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Junior League of Las Vegas Photograph Collection

Location: PC 04:A, PC Negatives Box 07

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Collection Contents:

Postcard Collection

0001    Drawing of Hoover Dam

0002    Overlooking reservoir site.

0003    Crossing the desert, Arrowhead Trail

0004    The Valley of Fire

0005    A dry lake near Hoover Dam.

0006    Colorado River looking upstream. Boulder dam site, 1931.

0007    Entrance to one of four diversion tunnels.

0008    Diverting the Colorado River through giant tunnels.

0009    Clark County Court House, Las Vegas.

0010    Looking west on Fremont Street, Las Vegas.

0011    Boulder Dam as it will look when completed.

0012    Looking upstream. Colorado River and Boulder Dam.

0013    Boulder Dam and Lower portals and diversion tunnels

0014    A close-up of Boulder Dam construction

0015    Boulder Dam and lower portals and diversion tunnels

0016    Union Pacific Miracle Train passing through a thirty ft. intake pipe at the Boulder Dam project.

0017    Showing the immense concrete forms of Hoover Dam.

0018    Boulder Dam at night

0019    Boulder City. A model city built to house the workmen engaged on the Boulder Dam Project.

0020    Boulder Dam, View from Lookout Point


Yuma , Arizona

0021    Colorado River in Yuma. (Postcard)

Death Valley, California

0022    The guest house and main building of Scotty's Castle. (postcard)

0023    Graves of James Dayton and Shorty Harris. (postcard)

0024    Elaborate door with hand wrought hinges in Scotty's Castle (postcard)

0025    Watchtower at Scotty's Castle. (postcard)

0026    Interior of Scotty's Castle. (postcard)

0027    Charcoal kilns in Wild Rose Canyon. (postcard)



0028    Alice Ann Fry. Junior League member Died in 1973


The following 3 photos taken out of Service League (Jr. League of Las Vegas) Scrapbook 1946-52.

0029    L-R: Adele Smith , Sue Beeman, Kathryn Von Tobel, Shirley Dimock Ballinger, Ellen Albright, Dorothy Cannon, Dona M. Schultz, Pauline Conway, Mildred Hoy Williams, Olga Silvagni Moe, Alice Ann Fry and Mary Hirsch in lobby of Last Frontier Hotel, 1947.

0030    L-R: Okla Belle Malone Jones, Beda Cornwall, Dorothy Cannon, Lillian Hicks and Bea Barron at home of Bea Barron, honorary member, June 1948.

0031    Benefit held at Moore home, May 21, 1950. Joe Shramm, C. Wood Pierce and Abe Schiller.

Early Las Vegas

0032    First State Bank. Was the first permanent two story building in Las Vegas, located at 1st and Fremont Streets. (c. 1905)

0033    A freight train (team of mules and wagon), used for transportation to mining areas. (1905-1910)

0034    Mule-drawn freight wagon in front of Block 16 and the Arizona Club, Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1905) Used for transportation to mining areas.

0035    First hotel in Las Vegas-The Hotel Las Vegas on Main Street. (1905)

0036    View of the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad yards. 1906 or 1907. In the background is a fifty ton capacity ice house which burned in the summer of 1907.

0037    Ranch house at Las Vegas Ranch. (n.d.)

0038    Arizona Club (interior), Las Vegas, Nevada. (c.1905)

0039    Early miner holding a baby burro. (no date or identification)

0040    Surveyors on the railroad (no date). Location is the Manvel, California area. L-R: Charles Whittemore, Judge Davis. Person at right not identified. They were surveying in preparation for the building of the San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake Railroad, c. 1905.

0041    Ranch house and southwest wall of Mormon Fort, c.1905. (Building at left was the headquarters of the Las Vegas Ranch)

0042    Clayson and Griffith, and early tent store in Las Vegas (1905) One of the founders of E.W. Griffith who later owned a building on 2nd and Fremont (Golden Nugget site)

0043    Main street looking east, railroad houses in background. (1908)


Early Las Vegas (cont.)

0044    Las Vegas residential area showing power poles, dirt streets, and limited living conditions. (c.1910)

0045    Fremont Street from 2nd Street, looking west. (1908)

0046    Fremont Street looking west. (1908)

0047    Auction of lots in Clark's Las Vegas Townsite (1910) Man in back wearing suspenders (no hat) is C.O. Whittemore, attorney for the SP, LA, and SL Railroad.

0048    [Early Las Vegas? [ n.d]

Later Las Vegas after 1910

0049    First State Bank, corner of First and Fremont Streets, c. 1919.

0050    Las Vegas. Main Street looking towards Sunrise Mountain, c.1908-1912.

0051    Miners and burros Sunrise Mountain in background.(n.d.)

0052    San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Depot, Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1910)

0053    Las Vegas, Nevada, c. 1910. Mission-style building at back is the SP, LA, SL Railroad Depot.

0054    Aerial view of Las Vegas (1915)

0055    Las Vegas High School, built 1910. When a new high school was built in 1929, this became Fifth Street Grammar School.

0056    Artesian well-Las Vegas. (People not indemnified, no date, c. 1910)

0057    Overland Hotel fire. 1911.

0058    No identification Overland Hotel fire. 1911.

0059    Artesian well gushing.

0060    Clark County High School basketball team, 1912. Players not identified

0061    Men riding in early motor car. (persons, date, and place not identified.

Las Vegas (1920s-1950s)

0062    Fremont Street, looking west, c. 1920s. At end of street is SP, LA & SL Railroad Depot.

0063    Fremont Street, looking east. (1926)

0064    Looking east on Fremont Street , c. 1920s

0065    Overland Hotel at Main and Fremont, Las Vegas, 1920.

0066    Hotel Nevada, southeast corner of Main and Fremont. (1920s)

0067    View of railroad yards and ice plant, Las Vegas, Nevada. (Back, left.) (c.1915-1920)

0068    Clark County Court House, Las Vegas, Nevada. It was built in 1914. (Photo by Oakes)


Las Vegas (1920s-1950s) (cont.)

0069    Hospital on No. 2nd Street, Las Vegas. Formerly the Palace Hotel it was converted into hospital by Dr. Roy W. Martin. (1928)

0070    Bunting decorated the depot at the opening of construction in 1930 of the branch line to Boulder City. (Union Pacific Railroad photo)

0071    Aerial view of Las Vegas in the early 1930s

0072    Helldorado Parade, horse-drawn stage coach. Las Vegas, Nevada, c. 1930s

0073    Club Bingo-Las Vegas, Nevada, c. 1950s. (Today the Sahara Hotel is where the Club Bingo stood.)

0074    Death Valley Express wagon in Helldorado Parade, c. 1930s. "Pop" Squires is seated in wagon (wearing checkered shirt)

0075    Gambling scene

0076    Ca. 1940 Las Vegas, Depot yards, roundhouse and shops and growing city. (Union Pacific Railroad photo)

0077    Passengers arriving for Helldorado (1944). They are being met by a stage coach. (Union Pacific Railroad photo)

0078    Time capsule placed at the opening of the Union Pacific Depot (1940). It was opened in 1970 when the depot was razed to make space for the Union Plaza Hotel. (Union Pacific Railroad photo)

Boulder Dam Project

0079    Principles involved in the signing of the Boulder Dam bill, Dec. 21, 1928. L-R: Elwood Mead, Phil Swing, Sen. Hiram Johnson, Addison T. Smith, and W.B. Matthews.

0080    Black Canyon reservoir site from Monument Pass on the Nevada side of the Colorado Rive. (6-23-29)

0081    Union Pacific passengers were told about the Boulder Dam Project by this sign on the platform in 1929. (Union Pacific Railroad photo)

0082    When the Union Pacific railroad connected with the Boulder City branch of the railroad. (Sept. 17, 1930)

0083    Boulder City and Hoover Dam Project near Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1930)

0084    Crow's Nest above the site of Boulder Dam. (1930s)


0085    Fishermen landing a fish at Lake Mead.

0086    Boats docked at Lake Mead.

0087    Basic Magnesium Industries. (c. 1940s)

0088    BMI-interior of caustic evaporation building, 1st floor.

0089    Aerial of downtown Las Vegas. Union Plaza Hotel is in the lower left corner. (c. 1970s)


Miscellaneous (cont.)

0090    James R. Dickinson Library, University of Nevada Las Vegas (1960s-1970s)

0091    Flora Dungan Humanities Building, University of Nevada Las Vegas (1970s)

0092    Campus of University of Nevada Las Vegas (1970)

0093    Las Vegas Convention Center (c. 1960s-1970s)

0094    University of Nevada Las Vegas campus. (1970)

0095    Stardust Hotel Auditorium (1960s-1970s)

0096    Jimmy Durante performing in Las Vegas.

0097    Publicity photo promoting Las Vegas tourism (1940s) Shows man canoeing on a lake with two men on horseback on the shore.

0098    Western publicity photo-people on horseback in the desert-promoting tourism in Las Vegas. (1940s)

0099    Portrait of Senator William A. Clark.

0100    Native American Women

0101    Native American Women

0102    Man and his horse

0103    Coal train leaving Las Vegas railroad yard, 1969. (UP Railroad photo)

0104    New Union Pacific Railroad Depot in Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1940) (Union Pacific Railroad Photo)

0105    Arrival of the "City of Las Vegas" on its inaugural run from Los Angeles in December 1956. (Union Pacific Railroad photo)

0106    "City of Las Vegas" Aerotrain which shuttled fun seekers between Southern California and Las Vegas. Shown at Union Pacific Depot, Las Vegas, ca. 1956. (UP Railroad Photo)

0107    This train , a later version of "City of Las Vegas", was renamed "Las Vegas Holiday Special" Shown at the UP Depot, Las Vegas, 1957. (UP Railroad photo)