    "Mother, Aunt Jessie; Floyd and Earl; myself 1902."
0425    "Edward Rosenberg , April 15, 1914."
0426    "Admiral & Lottie Dot (Kahn), midgets & son Gabriel     Daughter?"
0427    "Mr. & Mrs. Brown Courtland."
0428    Portrait of young man. (no identification)
0429    Portrait of young man. (no identification)
0430    Portrait of an older woman. (no identification)
0431    Woman holding child. (Seated on front porch) - no identification.
0432    Portrait of woman. (no identification)
0433    Portrait of a young man. (no identification)
0434    Portrait of a young woman. (unidentified)
0435    "Sheldon Rufurt. Age 19 June 29-29"
0436    "Jennie Tuttle."
0437    "Mrs. Walter Carpenter & Daughter." (postcard)
0438    Unidentified man in western dress.
0439    Portrait of young man. (unidentified)
0440    Two little girls and one boy---portrait-no identification.
0441    Portrait of young man. (no identification)
0442    Portrait of a young man. (no identification)
0443    Graduation portrait of young man-no identification.
0444    Young boy in uniform (boy scout?)-no identification.
0445    "Father Breese & Leon; 2 yr & weighs 27 lb."
0446    "Leon-Earl-Floyd Rockwell". (portrait of them as boys)
0447    "L H Rockwell Sr." (portrait of him as a toddler)
0448    "L H Rockwell 1892". (portrait of him as a toddler)
0449    "Leon & William Brown when he came west."
0450    "L H & Bessie M. Rockwell when first married."
0451    "Floyd 1918"
0452    "This is the part of camp where I am now located."
            (Army camp--identification of buildings on reverse of photo.)
0453    "Marjorie and Leon." [Jr.] (portrait of them as young children)
0454    "Marty." (when she was a baby)
0455    Marjorie Rockwell as a young woman.
0456    "Love Margie" (Marjorie Rockwell)
0457    "Earl & May Rockwell wedding-Left to right standing, Mother Rockwell,
            Leon Rockwell Sr., Bessie Rockwell, Harry Dale, Mrs. Arabella Dale.
            Sitting, May & Earl Rockwell."
0458    "4 generations: Mother Rockwell; Leon Rockwell, sr.; Margie Riley;
            Judith Riley."
0459    Bessie and Leon Rockwell, Sr.
0460    Marjorie Rockwell-portrait of a young woman.
0461    "Leon Rockwell Jr. Class H2A. Southwest Airways Inc.
            Phoenix Arizona July 1941"
0462    Old Ranch 1916 Mabel Smalley, Geo. Deverale Sr. Old time LV family.
            Railroad man.
0463    Prof. Barnett's daughter, Prof. Barnett's wife & baby, Leon Rockwell Sr.
            holding Margie, Bessie Rockwell. Jean, Nevada-1917.
0464    "Floyd and Mother Rockwell-Camp Lewis, Wash.-1918"
0465    Mrs. Charlotte (Lottie) Rockwell and son Floyd Rockwell at
            Camp Lewis. (1918)
0466    Early Las Vegas personalities: Fred Tisdial, Pauline Tisdial, Lynn Botts,
            Isabell Botts, Earl Rockwell, Bessie Rockwell.
0467    Old time camp and fliver of the Rockwells. Pictured are Mrs. Bessie Rockwell
            and children Margie and Leon Jr.
0468    Mrs. Leon Rockwell Sr. (Bessie) in Death Valley, early 1920s.
0469    Lost City Pageant (old St. Thomas) 1920s. Leon Jr., Margie, Bessie, Lottie.
0470    Early day Las Vegans-the George Sandersons (barber) and Leon Rockwells.
0471    Early Las Vegans camp out: Gilda Mosbach (Earl in arms);
            Bessie Rockwell, Effie Rhodes.
0472    Early Las Vegans: Bill & Alice Johnson, et al.
0473    Moapa Valley. Mrs. L.A. Rockwell, Gilda Mosback, Ray Mosback,
            Bessie Rockwell, Leon Jr., Leon Sr., James Adams, Harry Jameson,
            Mosback children, Margie Rockwell, Adams' girl.
0474    Mrs. Sam Lawson and Jessie Henderson. (Sam Lawson was owner and
            founder of Southern Nevada Power and Southern Nevada Telephone Co.)
0475    Entire Mosback Family: Ray, Gilda, Rolline, Charlotte, (?).
            Bessie and Leon Rockwell.
0476    Early Las Vegas on camping trip at Moapa, NV. Jim and Lotty Adams
            and daughter. Harry Jameson. Ray and Gilda Mosback and daughters.
            Earl Rockwell and Lottie Rockwell (mother).
0477    Fishing trip near Moapa. Early Las Vegans: Ray Mosback family, Jim Adams
            family, Leon Rockwell Sr. family.
0478    Early Las Vegans: Jimmy & Lola Adams & daughter.
            Bessie Rockwell (behind Earl), Earl Rockwell, Margie and Leon Jr.
0479    Early 1920s-Mrs. Leon Rockwell, Sr. and daughter Margie and
            Leon Jr. (behind bush)
0480    Family picnic, North 3rd St. Leon Jr., Jack Tisdial, Margie Rockwell,
            Lorraine Henry, Georgia Brooks (?), 1920s.
0481    "Ray Mosback-Baby Earl." [early 1920s, Las Vegas, Nev.]
0482    Leon Jr. and Margie Rockwell (Riley), front yard at 121 No. 3rd St.
            (Early 1920s)
0483    Margie Riley and Leon Jr. in front of father's electrical [    ] store on
            No. 3rd St. (Fiesta Room), early 1920s.
0484    Leon Jr. and Margie Rockwell in front of Leon Sr.'s electrical supply co.
            Early 1920s, Las Vegas.
0485    Margie Rockwell (Riley) and brother Leon Rockwell Jr. in front of
            Las Vegas home, early 1920s. (Fiesta Room of Fremont Hotel now in
            location where Rockwell home was.)
0486    Early Las Vegas campers-going to Mt. Charleston area.
0487    Rockwell Cabin, Mt. Charleston. Standing: Dick Cornish (cobbler in LV),
            Earl Rockwell, Mrs. Sam Lawson, Bessie Rockwell, Allie Lawson.
            Children: Leon Rockwell, Jr., Eugenia Lawson, Margie Rockwell.
0488    Lawson Cabin at Mt. Charleston. Rockwell Family, Lawson Family
            (Mrs. Lawson standing)
0489    Irene DeBrink and Elizabeth Dale Griffith (in overalls-lived at 123 N. 3rd,
            now lives in Glendale, Calif. Early Las Vegans coming from Mt. Charleston.
0490    Mrs. L.A. Rockwell; Earl Rockwell; Leon Rockwell; Bessie Rockwell; (?);
            (?); Pinky Hayford (?), on end. Below-children. 1920s-at Mt. Charleston.
0491    [Early 1920s] "Me & Leon Jr., Margie, my salesman Mr. Briscoe & wife from
            Arizona. Colorado River."
0492    Las Vegans-going to St. Thomas pageant-1920s (early).
0493    Early 1920s, Mt. Charleston, [Lawson Cabin or Rockwell Cabin?]
            Dick Cornish, Mrs. Lawson & Eugenia, Leon & Bessie Rockwell
            and Children, Ally Lawson.
0494    Mrs. Sam Lawson and daughter Eugenia at Mt. Charleston. Early 1920s.
0495    Mrs. Art Trelease, Sr. (?) Taken by Leon, Sr. at Mt. Charleston.
            Art Trelease-longtime fire chief and father of Las Vegas City Mgr.(?)
0496    Indian camp at Coyote Springs, Nevada (1923).
            Take by Lynn Botts (Wadsworth) or Leon Rockwell Sr.
0497    J. Warren Woodard (original owner of Downtown Chev. Co.),
            Leon Rockwell Jr. and Charlotte Mosback. Photo taken at
            Long Beach, Calif.
0498    Leon Rockwell and Mrs. Margie Rockwell Riley in front of Leon Sr. store
            on North 3rd St., ca. 1925.
0499    Leon Rockwell Jr. at Vegas Wash-1926.
0500    "Leon Jr., Floyd, Rags-Earl's dog-our front yard, 3rd St." [Floyd was
            Leon Sr.'s younger brother-Las Vegas, 1926]
0501    Ronald Floyd Rockwell and Mrs. Margie (y) Rockwell Riley. Adjacent to the
            Ed Von Tobel home in Las Vegas. Ca. 1928-30.
0502    Mosback Family (early Las Vegas family), Long Beach, Calif., early 1930s.
0503    Roy Mosback (behind surf board), his daughter Rolline (kneeling).
0504    Rolline Mosback (Mrs. Clyde Kaye, lives in Ramona, CA). At Rockwell home
            on No. 3rd St., Las Vegas, Nev., ca. early 1930s.
0505    Las Vegas, 1930s: Back row: Evelyn Young, (?), Margie Rockwell,
            Audrey Waters, (?), ---Stivers.
0506    The Jimmy Adams and Leon Rockwell Sr. families having a picnic.
            Las Vegas-1930s
0507    Mrs. Leon Rockwell, Lottie Rockwell and Jenie Henderson and
            Panguitch Lake. Ca. early 1930s.
0508    Leon Rockwell Sr. and daughter Margie (y) Rockwell on way to the
            Mt. Charleston cabin. 1930
0509    Campout-Mt. Charleston area. Leon Sr., Leon Jr., Margie & Bessie.
            Ca. 1933.
0510    The Pete Hanfords (UPRR), lived on 3rd St., and the Leon Rockwells--
            camping 1930s. On the way to Charleston.
0511    "Trout-one morning's catch-Leon Rockwell] Jr. Panguitch, Utah"
0512    Von Tobel home-1930s. Second from left is ex-Sheriff
            Glen Jones' daughter Patty.
0513    Margie Rockwell Riley, age 12. At 121 no. 3rd St., Las Vegas, Nev.
0514    "Margie & Leon"-[121 No. 3rd St., Las Vegas, 1923]
0515    Margie Rockwell Riley-121 No. 3rd St.-1933.
0516    Leon Rockwell, Jr. and Thomas Bowman (at an early Westside
            grocer in Las Vegas). Ca. 1933
0517    "Floyd Rockwell Bro". W.W. I hero from Las Vegas, 6'6" in stocking feet.
            Brother of R.E. and Leon Rockwell Sr.
0518    Earl Rockwell at 118 � No. Third St. (2nd Helldorado celebration)
0519    Bessie Rockwell-1st Helldorado-121 N. 3rd St.
0520    Marie and Charlie Dean, first Elks Helldorado in Las Vegas.
0521    1939-Mrs. Leon Rockwell-Loly and Harry Jameson at Colorado River.
0522    Hotel Nevada Biltmore-1940s. Margaret McLaughlin.
            No. Main St., Las Vegas.
0523    Mrs. Leon Rockwell Sr. (Bessie Stockton), Ray Mosback,
            Las Vegas, ca. 1940s.
0524    "Death Valley-April 6, 1941". Ray, Fay, Eddie, Bessie & Leon Rockwell Sr.
0525    Las Vegas clan-Big Springs Cookout-1942. "1942 corn roast:
            Jennie Ready,Isabell Botts, Harry Jameson, Lolly Jameson, Bobby Tisdial
            and someone's Baby, Fred Tisdial & Mrs. Walt Bond, Alice Johnson,
            Pauline Tisdial, Bessie Rockwell."
0526    Captain Leon H. Rockwell-Jan. 7, 1942. (Born in Las Vegas, NV., 12/22/19)
0527    Old timers.Las Vegas. Harry and Lollie Jameson, Gloria and Harry Jr.,
            Alice Johnson (Ladd), Pauline and Betty Marie Tisdale (sic),
            Elma Leland (center). July 4, 1943.
0528    Catherine Tisdial Graves (born in Las Vegas, 1920) with Terry.
            (photo taken 1944)
0529    Leon Rockwell Jr., 1st officer Western Air Lines-daughter
            Rosemary, 1945, Burbank, Calif.
0530    Leon Rockwell sr. winning Jackpot--$250, Nevada Club, 1960.
0531    Leon Rockwell Sr. in 1960s.
0532    "Leon Jr. & Rosie."
0533    Rosie and [husband?].
0534    "With Love to Grandma & Grandpa-Ricky-7th grade."
0535    Ricky in cub scout uniform.
0536    "Gerald E. Waters.Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana."
0537    June 4, 1966-Patsy & GE. Lehman Family: Mike (6), Russ (2 �),
            Ken (3 mos.).
0538     Ken Lehman (3 months), son of Patsy & Geo. Lehman.
0539    Judith Riley (as a toddler) holding her doll.
0540    Portrait of young boy in military [school?] uniform. No identification.
0541    Portrait of a young woman (color-tinted photo). No identification.
0542    Portrait of two older women-no identification. (c. early 1900s)
0543    Portrait of a young man. (No identification)
0544    Portrait of a young woman in a swimsuit (posed against fake backdrop of
            a tropical island). No identification.
0545    Mother holding baby. (No identification)
0546    Nine (9) portraits of children and young adults. (No identification)
0547    Family group posed in front of house. (No identification)
0548    Wagon drawn by mules. (No identification as to date or location.)
0549    Possible excavation site with human skulls, bones, etc.
0550    Tintype of baby. (No identification)
0551    Tintype of young man. (No identification)
0552    Governor Harding addressing soldiers at Tent City at Camp Dodge.
            September 22, 1918