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Binion's Horseshoe Photograph Collection

Location: PC 12:A, PC Negatives Box 19, MC MS 01:H

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Collection Contents:
Binion Family and Friends

0001    [Probably Teddy Jane and Benny Binion, August 1943.] (Teddy Jane was Binion's wife.)
0002    Teddy Jane Binion, left (?) Other woman not identified. Photo taken in Colorado, August 1943.
0003    Unidentified. Probably Binion family members. (c. 1943)
0004    Benny Binion seated at poker table, hands folded, facing camera. Taken during Horseshoe World Series of Poker. (c. 1980s)
0005    Benny Binion (center), standing in front of his Horseshoe Hotel on Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. (4.17/68)
0006    Benny Binion (left) and his actor friend Chill Wills, standing near Wills' car which is on display. The car has huge animal horns mounted on the front end and a horseshoe for a hood ornament. (c. 1960s)
0007    Benny Binion (left) and actor friend Chill Wills. (c. 1960s)
0008    Actor Chill Wills (left) with Benny Binion. (c. 1960s)
0009    Chill Wills (left) and Benny Binion (right). C. 1960s
0010    Benny Binion (left) and Chill Wills (right) seated on the back of the seat in Will's convertible. (c. 1960s)
0011    Chill Wills (left), Benny Binion (right) standing in front of Wills' convertible. (c. 1960s)
0012    Chill Wills (center) and Benny Binion (right) standing on Fremont street in front of the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino. (1968)
0013    Jack Binion (left) with U.S. Senator Howard Cannon (Nev.), (center). (c. 1970s?)
0014    Benny Binion (left) on horseback. (c. 1960s)
0015    Jack Binion (left). Other man unidentified.
0016    Jack Binion (right).
0017    Teddy Jane Binion (left) with her husband Benny Binion at a birthday or anniversary celebration. (n.d.) Lady at right is probably their daughter Becky.
0018    Teddy Jane Binion at right. Standing by a display depicting cowboy and cowgirl dolls in front of the $1,000,000 Binion's Horseshoe. (n.d.)
0019    Benny Binion (left) with son Ted Binion. (c. 1960s-1970s) (OVERSIZE)
0020    Benny Binion. (c. 1960s-70s) (OVERSIZE)
0021    Benny Binion (n.d.)
0022    Benny Binion (right) during a CBS interview. (n.d.) (OVERSIZE)

Horseshoe Hotel & Casino

0023    Horseshoe Hotel & Casino-interior view. Shows guests, slot machines, and entrance to bar. (c. 1940s-50s?)
0024    Horseshoe Casino interior. (no date)
0025    Horseshoe Club interior-guests playing bingo. (c. 1940s-50s?)
0026    Horseshoe Club interior-guests playing bingo. (c. 1940s-50s?)
0027    Horseshoe Club interior-coffee shop or restaurant. (c. 1940s-50s?)
0028    Interior view of Horseshoe Hotel & Casino. (no date)
0029    Horseshoe Casino-interior-slot machines in view. (no date)
0030    Interior view of Horseshoe Casino-stained glass skylight. (n.d.) (color photo)
0031    Horseshoe Club-Las Vegas, Nev., before completion of the sign. (July 12, 1961)
0032    Parking garage at Binion's Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nev. (Dec. 1962)
0033    Horseshoe Club, Mint Hotel, Hotel Fremont in downtown Las Vegas. (c. 1966)
0034    Horseshoe Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nev. Hotel Fremont at far right. Chill Wills (2nd from left); Jack Binion (2nd from right).
0035    Horseshoe Hotel and Casino-parking garage. (c. 1960s-70s)
0036    Billboard advertising the Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas. (color photo) (c. 1960s-70s)
0037    Billboard advertising the Horseshoe. (color photo) (c. 1960s-70s)
0038    Fireworks display above the Union Plaza Hotel at the end of Fremont Street, Las Vegas Nevada. Binion's Horseshoe Casino and the Golden Nugget Gambling Hall can also be seen. (c. 1980s?)


Million Dollar Display

0039    Million dollar cash display at Binion's Horseshoe, Las Vegas. One hundred $10,000 bills are encased in bullet-proof glass and hang inside an 8 foot, 2,000 pound golden horseshow. Visitors could have their photograph taken in front of the display. (c. 1960s-70s)
0040    Benny Binion and his daughter Becky posing next to the Million Dollar Horseshoe at the Horseshoe Casino. (c. 1969)
0041    Two Horseshoe Club security guards pose in front of the million dollar horseshow display.
0042    Chill Wills (left) standing with an unidentified man in front of the Million Dollar Horseshoe at Binion's Horseshoe Casino.
0043    Jack Binion (2nd from right) awarding cash prizes to customers in his hotel. They are standing in front of the million dollar display at the Horseshoe. (February 1970)
0044    L-R: Jack Klugman, Benny Binion, Merv Griffin on the Merv Griffin TV show. (1960s-70s)
0045    L-R: Benny Binion, Chills Wills (guests of Merv Griffin-at right), on his TV show.
0046    Another view of the "Merv Griffin Show" which featured Jack Binion and the $1,000,000 display from Binion's Horseshoe. Zsa Zsa Gabor (right). Jack Binion is shaking hands with host Merv Griffin. (c. 1971)
0047    L-R: Security guard, Merv Griffin, Jack Binion, Zsa Zsa Gabor with million dollar display on the "Merv Griffin Show". (c. 1971)
0048    L-R: Zsa Zsa Gabor, security guard, Merv Griffin, Jack Binion. The "Merv Griffin Show" TV show. Guard is holding the $1,000,000 display from Binion's Horseshoe Casino. (c. 1971)
0049    Jack Binion of Binion's Horseshoe Casino is followed by security guards as he carries the $1,000,000 display through the casino. (c. 1971)
0050    Photographers film Jack Binion holding a million dollars. It was a display at his Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas. (c. 1971)


Quarter Horse Sale

0051    Benny Binion (standing, center) at a quarter horse sale in front of his Horseshoe Casino. (April 17, 1968)
0052    Quarter horse sale in front of Binion's Horseshoe. (April 17, 1968)
0053    Quarter horse sale, Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nev. (Apr. 17, 1968) Mint Hotel, Horseshoe Casino, and Hotel Fremont shown.
0054    Quarter horse sale, Fremont Street in front of Binion's Horseshoe. (April 17, 1968)


Poker Events

0055    Benny Binion (in black jacket) standing by poker table in his Horseshoe Hotel and Casino. (n.d.)
0056    Horseshoe president Jack Binion standing at end of table. (c. 1960s or 1970s)
0057    Doyle Brunson (known as "Texas Dolly"), seated at end of table, (bald man with dark-rimmed glasses) won $300,000 in this 7th World Series of Poker held at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. (1976)
0058    Adrian Doyle Brunson (known as "Texas Dolly") wins $300,000 at Horseshoe Casino's World Series of Poker. (1976) Standing directly behind him is player Eric Drache.
0059    Another view of Doyle Brunson (end of table) who won $300,000 in the Seventh World Series of Poker, Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas. (1976) Probably Crandall Addington (standing, in white suit and hat).
0060    Players in the Horseshoe Casino's Seventh World Series of Poker. (1976)


Binion Ranch

0061    Aerial view of Benny Binion's ranch northeast of Jordan, Montana. It is a 250-section spread.
0062    Aerial view of Binion Ranch and surrounding land near Jordan, Montana.
0063    Aerial view of the Binion Ranch near Jordan in north-eastern Montana.
0064    Aerial vie of the Binion Ranch (near Jordan, Montana), Ranch buildings at left.



0065    Benny Binion (left) with some of the rodeo champions, Las Vegas, 1968.
0066    Elks 36th annual Helldorado Rodeo. (c. 1970s) Bareback rider competes.
0067    Elks 36th annual Helldorado Rodeo, Las Vegas, Nev. (c. 1970s) Bareback riding competition.
0068 Las Vegas (?) rodeo. (n.d.)


Binion's Horseshoe Stagecoach

0069    Binion's Horseshoe stagecoach in Reno, complete with cowboys and Indians. Driver in white hat most likely Chill Wills, actor and close friend of Benny Binion. (n.d.)
0070    Binion's Horseshoe stagecoach. (n.d.)
0071    Binion's Horseshoe stagecoach participating in the 1984 Rodeo of Rodeos "Make-A-Wish Cowboy Project". Little boy was the "Make-A-Wish Cowboy", Clayton Browning. (Phoenix, Arizona)
0072    Binion's Horseshoe stagecoach. (n.d.)
0073    Binion's Horseshoe stagecoach. (Reno, Nev., 1981) (color photo)
0074    Binion's stagecoach in a parade in California (?). Chill Wills riding on front (red shirt); probably Benny and Teddy Jane Binion on back. (n.d.) (color photo)



0075    Binion's Horseshoe Casino. (n.d.) (COLOR TRANSPARENCY ONLY)