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Archaeo-Nevada Society Records
Coll #: MS-00728
Date: 1939-2007 (bulk 1966-2005)
Extent: 8 boxes, 1 oversized box (5.84 cubic feet, 5.68 linear feet), 185 digital files (4.94 GB)
The Archaeo-Nevada Society Records (1939-2007) consist of archaeological and conservation articles, correspondence, brochures, newsletters, programs, maps, articles about prehistoric Native Americans, and information about the flora and fauna of Nevada. Materials also include scrapbooks and photograph albums detailing the activities of the society between 1966 and 1998.
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Baker, C.D. Engineering Field Notebooks
Coll #: MS-00272
Date: 1909-1966
Extent: 4 boxes, 1 flat file (2.19 cubic feet, 5.25 linear feet)
The C. D. Baker Engineering Field Notebooks are comprised of the notebooks and informational texts Charles Duncan "C. D." Baker created and used between 1909 and 1966 while he served as the County Surveyor for Clark County, Nevada and the City Engineer for Las Vegas, Nevada. The field notebooks contain survey coordinates and elevation data for much of early Las Vegas and provide important information on early property boundaries, historical elevations, and lengths of streets from the 1920s to the 1960s. There are also oversized right of way maps for Clark County, Nevada.
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Blue Diamond Mine Corporation Records
Coll #: MS-00505
Date: 1918-2005 (bulk 1950-2005)
Extent: 15 boxes and 1 oversized box (18.27 cubic feet, 16.26 linear feet)
The Blue Diamond Mine Corporation Records (1918-2005) consist of operational and organization records of the gypsum mining and milling operations located in southwest Clark County, Nevada. Materials include operational records related to individual boring sites at the mine; milling operations and statistics; and equipment operations and statistics, including maps, field notebooks, and photographs. There are also daily, weekly, and monthly organizational records related to employee work schedules and safety reports for the mining operations, including accident reports and a safety education training program.
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Citizen Alert Records
Coll #: MS-00415
Date: 1971-1999 (bulk 1988-1996)
Extent: 8 boxes (7.19 cubic feet, 6.67 linear feet)
Citizen Alert is a Nevada-based environmental organization established in 1975 in response to Yucca Mountain being considered as the repository for the nation's nuclear waste. The records in the collection date from 1971-1999, with the bulk of the records from 1988-1996 and focused on issues of concern to Southern Nevada. The collection includes a large subject and administration file containing the organization’s mailings, fliers and newsletters regarding environmental issues and events, newsletters of other environmental organizations, press releases and brochures from a number of government agencies, and newspaper clippings on specific environmental topics. The collection also contains a number of environmental reports from federal, state, and local agencies as well as a number of conference and activist packets.
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Clark County 208 Water Quality Management Plan Records
Coll #: MS-00985
Date: 1960-1990
Extent: 1 box (0.37 cubic feet, 0.42 linear feet)
The Clark County 208 Water Quality Management Plan Records contain reports produced by consultants and agencies for the Clark County Board of County Commissioners to create the Clark County, Nevada 208 Water Quality Management Plan (1960-1990). The collection also includes amendments and studies about the implementation of the plan.
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Clark County Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management
Coll #: MS-00777
Date: 1988-2006 (bulk 1999-2004)
Extent: 9 boxes (4.88 linear feet, 5.83 cubic feet)
The Clark County Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management Records (1988-2006) contain materials related to Southern Nevada resource management, air quality, and community planning, particularly related to population growth in Clark County, Nevada. Materials include federal regulations and acts, reports, and land sales, as well as local agency reports, memorandums, workshop pamphlets, maps, and plans.
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Desert Fishes Council Collection
Coll #: MS-00572
Date: 1969-1988
Extent: 8 boxes (5.4 cubic feet, 4.54 linear feet)
The Desert Fishes Council Records (1969-1988) consists of resolutions, meeting minutes, symposia programs, agenda, and press releases of the Desert Fishes Council (DFC), an organization devoted to the study and preservation of desert fishes, notably the desert pupfish. The DFC records reflect efforts to bring the plight of desert fishes to the attention of the academy and the public as well as highlight the worth of desert lands within the American environmental movement.
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Donovan (David) Hydrology and Geology Collection
Coll #: MS-00813
Date: 1911-2011 (bulk 1954-2000)
Extent: 63 boxes (40.4 cubic feet, 33.79 linear feet)
The David Donovan Collection on Hydrology and Geology (1911-2011) is comprised of the research collected by former Las Vegas Valley Water District employee, David Donovan, about groundwater, hydrology, minerals, and geology in Nevada, as well as the surrounding areas of California, Arizona, and Utah. Included are reports, professional papers, maps, and books.
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Environmental Radiation Protection Standards for Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Coll #: MS-00603
Date: 1957-2010
Extent: 59 boxes (75.73 cubic feet, 63.02 linear feet)
The Environmental Radiation Protection Standards for Yucca Mountain, Nevada collection (1957-2010) is an information docket established by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The collection contains documents supporting the development of regulatory decisions by the EPA on radiation protection standards for Yucca Mountain, Nevada, evaluating it as a potential site for a radioactive waste storage repository. The collection includes regulatory notices, technical documents, environmental reports, letters, minutes of meetings, public comments, and other materials.
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Essays on the Nevada MX Missile Project
Coll #: MS-00040
Date: 1980
Extent: 0.1 linear feet (1 shared box)
The Essays on the Nevada MX Missile Project collection is dated to 1980 and is comprised of essays by various artists predicting the damage an MX missile system could do to Nevada. The majority of the essays were published in the book MX in Nevada: A humanistic perspective. The collection also includes an annotated draft essay by James W. Hulse.
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Foley, Roger D. Papers on United States v. Cappaert
Coll #: MS-00020
Date: 1972-1992 (bulk 1972-1996)
Extent: 4 boxes (1.8 cubic feet, 1.6 linear feet)
The Roger D. Foley Papers on United States v. Cappaert are comprised of materials collected by District Judge Roger D. Foley while performing his duties as judge in United States v. Francis Leo Cappaert, et al. from 1972 to 1976. The collection includes transcripts of the case, exhibits, and copies of motions filed with the Court in regards to this case, which centered on the protection of the Devils Hole pupfish in Nevada.
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Greenpeace Pacific Southwest Records
Coll #: MS-00363
Date: 1962-1994
Extent: 5 linear feet (5 record storage boxes)
The Greenpeace Pacific Southwest Records are comprised of files and documents pertaining to environmental activism in Southern Nevada from 1962 to 1994, primarily addressing the organization of protests at the Nevada Test Site. The collection contains newspaper articles, newsletters, publications, financial records, protest information, correspondence, meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, Freedom of Information Act requests, and Nevada Test Site information. Also contained in the collection are maps and documents related to various environmental issues such as nuclear waste, land use, wildlife protection, and international environmental activism.
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Griffith (Robert B.) collection
Coll #: MS-00315
Date: 1928-1975
Extent: 4 boxes (2.4 cubic feet, 2.05 linear feet)
Related Materials: 0106
The Robert B. Griffith Collection (1928-1975) documents the work of Robert B. Griffith, an instrumental figure in the development of water resources in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the creation of McCarran International Airport and Nellis Air Force Base. The collection consists of Colorado River Commission papers, 1928 International Air Race documents, general correspondence, a feasibility study, an airport guide, American Legion papers, the memoirs of Alfred Merritt Smith, and death and burial records belonging to his father. The collection also includes slides from various countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
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Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies Records
Coll #: MS-00712
Date: 1989-2012
Extent: 0.6 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
The Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies Records (1989-2012) contain reports, research articles, correspondence, and proposals. The Harry Reid Center is located on the grounds of University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
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Hock, Raymond
Coll #: MS-00310
Date: 1946-1991
Extent: 0.66 cubic feet, 1.35 linear feet (1 box)
Raymond Hock Papers (1946-1991) contain a scrapbook of photos (setting traps for radio tagged birds in Alaska, at the Arctic Research Lab at Point Barrow) and programs chronicling the life of the late Dr. Raymond Hock of the Desert Research Institute and University of Nevada, Las Vegas zoology department.
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Howard Booth Papers
Coll #: MS-00868
Date: 1964-2017
Extent: 7 boxes (2.59 cubic feet, 3.72 linear feet)
The collection is comprised of the personal papers of environmental activist, Howard Booth from 1964 to 2017. The collection includes information about Booth's efforts to help turn Red Rock Canyon into a National Conservation Area. The collection also includes multiple slides that Booth took of Red Rock and the surrounding areas during the 1980s and early 1990s.
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Janish, Jeanne Russell Papers
Coll #: MS-00355
Date: 1833-1994 (bulk 1894-1994)
Extent: 15 boxes, 3 oversized boxes, 1 flat file (11.45 cubic feet, 15.54 linear feet)
Related Materials: 0296
The Jeanne Russell Janish Papers span the years 1833 through 1994 with an emphasis on 1894 to 1994. The materials of the illustrator and watercolorist include her school records, research papers, diaries, and personal correspondence. There are two original book manuscripts, dried flowers, hand-woven rugs, a variety of art supplies and tools, and approximately 140 watercolor paintings and pencil sketches of various scenes and subjects, created in China, Florida, and the American Southwest.
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Kane Springs Ranch, Meadow Valley Wash, Nevada Records
Coll #: MS-00553
Date: 1930-2005
Extent: 1.25 linear feet (3 boxes)
The Kane Springs Ranch, Meadow Valley Wash, Nevada Records (1930-2005) contain records related to the Kane Springs Ranch outside of Moapa, Nevada. The collection primarily focuses on the property itself, but also contains a genealogy of the Huntsman family, the ranch's first owners. Records include deeds and materials from the sale of the Kane Springs Ranch to the Bureau of Land Management in 2005. The bulk of the collection documents how the Stuart family used its resources from 1952 to 2003. These materials are related to water usage on the property and a rock and sand mining operation, from which the Stuarts earned royalties.
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Las Vegas Land & Water Company Records from the Las Vegas Valley Water District
Coll #: MS-00912
Date: 1945-1959, 1978, 1989
Extent: 4 boxes, 13 rolls (6.31 cubic feet)
The Las Vegas Land & Water Company Records from the Las Vegas Valley Water District (1945-1959, 1978, 1989) is primarily comprised of contracts, correspondence, and maps that document the establishment of a water distribution system in Las Vegas, Nevada that would provide water using the state's Colorado River allocation. The records include water main extension agreements, correspondence, and bills of sale for water main construction, as well as articles and correspondence documenting the groundwater shortage in Las Vegas. The collection also includes maps for water distribution systems and pipelines throughout the Las Vegas Valley.
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Las Vegas Monorail Collection
Coll #: MS-00539
Date: 1971-1979
Extent: 0.23 linear feet, 0.21 cubic feet (1 box)
The Las Vegas Monorail Records (1971-1980) consist of articles, newspaper clippings, agency reports, and correspondence concerning the 1970s effort to construct a Las Vegas, Nevada mass-transit monorail system. Materials document the project conception, development, and ultimate failure throughout the 1970s.
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Lois Sagel Papers on Nevada Wilderness Preservation
Coll #: MS-00571
Date: 1989-1995
Extent: 0.4 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
The Lois Sagel Papers on Nevada Wilderness Preservation (1989-1995) consist of the papers of Lois Sagel, an environmentalist and advocate for the preservation of Nevada's wilderness. The collection primarily documents the campaigns surrounding the efforts to expand Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (1994) as well as to designate the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area (1993). Additionally, it contains information on minor land exchanges and the Question 5/S.B. 189 bond issue to fund state parks (considered in 1989 and 1990). Most of the collection is comprised of newspaper clippings, correspondence, memoranda, photographs, and photo slides.
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Longwell (Chester R.) Professional Papers
Coll #: MS-00017
Date: 1886-1974 (bulk 1920-1960)
Extent: 32 boxes and 25 flat files (27.19 cubic feet, 67.81 linear feet)
The Chester R. Longwell Professional Papers (1886-1974) document Longwell's professional career as a geologist and his pioneering field work in Clark County, Nevada. Included are Longwell's field notes; manuscripts, articles and speeches related to geology; personal and business correspondence; professional publications; subject and name files; specimen tags; photographic prints, negatives, and slides; and geological and topographical maps, primarily of Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah.
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Mojave, Kern River, and El Dorado Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Coll #: MS-00671
Date: 1987-1988
Extent: 1.5 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
The Mojave, Kern River, and El Dorado Natural Gas Pipeline Project Reports (1987-1988) include both the draft and final report published by the California State Lands Commission on the environmental impact of an interstate natural gas route. Potential routes in Southern Nevada are proposed in the project.
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Mountain West's Yucca Mountain Socioeconomic Project Records
Coll #: MS-00756
Date: 1970-1994
Extent: 2.17 linear feet, 2.57 cubic feet (2 boxes)
The Mountain West's Yucca Mountain Socioeconomic Project Records (1987-1994) contain Reports on the effects to indigenous peoples, flora and fauna, and transportation relating to the deposits of nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Nevada counties studied were Nye, Lincoln, Esmeralda, and Clark. Also included are analysis and impact assessments, and an oral history of Ed Slavin, a Tonopah, Nevada resident.
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MX Missile eXperimental Reviews and Reports
Coll #: MS-00215
Date: 1980-1981
Extent: 0.25 linear feet (1 box)
The MX Missile eXperimental Reviews and Reports (1980-1981) contain impact study reports and committee reports from various Southern Nevada agencies. There are also correspondence and newspaper clippings from the Shoshoni Sacred Land Association.
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Nevada State Park System Records
Coll #: MS-00136
Date: 1863-1981
Extent: 1.2 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
The Nevada State Park System Records consist of materials produced or collected by the Nevada State Park System between 1863 and 1981. The collection includes records produced by the Park System while performing their interpretive mission as well as historic documents regarding properties owned by the organization.
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Nevada Wildlife Bulletin
Coll #: MS-00729
Date: 1960-1965
Extent: 0.25 Linear Feet (1 box)
The Nevada Wildlife Bulletin was published monthly in Reno, Nevada by the Nevada Fish and Game Commission from 1960 to 1965. It covered activities of fishing and hunting around the state of Nevada. This collection includes Vol. 1 No. 3 for 1960; a complete run for 1962; and scattered issues from 1961, 1964, and 1965.
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Nevada Wildlife Federation records
Coll #: MS-00400
Date: 1989-1997
Extent: 1 box (0.19 cubic feet, 0.21 linear ft.)
The Nevada Wildlife Federation Records (1989-1997) consist of pamphlets, newsletters, periodic meeting minutes, and a copy of the bylaws of the Nevada Wildlife Federation.
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O'Farrell (Thomas P.) Papers
Coll #: MS-00639
Date: 1900-1999 (bulk 1950-1999)
Extent: 46 boxes (29.80 Cubic Feet, 24.92 Linear Feet)
The Thomas P. O'Farrell Papers (1900-1999) are comprised of scientific reports collected by Thomas O’Farrell over the course of his career studying wildlife ecology, particularly its connection to nuclear radiation. Materials include original, reprinted, and photocopied editions of scientific reports on animal and plant life around the world, focusing primarily on the Mojave and Great Basin Deserts, Alaska, Washington, and the Pacific Ocean. Reports come from institutions including the Desert Research Institute (DRI), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA), and the United States Department of Energy (DOE), as well as affiliated universities.
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Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada (PEPCON) Records
Coll #: MS-00004
Date: 1986-1989
Extent: 0.42 linear feet, 0.30 cubic feet (1 box)
The Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada Records (1986-1989) are comprised of magazine articles, newspaper clippings, official reports, a profile of Jim Gibson, and a prospectus for a park named after Gibbons.
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Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada PEPCON Disaster Collection of News Articles
Coll #: MS-00760
Date: 1988-1992
Extent: 1.15 cubic feet (3 boxes)
The Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada (PEPCON) Disaster Collection of News Articles (1988-1992) consists of articles from Las Vegas and other state and regional newspapers about the PEPCON plant explosion that took place in May of 1988. Also included are United Press International press releases from October to December, 1988.
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Perkins, R.F. "Chick" papers
Coll #: MS-00402
Date: 1900-1990 (bulk 1930-1990)
Extent: 4 boxes (3.31 cubic feet, 3 linear feet)
The R.F. “Chick” Perkins Papers date from 1900 to 1990, with the bulk from 1930 to 1990, and document the history of Native Americans and the archaeology of Southern Nevada. The collection contains photographs, correspondence, professional papers, official documents, and publications belonging to Richard Fay "Chick" Perkins, who served as curator of the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada, from 1956 to 1980.
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Pichot, Mary Kozlowski
Coll #: MS-00375
Date: 1969-1991
Extent: 1.3 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
The Mary Kozlowski Pichot Papers document the environmental activism of Mary Kozlowski Pichot from 1969 to 1991. The collection focuses on the environmental groups and planning committees that Pichot belonged to, including Aquavision, the Citizens' Advisory Committee, and Las Vegas 2000 and Beyond. The materials address water conservation plans, pollution alleviation efforts, and strategies to clean the Las Vegas Wash and Las Vegas Bay in Nevada.
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Pueblo Grande de Nevada Manuscript Collection
Coll #: MS-00208
Date: 1924-1983 (bulk 1936-1980)
Extent: 2 boxes (1.3 cubic feet, 1.08 linear feet)
Related Materials: 0143
The Pueblo Grande de Nevada Manuscript Collection (1924-1983) contains journal articles, photocopies of artifact inventories, reports, correspondence, and field notes related to the Pueblo Grande de Nevada archaeological site located in the Overton Valley of Southern Nevada. The bulk of the materials are related to Mark R. Harrington's archaeological reports, journal articles, and data from sites throughout the Overton and Moapa valleys. The collection also includes materials related to the Boulder Dam Park Museum (Lost City Museum of Archaeology) located in Overton, Nevada, which housed many of the artifacts and photographs from Harrington's archaeological sites.
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Rathbun (Frank D.) Archaeology Papers
Coll #: MS-00209
Date: 1918 - 1983 (bulk 1931-1941)
Extent: 3 boxes and 1 oversize box (1.27 cubic feet, 3 linear feet)
The Frank D. Rathbun Archaeology Papers (1918-1983) consist of photographs, field note books and sketchbooks reflecting Rathbun's interest in petroglyphs throughout Nevada, Arizona, and California. The materials also include high school yearbooks, school term papers, scrapbooks, postcards, and memos pertaining to Native American history, water projects, and engineering topics. Additionally included is an unpublished report of an archaeological survey of the petroglyph sites identified by Rathbun, conducted in 1968 by Michael Moen.
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Red Rock Audubon Society
Coll #: MS-00393
Date: 1983-1996
Extent: 0.21 linear feet, 0.23 cubic feet (1 box)
Red Rock Audubon Society Records (1981-1996) contain correspondence, field trip notifications, newspaper clippings, fliers, and copies of the Society's newsletter, The Rock Wren.
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Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area
Coll #: MS-00399
Date: 1965-1998
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (1 box)
The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation records (1965-1998) contain information about the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (previously the Red Rock Canyon Recreation Lands). It largely consists of newspaper clippings on a variety of events related to Red Rock Canyon from 1965 to 1998 with the bulk from the 1980s and 1990s. The records also include Bureau of Land Management documents pertaining to interpretive efforts, visitation statistics, and law enforcement reports. Also included are the newsletters (1990-1998) and volunteer training manual of the Friends of Red Rock Canyon, a non-profit volunteer organization.
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River Mountains Trail Partnership Records
Coll #: MS-00796
Date: 1995-2015
Extent: 8 boxes, 1 oversized box, 1 flat file (5.66 cubic feet, 8.96 linear feet)
The River Mountains Trail Partnership Records date from 1995 to 2015 and document the planning and construction of the River Mountains Loop Trail in Clark County, Nevada. The collection contains meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, project notes, trail maps, land surveys, grant applications, photographic slides of the trail and Lake Mead, environmental assessments, ephemera from National Trails Day, trail guides, interpretive plans, and development reports.
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Scenic Southwest Travel Guide
Coll #: MS-00709
Date: 1950-1955
Extent: 0.25 Linear Feet (1 box)
The Scenic Southwest Travel Guide was a monthly publication produced in Williams, Arizona from 1950 through 1955.
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Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter Records
Coll #: MS-00289
Date: 1951-2012
Extent: 20 linear feet (21 boxes)
The Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter Records (1951 to 2012) are composed of files from Sierra Club officers and activists in the Southern Nevada (formerly Las Vegas) Group of the Toiyabe Chapter. The collection documents the involvement of the Southern Nevada group in a variety of environmental concerns, such as air quality, uranization, and nuclear issues, in which the chapter has expressed interest. The records are comprised of correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes and agendas, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, legislation, recommendations, resolutions, and general information. Due to the group’s location in the heart of the Mojave Desert, the collection provides excellent case studies of significant changes in the post-World War II American environmental movement, notably the increased recognition of the worth of desert lands.
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State of Arizona vs. State of California Proceedings Concerning the Colorado River Usage Dispute
Coll #: MS-00677
Date: 1957-1961
Extent: 2 boxes (0.92 cubic feet, 0.83 linear feet)
The State of Arizona vs. State of California Proceedings Concerning the Colorado River Usage Dispute collection (1957-1961) contains supplemental documents from the Arizona v. California Supreme Court case that began in 1931 and ended in 2000, including briefs, objections, requests for admissions of facts, rebuttal outlines, witness outlines, comments, and requested findings of facts.
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State of Nevada-Water Resources Reconnaissance Records
Coll #: MS-00699
Date: 1935-1968
Extent: 0.85 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
The State of Nevada Water-Resources Reconnaissance Records (1935-1968) contain studies and appraisals of ground water resources in the lakes and valleys of various Nevada counties. The documents were created by the Nevada Division of Water Resources.
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Toiyabe National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan
Coll #: MS-00672
Date: 1982-1986
Extent: 0.9 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
The Toiyabe National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (1982-1986) contains the proposed and final draft of the forest management plan and the environmental impact statement for Toiyabe National Forest, published by the United Stated Department of Agriculture. The Forest is part of the Humbolt-Toiyabe National Forest, encompassing over six million acres in Nevada and Eastern California. The records also contain maps of individual ranger districts in the forest.
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UNLV University Libraries Collection of Lake Mead Government Documents
Coll #: MS-00947
Date: 1971-1994
Extent: 2 boxes (0.69 cubic feet, 0.63 linear feet)
The UNLV University Libraries Collection of Lake Mead Government Documents contains reports and studies pertaining to Lake Mead’s water quality, microbe ecology, wildlife, fish, plant life, pollution, soil, and sediment dating between 1971 and 1994. Reports include studies on microbe population growth, water composition, chemical treatment, salinity, temperature monitoring, and hand-written field notes on water and soil conditions. Lake Mead is located in Clark County, Nevada and Mohave County, Arizona.
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Van Ee (Jeff) papers
Coll #: MS-00470
Date: 1974-2012 (bulk 1982-2005)
Extent: 24 boxes, 2 flat files (26.1 cubic feet, 22.25 linear feet)
The Jeff Van Ee Papers consist of the papers of environmentalist John Jeffrey Van Ee from 1974 to 2012 that document a portion of Van Ee’s environmental activity, notably his participation on environmental committees in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for water conservation and wildlife protection. The papers are comprised of correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, newspaper clippings and meeting agendas and minutes.
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Walking Box Ranch Collection
Coll #: MS-00657
Date: 1917-2011
Extent: 1 box, 1 framed item, 1 flat file (6.1 Linear Feet, 2.33 cubic feet)
The Walking Box Ranch Collection (1917-2011) includes material collected by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Public Lands Institute on the Searchlight, Nevada ranch. Materials include a map from the Rock and Springs Land and Cattle Company, a pair of chaps owned by Rex Bell, Jr., and color slides of the ranch. Also included are photographic prints of Rex Bell and Rex Bell, Jr., and newsclippings related to the film and political career of Rex Bell.
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Warren (Claude and Elizabeth von Till) Papers
Coll #: MS-00906
Date: approximately 1959-2015
This collection is currently unprocessed. The Claude and Elizabeth Warren papers is comprised of personal and professional papers (approximately 1959-2015) of anthropologist Claude Warren and historical preservationist Elizabeth von Till Warren. The Warrens were both historical anthropologists and that conducted research on the American Southwest, including the Las Vegas Springs. Claude Warren is a professor emeritus at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Elizabeth Warren is affiliated with HRA inc., Conservation Archaeology.

Wittwer (John) Collection on Agriculture in Nevada
Coll #: MS-00181
Date: 1898-1972 (bulk 1929-1955)
Extent: 7 boxes and 1 flat file (4.71 cubic feet, 4 linear feet)
The collection contains the professional papers and records of John Wittwer in his capacity as an Agricultural Extension agent for the University of Nevada from 1921 to 1954. The records are primarily annual reports containing text, photographs, newspaper clippings, and charts that provide a rich chronicle of the conditions of agriculture and ranching in southern Nevada from 1898 to 1972, the bulk of the material dating from 1929 to 1955. These conditions span water issues, such as flood control and irrigation, to the general difficulties of sustaining agriculture and viable food production in a desert environment. The reports come from the Agricultural Experiment Stations in Clark and Lincoln counties and most contain both a statistical report and a narrative summary. There is also documentation regarding Wittwer's work as a Clark County agent and that of other Nevada County Agents. Other material in the collection includes correspondence on various agricultural programs administered by Wittwer, and project files detailing progress made on rural farming concerns and developments such as nutrition, home health and sanitation, home gardening, home improvement, community activities and the 4-H club.
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Yucca Mountain Environmental Safety Reports Collection
Coll #: MS-00786
Date: 1970-2011 (inclusive); 1985-2011 (bulk)
Extent: 44 boxes (26.8 cubic feet, 25.9 linear feet)
The Yucca Mountain Environmental Safety Collection (1970-2011) consists of reports and impact studies collected by Clark County's Nuclear Waste Division library for documenting Yucca Mountain's potential health and safety risks to Southern Nevada. The reports contain documents pertaining to potential environmental, health, financial, and safety risks from the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository, which is located in Nye County, Nevada. The collection contains scientific and social studies in support of and opposition to the site. The bulk of the collection includes licensing reports, site selection studies, and impact studies from transporting, storing, and handling radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.
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Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Office Collection
Coll #: MS-00091
Date: 1958-2001 (bulk 1970-1996)
Extent: 109 boxes, 2 flat files, 1 oversized box (140.17 cubic feet, 121.33 linear feet)
The Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Office collection (1958-2001) was assembled through a joint effort between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the James R. Dickinson Library, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to provide public access to documentation and correspondence about the proposed high-level radioactive waste geologic repository site near Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Materials include technical reports, contractor reports, public hearing transcripts, safety evaluation reports, environmental impact statements, emergency plans, inspection reports, licensee event reports, and general communications. The collection includes documents from several other government entities such as the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Office, Department of Energy, Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM), Nevada Nuclear Waste Storage Investigations (NNWSI), United States Geological Survey (USGS), Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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