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Arnold (George W.) Letter
Coll #: MS-00037
Date: 1870
Extent: 0.1 linear feet (1 shared box)
The George Arnold Letter, Pioche City, Nevada is dated 1870 and contains a handwritten letter from Arnold to his uncle Gideon. The letter is a brief review of Arnold's life in Nevada.
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Barcus, Clyde S. & Edith Giles
Coll #: MS-00206
Date: 1848-1979, bulk 1910-1950
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
The Edith Giles Barcus Family Papers document the lives and work of three related individuals who lived in Goldfield, Nevada: noted mining engineer Edwin S. Giles who settled in Goldfield in 1907, his daughter Edith Giles who was raised in Goldfield, and Clyde Barcus, also a mining engineer, who came to Goldfield in 1923 and married Edith Giles soon thereafter. The papers date from 1848 to 1979 and document the business and personal lives of two generations of the Giles-Barcus family in Goldfield and Las Vegas, Nevada. The collection includes: property, commercial, financial, and mining records; mining and engineering reports; notes on minerals; correspondence; and photographs of the family, Goldfield, and travel shots of the western United States.
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Basic Magnesium, Inc. (BMI) Records and Photographs
Coll #: MS-00126
Date: 1933-1965 (bulk 1941-1942)
Extent: 5 boxes, 1 flat file (3.88 Cubic Feet, 4.96 Linear Feet)
The Basic Magnesium Inc. (BMI) Records and Photographs (1933-1965) document the planning, construction, and management of the BMI magnesium manufacturing plants near present-day Henderson in Clark County, Nevada and a magnesium mining operation in Gabbs, Nye County, Nevada. Materials include chronological reports, press releases, telegrams, budgets, building diagrams, maps, and black-and-white photographic prints. The records document employee housing and infrastructure projects, magnesium production statistics, and employee data. The photographic prints, which include many aerial images, provide a visual record of the construction of the plant, the mining operation, and the associated support facilities and employee housing.
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Beam, Bill Papers
Coll #: MS-00531
Date: 1955-2004
Extent: 1.05 Linear Feet (1 box), 1.15 Cubic Feet
The Bill Beam Papers document the career of miner and poetry enthusiast Bill (William) Beam from 1955 to 2004. The papers contain mining materials, photographs, and poetry from mines Beam worked in around the Southwestern United States. Also included are two albums of photographs from the Nevada Test Site.
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Blue Diamond History Committee Collection
Coll #: MS-00727
Date: 1920s-2012 (bulk 1985-2005)
Extent: 7 boxes, 1 flat file (4.82 cubic feet, 7.33 linear feet)
The Blue Diamond History Committee Collection (1920s-2012) contains materials related to the history of the Blue Diamond Mine and nearby village located about twenty-five miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The collection contains materials including environmental reports, photographs of the mine and its employees and their families, maps, a photocopy of a diary, mine operation records and accident reports, community calendars, and correspondence and property documents of the local post office.
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Blue Diamond Mine Corporation Records
Coll #: MS-00505
Date: 1918-2005 (bulk 1950-1990)
Extent: 17 boxes (19.14 cubic feet, 17.05 linear feet)
The Blue Diamond Mine Corporate Records (1918, 1941-2005) consist of operational and organization records of the gypsum mining and milling operations located in southwest Clark County, Nevada. Materials include operational records related to individual boring sites at the mine; milling operations and statistics; and equipment operations and statistics, including maps, field notebooks, and photographs. There are also daily, weekly, and monthly organizational records related to employee work schedules and safety reports for the mining operations, including accident reports and a safety education training program.
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Campbell, John F. papers
Coll #: MS-00532
Date: 1964-2004
Extent: 3 Linear Feet (4 boxes, 1 flat file)
The John F. Campbell Papers (1964-2004) are comprised of material from his 27 years working at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) as an engineer and mine supervisor. Included is information about the various tunnels used for nuclear testing that Campbell worked on, completion schedules, maps, and photographs. Also included are newspaper clippings, newsletters, bulletins, and pamphlets connected with or relating to the Test Site. There are awards, correspondence, and medical papers that reference illnesses of Test Site workers.
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Dayton, Nevada Gold Discovery Sesquicentennial Commemorative Plate
Coll #: MS-00772
Date: 1999
Extent: 1 box (0.16 cubic feet, 1 linear feet)
The Dayton, Nevada Gold Discovery Sesquicentennial Commemorative Plate collection (1999) contains one china plate commemorating the sesquicentennial of the discovery of gold in Dayton, Nevada in 1849.
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Doughty (Nan) family collection
Coll #: MS-00021
Date: 1845 -1993
Extent: 38 boxes and 1 flat file (24.34 cubic feet, 22.46 linear feet)
Related Materials: 0240
The Nan Doughty Family Collection dates from 1845 to 1993 and documents Doughty's personal and professional life. She collected correspondence and papers related to her extended family members including Sallie Bradford, Seymour Kimball Bradford, William Hillman Shockley, and May Bradford Shockley. The collection also includes papers from her father, Thorwald A. Siegfriedt, and her mother, Lou-vee Bradford Siegfried. Doughty used her family histories to write historical essays about early Nevada. The collection includes her professional papers as well as drafts and correspondence related to her writings.
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Foote Mineral Company Annual Reports
Coll #: MS-00666
Date: 1966-1978
Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (1 box)
The Foote Mineral Company Annual Reports contain annual reports and statements of earnings published by the Foote Mineral Company from 1966 to 1978. Material contains information on Foote's lithium carbonate plant in Silver Peak, Nevada.
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Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company Records
Coll #: MS-00744
Date: 1904-1930
Extent: 5.4 Linear feet (2 boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 flat file)
The Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company Records (1904-1930) consist of correspondence, invoices, receipts with voucher checks, mining leases, insurance policies, payroll accounts, published notices and articles. Also included is a monthly Goldfield Consolidated Mines reports ledger from February 1914 to October 1916 for mines located in the south central Nevada area.
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Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company Records
Coll #: MS-00744
Date: 1904-1930
Extent: 5.4 Linear feet (2 boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 flat file)
The Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company Records (1904-1930) consist of correspondence, invoices, receipts with voucher checks, mining leases, insurance policies, payroll accounts, published notices and articles. Also included is a monthly Goldfield Consolidated Mines reports ledger from February 1914 to October 1916 for mines located in the south central Nevada area.
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Hancock, Doris
Coll #: MS-00282
Date: 1915 - 1987
Extent: 1.84 cubic feet, 3.34 linear feet (4 boxes, 1 oversize folder in shared box)
Related Materials: 0003
The Doris Hancock Papers (1895-1987) consist of school memorabilia, correspondence, sketches, two scrapbooks, and material from her involvement in the Las Vegas Art League. Also included are materials about Southern Nevada and surrounding areas, particularly mining towns, Colorado River, Boulder Dam, Red Rock Canyon, early Las Vegas, and Death Valley.
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Hezzelwood (Larry) collection
Coll #: MS-00089
Date: 1953 - 1954
Extent: 1 folder (shared box), (0.01 cubic feet, 0.1 linear feet)
The Larry L. Hezzelwood Collection (1953-1954) contains correspondence pertaining to the creation of a titanium processing plant in Boulder City, Nevada as part of the Aero Metals Corporation of Las Vegas, Nevada. Larry L. Hezzelwood served as secretary and treasurer of the Aero Metal Corporation.
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Kielhofer (Charles) Letter
Coll #: MS-00041
Date: 1958 January 31
Extent: 1 shared box (01. linear feet, 0.1 cubic feet)
The Kielhofer (Charles) Letter Collection consists of a single photocopy of a letter written by Charles Kielhofer January 31, 1958 to the Las Vegas, Nevada Review-Journal newspaper to inform them that they credited the wrong person with the establishment of Bullfrog Mine in one of their articles.
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Ladd (George) Papers
Coll #: MS-01073
Date: 1903-1906
Extent: 1 box (0.19 cubic feet, 0.21 linear feet)
The George Ladd Papers are comprised of a scrapbook dating from 1903 to 1906 that documents the final years of George Ladd, who was involved with the Bullfrog Mine in Rhyolite, Nevada. The scrapbook contents include personal correspondence, certificates of assays, telegrams, mining purchases, bank deposit slips, and correspondence between Ladd and the Bullfrog Mining Company.
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Leprechaun Mining and Chemical, Inc.
Coll #: MS-00464
Date: 1961-1997
Extent: 8.75 linear feet (9 boxes)
The Leprechaun Mining and Chemical, Inc. Records from 1954 to 1998 contain business information, Foot Chemical Company partnership documentation, meetings, audit and investment reports, financial papers, and stock certificates and transfers. Also included is data on the minerals mined in Nevada, such as salt, potash, and lithium.
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McGonagill, Irma
Coll #: MS-00151
Date: 1907-1970
Extent: 0.21 Linear Feet, 0.19 Cubic Feet (1 box)
Related Materials: PH-0246
The Irma McGonagill Papers (1907-1970) document her life in Tonopah, Nevada. The collection includes handwritten notes about her life in Tonopah, a stock certificate from the Silver Bow mine, and correspondence with Nanelia S. Doughty about life in Tonopah.
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Mim's Sutro Company Records
Coll #: MS-00222
Date: 1905
Extent: 1.28 Cubic Feet (1 box)
Collection contains the stock ledger from 1905 for the Mim's Sutro Company, a Nevada mining company.
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Moore (William J.) Mining and Real Estate Papers
Coll #: MS-00224
Date: 1925-1974
Extent: 2.3 cubic feet (5 boxes)
The William J. Moore Jr. papers (1925-1974) consist of mining publications, maps of mine locations, production reports, agreements, sales contracts of various ores, property claims, and correspondence. Also included are housing plans, maps, agreements, and financial papers for Westchester Gardens housing tract in Las Vegas, Nevada, estimates and analysis for a 500 room Las Vegas resort hotel.
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Murphy, Franklin M. Geological Papers
Coll #: MS-00202
Date: 1919-1956
Extent: 11 boxes and 1 flat file (6.3 cubic feet, 7.63 linear feet)
The Franklin M. Murphy Geological Papers (1919-1956) contain surveys, lectures, reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, bulletins, maps, and dam site investigations from six different states in the American west. Also included are mining projects, photographs, scrapbooks, albums, school papers, and Murphy's thesis.
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Neely (William) letter
Coll #: MS-00114
Date: 1864 December 04
Extent: 1 folder (shared box); 0.02 cubic/linear feet
The William Neely Letter consists of one typescript letter (photocopied) transcribed from an original dated December 4, 1864 from William Neely in Virginia City, Nevada to his nephew. The letter discusses Nevada's impending statehood and the mining business and financial situation at the time.
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Rinker, C.A. Earle Papers
Coll #: MS-00514
Date: 1880-1960 (bulk 1905-1910)
Extent: 9 boxes, 2 oversize boxes (5.97 cubic feet, 6.61 linear feet)
The C. A. Earle Rinker Papers (1880-1960) contain materials that document the history of early twentieth century Goldfield, located in central Nevada, as well as the life of Rinker. Materials in the collection include correspondence, mining prospectuses, maps, ledgers, souvenirs, photographic negatives, and ephemera that document mining and daily life. Also included is biographical material that tells the story of Earle Rinker and his family before 1906 and after 1909, documenting his life in Indiana and Illinois.
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Sadovich, Maryellen Vallier
Coll #: MS-00065
Date: 1852 -1934
Extent: 0.5 linear feet (9 folders) (shared box)
The Maryellen Vallier Sadovich Papers include transcripts and handwritten and photocopied documents pertaining to early Nevada history from 1852 to 1934. Documents include information about the boundaries of Nevada; mail service contracts between Utah and California; documents from the Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs concerning reservations in Southern Nevada; a copy of Gibb's Phonetic alphabet of Southern Nevada Native American languages; maps of tributaries in Southern Nevada; notes about the National Archives photographic holdings of Nevada; and documents from mining reports.
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Sprague, Charles and Benjamin Gill papers on Nevada Mining
Coll #: MS-00570
Date: 1906-1925
Extent: 4 boxes (4.08 Cubic Feet, 3.46 Linear Feet)
The Charles S. Sprague and Benjamin Gill Collection is comprised of various records from the mining companies owned and operated by businessmen Charles S. Sprague and Benjamin Gill who were active in the central Nevada boomtowns of Goldfield and Tonopah in the early decades of the twentieth century. Documents include correspondence, receipts and invoices, detailed records and copies of government legislative bills relating to the mining industry, and other business correspondence. Sprague’s collection consists of his mining business correspondence dating from 1906-1925. Gill's papers are comprised of his business correspondence 1916-1922.
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Spurr (Josiah Edward) papers
Coll #: MS-00078
Date: 1913-1967 (bulk 1913-1915)
Extent: 1 folder (shared box), 0.1 cubic feet, 0.1 linear feet
Collection consists of an original manuscript, "Geology and Ore-Deposition at Tonopah, Nevada" by Josiah Edward Spurr (1870-1950) with hand-drawn diagrams, and letters discussing the donation of the manuscript. The manuscript, which was published in the journal Economic Geology in 1915, is a geological description of the Tonopah mining area; the Tonopah Mining Company is mentioned frequently. It is undated, but the publication date suggests it was written approximately 1913-1915.
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Tonopah Mining Company Records
Coll #: MS-00752
Date: 1901-1941
Extent: 7 boxes, 1 flat file (3.02 cubic feet, 6.08 linear feet)
The Tonopah Mining Company Records derive from the office of the company’s general manager in Tonopah, Nevada and consist of documents directly generated by its mining and milling operations from 1901 through 1929. The collection includes daily work reports, assay reports and certificates, employee time cards, invoices and receipts for mining equipment and supplies, monthly stores reports, and the company’s numerous insurance policies. Several of the company’s annual reports, including an original typescript copy of the 1907 annual report, are included in the collection. Additionally, select records from the company's subsidiary, Desert Power and Mill Company, as well as the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad, which include overcharge claims, freight and repair bills, and delivery receipts are included in the collection.
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UNLV Libraries Collection of Nevada Mining Maps
Coll #: MS-01032
Date: 1860-1950
Extent: 5 flat files and 1 box (2.64 cubic feet, 25.16 linear feet)
The UNLV Libraries Collection of Nevada Mining Maps consists of five flat files and one box containing maps depicting mines, shafts, and mining claims primarily in Southern Nevada from approximately 1860 to 1950.
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UNLV Libraries Collection of Prints, Lithographs, and Illustrations
Coll #: MS-01058
Date: approximately 1840-1950
Extent: 3 oversized box (2.65 cubic feet, 4.77 linear feet)
The UNLV Libraries Collection of Prints, Lithographs, and Illustrations (approximately 1840-1950) contains visual artwork depicting Native Americans, white settlers, and various railroad and mining activities in the American West during the 19th century. The collection also contains artwork depicting various games, the act of gambling, and advertisements. Materials include prints, illustrations, lithographs, and newspaper clippings.
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UNLV Libraries Collection on Goldfield, Nevada
Coll #: MS-00010
Date: 1906-1958, 2009 (bulk 1906-1917)
Extent: 3 boxes (1.15 cubic feet, 1.04 linear feet)
The UNLV University Libraries Collection on Goldfield, Nevada Collection dates from 1906 to 2009, with the bulk dating from 1906 to 1917 and documents the mining, business, and civic history of Goldfield, Nevada. Items in the collection include a program from the Nelson-Gans boxing match, a letter from H.M. Yerington describing the miners' strike, mine prospectuses, and minutes from the Goldfield Woman's Club.
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UNLV University Libraries Collection on Nevada Mining
Coll #: MS-00011
Date: 1842-1966 (bulk 1900-1928)
Extent: 26 boxes, 10 oversized boxes, 1 flat file, 1 unboxed item (15.88 cubic feet, 26.04 linear feet)
The Nevada Mining Collection is comprised of records that document mining and mines in Nevada from 1842 to 1966. The majority of the collection includes records of various mines and mining companies located in the Esmeralda, Lincoln, Clark, White Pine, and Nye counties, dating from 1900 to 1928. The collection includes financial, administrative, and business related records; photographs of miners, mining camps, and towns; correspondence; maps; newspaper clippings, pamphlets, newsletters, and booklets.
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V. Hagemann Letter
Coll #: MS-00039
Date: 1883 June 13
Extent: 0.1 cubic ft (1 shared box)
Collection consists of a single piece of correspondence between V. Hagemann of San Francisco to J.H.B. Harris of Silverpeak, Nevada dated June 13 1883. Contains gossip related to mining of the California-Nevada region. Transcription done by former Special Collections curator, Anna Dean Kepper, is included with the original.
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Williams (Frank) Papers on Early Nevada
Coll #: MS-00053
Date: 1892 -1946
Extent: 13 folders (shared box); 0.08 cubic/linear feet
Related Materials: 0171(63) and albums 2:31.3 and 2:32.1
The Frank Williams Papers on Early Nevada (1892-1946) consists of manuscripts written for the most part by Frank Williams, an early resident of Southern Nevada. The collection includes Williams' autobiography as well as histories of Goodsprings, Potosi Mine, Mesquite Valley, and the Yellow Pine Mining districts. Finally, this collection contains reports and material reflecting Frank Williams' two terms as University Regent (1909-1912 and 1923-1942) at the University of Nevada, Reno, and his four terms in the Nevada State Assembly.
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Wingfield, George Records on the Tonopah Divide Mining Company and Other Holdings
Coll #: MS-00787
Date: 1916-1945
Extent: 9.35 Linear Feet (12 boxes)
The George Wingfield Records on the Tonopah Divide Mining Company and Other Holdings (1916-1945) document some Wingfield's business interests and holdings, including the Goldfield News and Weekly Tribune, the Tonopah Banking Company, the Tonopah Divide Mining Company, and other mining operations. Materials include invoices, receipts, voucher records, correspondence, assay certificates, meeting minutes, legal papers, and ledgers of stocks and accounts.
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