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Printing Help

What is PDF?

PDF stands for portable document format. It is a way of scanning and preserving files so that they print out looking exactly like the original document they were scanned from. Most of the documents in electronic reserves are in PDF format.

Step one: If you are using your own computer, make sure the latest version of the adobe acrobat reader is installed.
In order for the browser to display PDF files, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If the document will not display at all, displays as numbers and computer code, or if the browser keeps trying to get you to save the document to your hard drive, you most likely do not have the Acrobat Reader. Older versions of Adobe may also not read files correctly.

See Adobe to download a free copy or to update your version of the software. Make sure to download the latest version (8.0 or later).

The Libraries and Computer Labs on campus should have the most current version installed.

Step Two: Make sure "Print as image" is selected in your printer settings, and "reverse pages" is not selected.
Someone may have set the printer settings to print as mirror image, or you may not have "print as image" selected. Go to File->Print in your browser. In the dialogue box, make sure "reverse pages" is unchecked, and that "print as image" is checked.

Step Three: If you are at a public terminal, check the rest of your printer settings.
Always check the printer settings before you print anything from a public terminal.

Use File-> Print Preview whenever possible to make sure your document will print out correctly before you send it to the printer!

The print settings in IE are under File->Print (be sure to click the properties button and check those settings too!) and File->Page Setup

The print settings in Netscape are under File->Print (again, click the properties button and check those settings as well!)

For help...

If you continue having problems after troubleshooting and are at a public terminal, ask a lab monitor or someone at a service desk for help.

If you are at home, contact:

Lied Library
Reserves Coordinator

Curriculum Materials Library

Architecture Studies Library
Jason Aubin