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The UNLV Libraries’ Data Services, a Knowledge Production service, provides data consultation and instructional support for students, researchers, and instructors. This includes identification and use of data and tools associated with data collection, preparation, curation, management, analysis, and visualization.


Data Services helps researchers with diverse backgrounds identify and work with a variety of data-related tools, and provide consultations, instructional sessions, and workshops.

Request a Consultation 

Appointments and private consultations are available via the Lied Technology Consultations page. If you are a UNLV instructor and would like instruction for your class, please complete the request form.

Drop-in Help 

During the Spring 2020 semester, Knowledge Production staff will provide drop-in consultation hours in the Makerspace for UNLV students, staff, and faculty on the first floor of Lied Library. Walk-in consultations for data services including data management, data preparation, data analysis, visualization will be available at this time.

Consultation and Instruction Topics Include:
  • Finding and creating data: We can help you locate appropriate data sources as well as navigate copyright concerns around using open data. In addition, we can advise on best practices in relation to data creation, including assisting with ensuring proper documentation and research that is reproducible.
  • Data preparation: We can assist you with issues that you may encounter regarding preparing data for visualization and analysis, including organizing, merging, and cleaning data. In addition to providing individual consultations, we can arrange instruction around principles and supported software.
  • Data analysis and visualization: We can assist you with identifying proper methods and software used for data analysis and visualization. We can help you navigate areas such as understanding output and locating tutorials or documentation. In addition to providing individual consultations, we can arrange instruction around principles and supported software.
  • Data Management Plans: In conjunction with Scholarly Communications Initiatives we will help you understand what is required, what to include, and how to submit Data Management Plans.

Trainings and workshops

Learn more about data management best practices or foundational computing research skills. View upcoming UNLV Library Workshops.


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