Linking To E-Books And Streaming Media In WebCampus

Creating Persistent Links

persistent link is a URL that will remain stable over time allowing access to a particular article within an electronic resource, like Academic Search Premier. It is also known as a permanent, stable, or durable URL.

Directions For Creating Persistent Links To Electronic Books

Many ebooks have limits on the number of people who can view them at one time.  Be cautious when assigning ebooks to an entire class, as students may not all be able to access the book.

EBSCO eBook Collection:

  1. Click on the permalink tool on the right side of the screen.
  2. The permalink will pop up on the top of the screen and will include the proxy prefix.  
  3. Copy the link.
Screenshot showing where the permalink is displayed in EBSCO databases.

Ebook Central:

  1. Click on the "Share link to book" link on the left side of the page.
  2. The permalink will pop up in a box on the screen and will include the proxy prefix.
  3. Copy the link.
Screenshot of ebook central showing window that opens with link to ebook.

Directions For Creating Persistent Links To Streaming Media

The Libraries provide ready access to thousands of streaming videos covering all kinds of subjects, including some feature films, through a number of licensed collections. Like electronic books, streaming video records are in Quick Search. Use an advanced search to find streaming video.

  1. Limit the material type to "audio visual"
  2. Include "streaming video" on one search line
  3. Include your keywords on the other search line
Screenshot shows material type has been limited to audio visual in Quick Search.
  1. Click on the title in the results list.
  2. Click on "Permalink".
  3. Copy the link.
Screenshot showing where to find the copy permalink option.

In addition to searching the catalog, you can directly visit the video collection websites to browse or search for titles.

  • Kanopy provides access to thousands of videos in the areas of the arts, humanities, business, sciences, media/communications, education and more. Users can create playlists and clips (pdf) from Kanopy's content without registering for an account, but accounts make it easier to manage the clips and playlists you create.
  • Films On Demand features thousands of full-length videos covering the humanities & social sciences, science, business & economics, health, archival films & newsreels. Users who create their own optional accounts can make and share playlists from video segments.
  • Alexander Street Press provides online access to over 19,000 videos covering a wide variety of disciplines including art and design, history, literature and languages, performing arts, psychology, sciences and the social sciences. Users who can create, edit and share playlists and clips.
  • Docuseek2 provides exclusive access to a variety of documentary videos from such sources as Bullfrog Films, Icarus, Collective Eye, and Terra Nova Films. Click on "My Movies" in the top right of the homepage for a searchable list of films licensed for UNLV.
  • Swank Digital Campus features 100+ streaming feature films and documentaries, including recent award-winners and classics, dramas, comedies, musicals and more.

(Caution: Don't copy video URLs from your browser's address bar and try to share them. Copy the link from the Quick Search record or the persistent link in a video collection description. Make sure the URL starts with ezproxy appears somewhere in the URL string, e.g., )

For more information on these and other streaming video options, see the Online Movies and Streaming Video guide.

Shorten The URL

Unfortunately, the links created can be very long, but you can convert the link to a shorter version by using one of the free services listed below.

Add The Link To WebCampus

  1. Open the page where you would like to place your link
  2. In the box, type the name of the item you are going to use (i.e. The Violence of the Lambs )
  3. Highlight the item name and then click on the icon for "link to url".
Screenshot showing chainlink icon selected on toolbar for adding a link to WebCampus.
  1. In the box that pops up, paste in the URL for the item by either right clicking in the box and choosing "Paste" or by pressing the Control Key and the letter V at the same time
  2. Click "Insert Link" to save the link
Screenshot showing the window that pops up for pasting the link URL.
  1. Scroll down and select "Save" to save the page

Information is subject to change, as vendors update their products. If you encounter problems using the methods outlined above or if you have additional questions or problems, please contact your liaison librarian for assistance.

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