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Topic Narrowing

Mind mapping can help you write focused research topic statements

What are you interested in researching for your project?

Type in your general topic.

Example: Climate Change

General Topic:

Example: Farmers


Ask yourself who is impacted by your topic.

What population? People, animals, the environment?

Consider gender, age, or profession.

Example: farming techniques


What aspect of your topic are you interested in?

The causes? The effects or implications? The solutions?

Ask yourself when?

Is this current? In the past? Related to a specific event? Looking to the future?

Example: The past 15 years


Ask yourself where?

Countries, regions, states, places (workplace, schools, virtually)?

Example: United States


Your responses:

  • Topic:
  • Who:
  • What:
  • When:
  • Where:

Your focused research topic statement:

Pull the elements together to create your research question or statement.

Example: How has climate change altered farming techniques in the United States in the past 15 years?

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